One day misisng in my life (part – 1)

Hey Guyzz!!! I am back with Neha’s ONE DAY MISSING IN MY LIFE. Do read Promo before reading part 1 to understand the story.

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Part 1

Sanksar and teja comes home.. He is in shock state.. He remembers Swara’s words and gets disturbed..
“How does she know my name?? Teja I’m not understanding anything…

Teja: sanskar, even I’m confused..

Sanskar suddenly thinks…

Sanksar: teja u said that Friday night rhema brought me home? What am I doing at night? And how did I reach home from that party…That place is soo far.. It’s nearly 3 hours from town.. How did come to city.. I should have come by car.. But u said my car is near the party place.. Second one I should have come by train.. I’m very confused..

Teja: haa wo…(he is tensed) Kk Sanskar, now il tell the truth.. I don’t want to hide anything anymore..
Actually in the party, u are drunk.. U suddenly went out, we thought u went home.. But we searched for u everywhere.. We dint find u.. But ur car is near the Parking… And finally rhema said that u were lying on the road..

SAnskar: what?? I’m drunk.. But how could I?? I already said u guys that I won’t drink na.. But how can I?

Teja: because of that Yash!! He made u drink it..

Sanskar: sally!! He is over in my hands…
Come teja.. I want to kill him..

Teja: hahaha lol… Chill dude!!

Sanskar: chill?? How can u say that?? One day is misisng in my life teja.. And that girl?? How can she know my name and exactly she’s stressing on before 5days.. May be she knew me?? I want to find out, r else I can’t sleep!! I’m dying inside.. Did I do anything harmful due to alcohol effect..

Teja: don’t worry Sanskar, will find it out..
U just try to remember. What happened when you came out from pub..

Sanskar: I’m trying.. But I couldn’t remember anything.. You know it’s all blank.. I’m just normal, until u reminded me that it was Saturday.. Then I get to know that I dint went to practise on Friday..Or else I would never know it..

Teja: (shocked) Sanskar.. That means it’s not because of alcohol effect.. It’s because of that drug.. I remembered Yash said the same thing.. If a person takes that drug, he will become strong and he won’t be In his senses… and that person will be totally different from their original character.. And that drug slowly reacts by making u drowsy… And the worst thing is that.. Once you get into sleep, you won’t remember what happened that day..

Sanskar: omg did I took that drug?? Now I’m 100% sure.. It’s because of that drug.. I want to find out what I did that day..

Teja: then let’s ask that girl.. Only she can tel us

Sanksar: Kk.. But who is she?? Where is she from??

In a room…

Swara cries remembering Sanskar’s words..
“How can u say that Sanskar?? Don’t u know me?? She cries sleeping on her bed.. Holding a bracelet in her hand..

At that time a person comes inside the room.. It was Ragini.. She gets sad looking at Swara..

Ragini: Swara, Anu told me what happened.. This boys all are same. They will try to flirt us.. But they won’t accept in front of everyone..

Swara: Noo Bhabi… Sanskar is not like that.. He is very good.. He really loves me Bhabi.. I can see that in his eyes.. A true love..

Ragini: but Swara that same person said that he don’t know u.. Leave all that.. Ur journey with him is only for a day.. U can forget him easily.. He is different and u are different…Don’t think about anything.. Take rest and Sleep nicely.. She kisses her forehead and leaves..

Swara thinks..
“My journey with him may be for only a day.. But my love for him is forever..We may be different Bhabi.. But we became one soul.. How can I forget him??
(She again cries remembering the happy moments with him)

At that time a small girl around 7years peeps inside Swara’s room..

She goes towards her and touches her shoulder..
Swara looks at her..

Swara: aswi.. What r u doing here?? Its already late u dint sleep still??
Aswi: maasi I came to see you.. Why are u crying… Don’t cry plz!! I heard that you saw Sanskar uncle.. Even I want to see him.. He is very good.. I like him so much..he is my best friend..Nd I trust him.. He will never leave u alone..

Swara: (hugs her) thanks for trusting one understand us.. All r saying that he is not good.. But I know him.. I trust him.. He is very good and His love his true..
(She hugs her and cries)

Ragini again comes inside..
Ragini: ashwi.. Ur here?? I was searching for u.. Come u need to sleep.. Tomorrow u said that u should go for some college to give some pamphlets.. U will be tired.. Come sleep now..

Ashwi: yes mom.. Coming..

She leaves..

Next day..

Sanksar and his friends are in college canteen.. His friends laughing heavily thinking about sanskars position..

Sanskar: guys it’s enough.. Plzz! Yar.. Give me a solution rather than laughing like this..

At that time..
Ashwi and some school children come to colz to give some pamphlets..

At that time ashwi watches Sanskar.. She gets so excited.. She runs towards Sanskar..

Ashwi: sanskar uncle?? Do u stay here?? Swara maasi will be very happy when she sees u..

Sanksar and all others are shocked..

Teja: hey kiddo.. How do u know Sanskar??

Ashwi: Sanksar uncle is my best friend..
Saying this she hugs Sanksar..

Sanksar is again shocked and looks at others shockingly..
His friends were about to scold that girl, but Sanskar stops it

Sanskar: guys plz don’t scold her.. May be she can help us.. (He turns towards that girl and he speaks) “baby what’s ur name?

Aswi: don’t u remember my name? My name is Aswitha

Sanskar: how do u know me?

Aswi: that day, you saved me and maasi…and even u became my new friend

Sanksar: I saved?? But when?? Do u remember which day is that?

Aswi: that day uncle.. On Thursday night.. Dont u remember?? I remember because that day is my birthday..

Sanksar is again shocked..

Sanskar: can you tell me what happened that day?? How did I meet..

That day Swara maasi frnd invited us for a party.. After my birthday celebrations Swara maasi decided to attend her friend party.. But It’s very far from city.. My grandpa dint agree.. But later he allowed us.. And he told me to go along with Swara maasi.. As I always go with Swara maasi
We both went in our car.. And we attended the party..

Sanskar: guys that means.. She came to the same party.. But I don’t see her..

Teja: sanskar… Even I dint see her.. Actually in that ground they are 2 parties going on… May be she went to different party…

Sanskar: kk.. Ashwitha tell me what happened after that…

Ashwitha: And at 9:00 when we are returning back..

She stops saying and cries…

Sanksar: (shocked) Kya hua??

Aswitha: some guys came and they stopped our car..
He bet driver soo badly.. Nd the driver went was unconscious.. And they tried to take Swara maasi..

But Swara maasi pushed them and we both ran towards the forest.. At that time we headed towards a mani road.. We are waiting for vehicles to come.. But non of them came… Me and maasi were soo scared.. Maasi tried to call my grandpa but her cell was switched off..we both are tensed.. at that time u came… U saved us.. Thankyou uncle..
(She smiles and hugs him)

Sanskar: wha..t? I saved u?? Tel me clearly..


After the party.. Sanskar was walking.. Singing songs.. His blazer on his shoulder.. And mobile in one hand.. Trying to call his friends.. But no one is lifting
He keeps singing songs…

Meanwhile on the main road..
Swara and Ashwitha are soo scared waiting for some vehicles…swara thought of calling her dad.. But her mobile was switched off..she don’t know what to do..

They hear some foot noises from forest…

Aswi: maasi I’m scared…

Swara: ashwi.. Im there na.. Don’t worry..
Come lets run from here..

While running she dashes Sanskar.. And both of them fell down.. And get ended up up with an eye lock.. Her fringe falls on her face.. He smiles and keeps it back of her…

Sanskar: (smiles and speaks whatever he feels as he is drunk) Woww beautiful hair… And charming eyes.. But ur nose.. Hahaha very funny.. And ur lips..

Swara gets angry.. She gets up and Starts scolding him..

Swara: hello Mr.. Hold ur tongue..

Sanskar burst out laughing..
Sanskar: hahahahaha very funny… How can we hold our tongue?? Hahahaha let me try… (He holds his tongue and again starts laughing) loll it’s soo funny!!
(He laughs loudly making her irritate)

Swara gets angry..
Swara: get lost.. (She holds aswi hand and they go bit forward)

Suddenly the group of guys watch her and stand in front of her..

Guy: (smiles evilly) where can u escape?? How can we miss such a beautiful girl.. He goes towards her..

Swara gets tensed and holds aswi tightly.. She looks at Sanskar.. Who is still laughing lying on the ground..

She runs towards Sanskar.
Swara: hello plz help us..

Those guys Laugh seeing her asking help..

Sanskar: hahahahaha u said me get lost..
Swara: I’m sorry.. Plzz..
Sanskar: (nodes no like a cute boy) nooooo!! I should still laugh… Hahahahah

Swara: Plzz.. Atleast for this small girl.. Plzz!! See she’s so scared..

Aswi: Plzz uncle… (She cups his face)

Sanskar: hmm Kk..

He stands up.. Swara and aswi hide back of him..

A guy comes forward..”oh so ur hero for these girls?? U take that kid and leave that big girl to me.. ”

Swara gets tensed and holds sanskars arms tightly.. Sanskar smiles and admires her fear.. Where she is soo cute.. He keeps staring at her..

That guy comes forward and he was about to hold Swara’s hand.. Suddenly he feels a punch on his stomach.. It was Sanskar who hit him hard.. And he fells down..

Swara and aswi are happy.. But other goons are angry.. And they start running..

Swara: they are coming..

Sanskar looks up.. He angrily looks at that goons and walks bit forward..

Seeing his anger the goons get scared.. And the goons go step backward..
Sanskar holds Swara’s and aswi hands tightly.. He looks at Swara…and suddenly shouts run and starts running holding them shocking Swara and goons..

Goons: they are escaping hold them..

Swara: you gave so much of buildup.. As if ur going to fight.. But what r u doing?? Where r u taking us??

Sanskar: did u see them.. They are soo tall and strong then me.. How can I fight with them.. Hahahah soo funny.. Let’s escape from them.. They start running….and again they go inside the forest..

Aswi: (cries) I can’t run more..

Swara: aswi.. Come il carry u..

Sanskar: hahahahaha Ul carry her

Swara: why r u laughing..

Sanskar: how can u lift her.. Come aswi il carry you..

He lifts aswi..
Sanskar: hmm aswi.. Is that ur name???
Aswi: my name is Aswitha
Sanskar: nice name.. Il call u Ash!! Ur my new friend now.. Okay??
Aswi: okay!! Thankyou friend..
(She hugs him)

Sanskar looks at Swara..
Sanskar: what’s ur maasi name??
Aswi: Swara
Sanksar: hahahahaha Swaraa.. It’s so funny.. Ur name is soo beautiful than ur maasi

Swara looks at him angrily..
Swara: shall we go…
Sanskar: Kk!!

They keep walking.. And goes to a place..
Swara: I can’t walk more.. I’m so tired..

Sanskar: take rest..

They sit on a rock.. Sanskar takes support of a tree and lays back resting his back.. Aswi sleeps holding sanskar..
And when he was about to close his eyes.. Swara disturb him by talking..

Swara: what’s ur name??
Sanskar: Sanskar
Swara: very old name.. My name is more better then urs..

Sanskar: Plzz stop joking I can’t laugh more.. I’m getting sleep.. Don’t disturb my sleep..

Swara: Plzz don’t sleep.. What if they come again.. I’m soo scared..
(She cries)

Sanskar: (eyes became red, he was so drowsy.. Because of alcohol) Swaraa.. Why ur crying now??

Swara: my papa told me not to go to party, but I dint listen.. He may be soo worried now.. I want to talk to him, but how?? should I go to city.. I’m worried about aswi..

Sanskar: try calling ur dad.. Or ur friends.. Tell them to come here..

Swara: my phone is switched off!!

Sanskar: take my mobile… (He gives her mobile Swara gets happy and takes mobile and calls her dad)

Shekar lifts the phone..
Shekar: (worried) hello..
Swara: (cries) papa..
Shekar: (happy) Swara where r u?? It’s already 12pm.. Ur mobile is switched off and driver is not picking the phone.. Where r u??

Swara: (cries) and tells what all happened..
I’m so scared papa.. They r chasing us.. But don’t worry papa.. Sanskar is here.. He is helping us.. Il come son.. Don’t worry.. Thankgod i informed u..

Shekar: take care Swara.. Should I send the car.. Or shall I send ur friend aditya.. He is living in that area na.. He will help u..

Swara: haa papa.. Nice idea.. Il talk to him.. Bye papa..

Shekar: Swara be in touch with me.. Lift my calls.. Il keep calling to this number..

Swara: Kk papa..

She cuts the call.. And she calls Aditya..
Aditya tells her to come to a railway station which is near.. I will be there..Swara gets happy and cuts the call.

Swara: Thankyou Sanskar.. Will u plz take us to railway station..

Sanskar: (starts singing songs)
Swara: sanskar Kya hua?

Sanskar: I fee like jumping now.. I feel like singing, dancing…. U know.. I love kabaddi.. I love my friends.. I love..

Swara: hmm.sanskar.. What am I telling and what r u speaking.. (She gets doubt and leans forward.. And smells )

Swara: sanskar ur drunk??? u even have this habit?? Soo bad..

Sanskar: come on.. Do u think I drink alcohol.. Noo way..

Swara: ur a lier

Sanskar: I’m not…

Swara: don’t talk.. I hate talking to people who are drunk..

Sanskar: Kk don’t talk.. Il leave.. U go alone..

Swara: I’m sorry.. Don’t leave me alone..

Sanskar: hahahaahahahha look at ur face.. Lol… Ur soo cute… Ur cheeks.. It’s like gulabjam.. (He starts pulling her cheeks)

Swara smiles looking at him.. She stares at him lovingly..

Swara: hmm.. Thankyou.. By d way.. Where do u stay.. So u live here in this place..

Sanskar: Noo.. I stay in the city..

Swara: what r u doing here??

Sanskar: (confused) I.. Yaa what am I doing here??

Swara: u went to party??
Sanskar: haa party..

Swara: then where r ur friends??
Sanskar: friends??? Haaa where are they??
Swara thinks.. “He is drunk, so he is not in his senses)

Swara: Kk lets go to railway station.. Will go to city, it’s already late na..

Sanskar: gets up.. Aswi too wakes up..

They keep walking….

Aswi: I’m soo hungry..
Swara: even I’m soo hungry..

Sanskar: eat me.. Arey.. If u both are hungry what should i do?? Do I have any shop?? We are in forest.. We can’t get get anything here..

Swara and aswi gets sad..

They keep walking..

Suddenly Sanskar stops seeing a mango tree.. He smiles..

Sanskar: (smiles) aswi do u want to eat mangoes?

Aswi: (smiles) yes..

He looks at Swara..

Sanskar: do u want??
Swara: yes.. But how can we get that mangoes..

Sanskar: il try.. He jumps.. But he misses it..

He looks for stone.. But he doesn’t find.. He looks at aswi and he tries to lift her..

Aswi: I’m scared.. It’s soo dark.. My friend used to say.. Devils will stay on the trees.. I won’t take it..

Sanskar looks at Swara and he lifts her shocking Swara..

Swara: sanskar what r u doing???

Sanskar: Swara take the mango… He again lifts her…

Sanskar lifts her more high… He feels her so close.. Her body is totally on him.. He smiles and lifts her more high..nd Swara takes 2 to 3 mangoes..

Swara: (smiles) sanskar It’s enough na..

Aswi: (happy) haa maasi.. 3 mangoes.. It’s enough!!

Swara: sanskar leave me down..

Sanskar about to put her down.. He feels some spark entering his body.. He stares at Swara and they have an eye lock)

(At that time they hear train sound)

Aswi: sanskar uncle.. Train sound..

They come out from their senses…

Swara: sanskar, I think railway station is near.. Come lets go…

Sanskar: come come… Again will miss this train…

They start running.. And finally reaches railway station..

Swara takes sanskars mobile and starts calling Aditya..

Aditya: Swara.. I’m in railway station.. Come soon…

Swara: where she keeps searching and finally watches him..

Swara: sanskar, my friend Aditya.. Thankgod come lets go..

Aditya comes and thanks Sanskar..

Aditya: Thankgod.. U guys are safe.. (At that time train starts moving) Come lets go.. Train is moving…

They run.. Aditya goes inside the train.. Sanskar gives aswi to Aditya… And next he helps Swara.. And when Sanskar was about to come inside the train..

Suddenly someone comes and beats Sanskar… Sanskar falls down…

Swara is shocked…
Swara: (shouts) Sanskarrrr….

Sanskar tries to fight… But they start beating him…

Swara cries seeing Sanksar in such state… She remembers they small journey how Sanskar helped them..

Without thinking Swara jumps from the train shocking both Aditya and Sanskar…

Aditya: Swaraa…
Swara: Aditya… Take aswi home… Il come home soon..

She runs towards Sanksar….

Aditya was shocked and he thought to safe them… And when he was about to jump…the train starts moving fast… He stops thinking about aswi…

Swara runs towards Sanskar crying…

Episode ends…


Swasan love story starts…



Next part coming soon

Do read Neha’s Swasan ff:From darkness to light . It’s worth to read and u r gonna love it.

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