One day misisng in my life (part – 2)

Hey Guyzz!!! I am back with Neha’s ONE DAY MISSING IN MY LIFE.

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Part 2

Swara runs towards Sanskar crying..

Aswi cries seeing Swara out of train..

Flashback ends..

Aswi: maasi dint come with us.. Aditya uncle took me home..

Sanskar is shocked.. He dint remember anything..

Sanskar: why did Swara jump from the train??

Aswi : u helped us na.. She got sad seeing u in trouble..

Sanskar is speechless.. He doesn’t know how to react..

Sanksar: what happened after that??

Aswi: I don’t know.. I came home…

Sanskar: when did ur Swara maasi came home??

Aswi: next day evening grandpa brought Swara maasi home.. He was very angry on u.. He always scold u…Maasi daily used to Cry for u..she loves u soo much.. Don’t leave her uncle..
(Aswi cries and hugs him)

Sanskar and his frnds all are shocked..

At that time Aswi frnds calls her..
Aswi: uncle I’m going home.. Bye.. Il tell Swara maasi that I saw u.. She will be very happy..

Sanskar: 1 sec… Can you give your Swara maasi number??

Aswi: Kk.. (She gives her number)

Sanskar: bye Aswi..

Aswi smiles and leaves…

Teja: ohh god.. Sanskar, I’m proud of u man.. Though u are drunk, u saved 2 life’s.. Hatsoff!! U don’t need to worry anymore, u just helped them…so don’t be panic now

Sanksar: guys.. I helped them.. That’s fine.. But what happened after that?? Swara jumped from train to save me.. But how did we both reach city?? Why Swara’s dad is angry on me?? And Swara loves me?? How could she?? Like what does she know about me?? Before finding what happened.. I should explain Swara that I don’t love her..

Rhema: (Sanksar frnd) Yaa first talk with her.. I think that small journey she thought as love.. I think she will understand.. Call her Sanskar..

Sanskar: Kk..

Meanwhile Swara room:

Shomi: Swaraa open the door… Have ur lunch?? Swara don’t punish urself.. U dint have anything from yesterday.. Plz open the door

Swara: Maa plz.. I don’t want anything.. Leave me sometime..

At that time sanksa calls her, Swara picks the call..

Swara: hello..
(Hearing her voice Sanskar feels some happiness in his heart.)

Swara: hello who is this??

Sanskar: hi Swara.. (He stammers
He doesn’t get any words to speak anything)

Swara gets happy hearing his voice.. She knows it was Sanskar.. She gets very happy..

Swara: Sanskar?? Is that you?? I know you will call me.. (She cries hearing his voice)

Sanskar is shocked.. He is speechless..
he just cuts the call..

Rhema: sanskar why did u cut?? Talk na

Sanskar: no Jyo.. I can’t.. How can I talk,
she is waiting for my call guys.. Why does she loves me so much.. I don’t have that guts to talk…

Rhema: but u should Sanksar.. Kk lets do onething.. Il talk to Swara.. Il tel her that u don’t remember anything.. Il convince her..

Sanskar: Kk.. Call now.. And keep the call in speaker

Rhema agrees

Rhema calls Swara.. Swara looks at the call from new number.. She gets happy thinking its Sanskar.. She lifts the call

Swara: (happy) hello Sanskar..

Rhema: Swara??

Swara: (confused) yes..

Rhema: hi Swara I’m Sanskar friend, actually I want to talk to u…

Swara: (happy) Sanskar friend??? Where is Sanskar?? Is he feeling sorry?? I know he will call me.. I know that day he might have joked saying he don’t know me.. He is teasing me na, I know Sanskar always teases me like this.. He likes teasing me.. Idiot!! (She blushes) But I love that Sanskar..

Rhema and Sanskar both are shocked..
Sanskar hits the wall with anger listening her words…Rhema looks at Sanskar shockingly

Swara: hello.. U thr??

Rhema: Yess Swara.. Actually I need to talk to u..will you meet??

Swara: yes, sure, actually can u come to my house?? Il tell my address…My papa won’t send me out.. Actually he is angry on Me and Sanskar…So now he won’t send me out.. So..

Rhema: Yaa sure.. Send me ur address il meet u now

Swara gets happy and she cuts the call…
She is on cloud 9..
She is soo happy, she jumps with joy knowing Sanksar is sending his friend.. She immediately goes down.. And starts her naughtiness…

All are shocked to see her behaviour..

Swara: (laughing and shouting) Mrs.shomi.. Don’t u know that ur child is starving?? Don’t u have manners to feed ur daughter.. U forgot ur daughter, and u always want ur grand daughter, this is soo cheating..

Laksh and Ragini laughs as her fun is back again..

Shomi: (smiles) soo my Shona is hungry now.. But Shona, I think u forgot I’m the one, who is shouting near ur door to come for lunch.. But u punished ur self..

Swara: Maa.. If I don’t open, u should keep on asking.. U should do until I get convinced.. U don’t know anything Ma..

Laksh: hahah Swara, u should get an Oscar award.. Ul show different expressions in one day.. Yesterday evening u were so dull, night u were crying, morning u were angry and now ur jumping.. Lol.. This many in one day.. How yar??

Swara: come on bhai.. Leave all that I’m soo starving.. Don’t disturb me now..

She starts serving herself, and starts eating..

Shomi smiles looking at her…. After lunch..

At that time, aswi comes…

Aswi: (happy) Swaraa maasi…

Swara: (happy) aswi…. (She hugs her)

Aswi: I brought a good news for u..

Swara: what’s that??

Aswi: I met sanska….

At that time Shekar comes.. Aswi stops talking.. Swara looks at him and again becomes calm..
She slowly takes Aswi to her room..

Swara room:
Swara: Aswi tell me what is that good news??

Aswi: I met Sanskar uncle.. He asked me about u.. I even gave ur number..

Swara gets emotional.. And kisses her cheeks

Swara: u gave my number to Sanskar? Thankyou Aswi…

Aswi: ur welcome maasi..

Swara and aswi talk about Sanskar..

Meanwhile sanskars college:

Sanskar is still angry…
Sanksar: what is this yar? She’s is very excited to talk to me?? How can a person love someone soo deeply within 1 day??? This Is soo disgusting..

Rhema: sanskar u cool down.. Il go to her house and il talk to her.. And il directly tell her that u don’t love her.. She will understand..

Sanksar: Kk…plz do that quickly…

They walk out from the college.. Without their notice, some guys take pics of Sanskar.. And send those pics in whatsapp to a guy and calls to one person..

Stranger: sir, I’ve found him.. He is a student.. I’ve clicked his photos.

Caller: very good.. But my target is not him I want that girl…Where is that girl?? Did u find her??

Stranger: Noo sir, she is not with him.. I think she is not from this college..

Caller: hey pagal.. They both will be together, just follow him.. I want that girl at any cost..

He cuts the call…

Rhema reaches Swara’s house, she goes inside.. She watches Shekar talking in call.. She gets bit scared..

Shekar: yes beti.. Whom do u want??
Rhema: I’m Swara’s friend..

Shekar: (smiles) she’s in her room… Go Beti..
When Rhema was about to go, he stops her

Shekar: 1 sec.. Actually thanks for coming..she’s bit depressed.. She snot coming outside from that room…Take care of her.. And explain her that this love and all is not good at this age.. She is ur frnd na she will listen to u..

Rhema is tensed.. She simply nodes yes..

Shekar leaves..

Rhema get hit relief.. She immediately goes to meet Swara.. She knocks the door..Swara opens it.. She is confused to see a new person..

Rhema: Swara?

Swara: (confused) yes!!

Rhema: I’m Sanskar friend..

Swara gets happy… She gets soo excited and hugs her..

Swara: I’m sorry.. Plz come in.. Wow I’m soo excited.. Sanskar sent u na?? I know he cares for me so much.. Why did he behaved as if he don’t know me?? Sanskar na he is too much..

Rhema: Swaraa I want to talk to u..

Swara: come sit.. Yaa tel me.. I thought Sanskar will come

Rhema: actually Swara.. Plz listen to me.. I came here to tell u something which is very important..

At that time Swara remembers onething…

Swara: 1 sec.. Ur name??

Rhema: I’m Rhema!!

Swara: nice name Rhema, 1 sec… Il get something to eat.. 1 sec, il come soon.. U stay here..

Rhema : Swara wait.. No need..

By that time Swara leaves…

Rhema smiles seeing her excitement, she looks at her room.. They were many photos.. She looks at all her photos, selfies..
Swara comes with a tray of snacks and cool drinks..

Swara: (excited) rhema, I’m back… Have these snacks.. Now tel me??

Rhema looks at her excitement.. She thinks..”why to make her sad by telling that Sanksar doesn’t love her, first let me ask her what happened that day, then I can decide..

Swara: hello?? What happened??? What r u thinking??

Rhema: (comes out of her sense) I mean, Im seeing ur love for Sanksar.. I want to ask u how u Met Sanksar?? Like in one day how can u love him soo much?? How Swara??

Swara blushes..

Swara: (blushes) dint he tell u how we met??

Rhema: (covers) Noo.. He told me to ask u.. Haha dats why I came to meet u.. Im very excited to know.. Tell me na

Swara: (smiles) sure…
My friend invited him for me to the party… (She tells her what all happened until the railway track)

Rhema: why did u jump Swara??

Swara: I felt sad seeing him like that.. Though he was drunk, he never misbehaved.. I took the best care of me and aswi.. Because of me that goons were beating Sanskar, I felt bad.. I don’t know what happened.. But I just want to save him.. So I jumped..

Rhema: Swara.. What happened after that??

Swara starts telling the flashback

****** flashback-****

Swara jumps from train crying.. She runs to save Sanskar..
Sanskar looks at her shockingly and shouts Swara to run…

But she doesn’t listen, she keeps on running

She goes towards Sanskar.. And starts pleasing them..
Swara: Plzz don’t beat him… Plzz leave him!!
Goon: hey Girl, go from here r else I will kill u..

Sanskar: how dare you… Leave her…

Swara: (cries) no I won’t go…Plzz don’t beat him….(she covers him with her hands)

Goon get angry and he was about to hit her.. Sanskar watches the goon coming with the rod to beat Swara.. He Suddenly pulls Swara down and covers her by protecting her with his arms..

Swara: ahhhh!

Sanskar gets angry on those goons.. He gets up tightening his fist and hits those goons.. He fights with them, protecting Swara..

He beats all of them..

All falls on the ground… Sanksar looks at Swara.. He goes towards her and starts caressing her

Sanskar: Swara are you fine?? How can you do this?? Why did u jump? Did u get hurt?? (He checks for her wounds) Swara gets happy seeing his care…

Swara: (cries) in fine Sanskar..

Sanskar: why did u do this??

Swara: because of me, they were beating u.. So I felt sad seeing u like this.

Sanskar: (suddenly burst out laughing) hahahaha Swaraa!! Ur soo innocent!!! Hahahah They r not the goons who followed u, they are following me.. They r my enemies..

Swara: what??

Sanskar: yes.. U thought them and came jumped from train… This is the best joke… Hahaha!!! (He don’t know what he us speaking as he is in drug effect and suddenly becomes serious) You could have gone with them, and how can u jump like that?? Have u gone nuts??

Swara: (tensed) Sanskar?? Leave about me?? Why are they trying to kill u?? What happened Sanskar?? Any fight with them?? And omg.. See ur wounds, it’s bleeding..

(She tears her dupatta and when she was about to tie.. Sanksar stops her)

Swara: sanskar listen..

Sanskar: shhh Swara… (He closes her mouth) I think someone is watching us..: in films I saw.. Some villains hide… Haha lol…. Kk Come with me now.. Be silent, We need to go from here.. They are no trains.. Let’s go out..

He holds Swara’s hands and he runs with her heading towards the main road.. They wait for vehicles but they were no vehicles.. Swara suddenly watches a jeep.. It was goons vehicle..

Swara: sanskar, is that a jeep (she points the jeep)

Sanskar smiles and he again holds her hand and runs towards the jeep..

Sanskar: Woww.. Let’s go from here.. Come Swara.. Get in quickly…

Swara sits and they finally leave… They go for some distance..

Swara: sanskar, why are they trying to kill u??

Sanskar: (he thinks and tries to remember). Haaa Yaa, in the party.. That fellow teased my friend, so I slapped him.. May be because of that..

Swara: This is soo silly…

Suddenly jeeps stops

Swara: sanskar Kya hua??
Sanskar: shit man!!!! Noo petrol..

Swara: what?? then how???

Sanskar watches a forest… They was a small light coming from that place..

Sanskar: let’s go inside.. I thing someone is staying..will ask them help..

Swara: Kk…

They keep walking… Holding each other hands.. Sanskar bracelet fells down.. He doesn’t check it, they keep walking

Swara: (scared) Sanskar..

Sanskar: haa what??

Swara: this is forest na.. Will they be any snakes here??

Sanskar: Kyu?

Swara: I hate snakes… I’m soo scared of them..

Sanksar burst out laughing..

Sanskar: hahahahaha Swara?? R u serious?? Loll!!! This is soo funny…

Swara: what so funny.. I’m scared of snakes…

Sanskar suddenly looks somewhere..”where r u looking Sanksar”? She was about to move

Sanskar: Swaraa stay like that… Don’t move..
Swara: what happened?

Sanskar: snake… It’s coming towards u

Swara: what??

Sanskar: (shouts loudly) Swaraa it’s back of u…

Swara: (cries) Ahhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!(She shouts)

Suddenly Sanskar laughs…
Sanskar: omg!! Swara look at u… Soo scared?? I was kidding cutie..
(He pulls her cheeks)

Swara : how dare you Sanskar.. (she starts beating him)

Sanksar: ahhhh Swara it’s hurting..

Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar… I’m really sorry.. Nd ya i forgot about it.. It’s bleeding..

She takes the torn dupatta..

Sanskar: Swara that’s k.. Leave it! Nothing happened..

Swara: sanskar, listen to me.. It’s bleeding.. Let me tie this..
(She holds his hand and ties the cloth soo carefully without hurting him)

Sanksar looks at her lovingly.. Suddenly he feels pain.. “Ahhh..”! Swara is shocked..
“Sanskar I’m sorry, she blows air on his wound.”! He gets happy and admires her beauty and her cute pinky lips.. And stares at her romantically.

Swara looks at him and gets uncomfortable..

Swara: sanskar Kya hua?
Sanskar: (caresses her face) Swaraa I want to kiss u.. U know u look soo beautiful.. Can I??

Swara is shocked..she feels uncomfortable..

Swara: sanskar… Ur drunk… Ur intentions are not good.. Stay away from me..

She was about to go.. Sanskar holds her hand…

Sanskar: (smiles) Swara, my intentions may be wrong.. But I’m not forcing u.. U should be happy for that

Swara looks at him lovingly as what he said is ryt.. If any other person in his place.. He would have been take advantage.. But he was asking her permission)

Swara: sanskar… Ur an idiot.. Hahaha!! Now come.. We should go inside.. That light, I think someone is there.. Come come lets go…
(She holds his hands and was about to go Sanskar stops her again..

Sanskar: (teases) what about my kiss??

Swara: (teases) sanksar.. Ur out of ur mind.. We are not even lovers.. How can I kiss u…

Sanskar: (teases) soo u will accept if I become ur lover??

Swara: (blushes) Noo.. I dint mean that… Ahah…Sanskar… Plzz stop this topic na.. Come lets goo inside..

Sanskar smiles and follows her

They keep walking…
Swara thinks about his words, she thinks to maintain some distance.. She leaves his hand and maintain some distance..

Sanskar smiles seeing her childishness..
He starts singing songs.. As drug is working on him.. He don’t know what he is talking.. He is totally out of his brain..

Swara: sanskar what’s happening to u?? Ur behaving soo weirdly..

Sanskar: (looks at her cutely) am I behaving weirdly?? Hahahaha Swara.. Tell me how did I do??? Hahahhaahaaha lol!! Am acting weird?? Like seriously how??

Swara: (irritated) Sanskar Plzz stay calm…
For some time na.. Plzzzz

Sanksar: (sings) no no no no no!!!!

Swara: sanskar.. Plzz

Sanksar: hmm kk… But one condition.. U should give me a kiss.. If I be quiet..

Swara: nooooo!!

Sanksar: Kk fine… (He again starts singing loudly)

Swara: Kk fine.. But u should not talk until I tell u to speak..

Sanskar: (smiles) Kk Swaraa darling… I won’t talk at all… (Saying this he suddenly kisses her cheeks)

Swara is shocked.. When she looks at him, Sanskar turns his face and looks at Sky covering himself from her scolding..

Swara looks at him lovingly.. She smiles and walks again)

Sanskar looks at her and smiles.. He walks following her.. He looks at her blushing..

They keep walking… They find the light very closer.. Swara gets excited

Swara: sanskar, we reached.. Come lets run..

They both get happy and runs to reach towards the light.. Finally they reached but to their surprise it was a lantern which was hanged on a tree.. They were no houses.. The lantern light has also became dim..

Swara: what shall we do now Sanskar??

Sanskar doesn’t speak anything…

Swara: sanskar, why r u not talking???
(She remembers about the deal)

Swara: ohh… Fine, Sanksar now plzz talk.. Tell me the solution now..

He smiles and signals her to kiss.. Swara looks at him angrily… She takes his hand and kisses on it.. “Are you happy now”??

Sanskar: what is this??? Am I a kid??

Swara: (smiles) you told me to kiss.. But u dint tell me where to kiss..

Sanskar looks at her angrily…

Swara: sanskar, now tell me what should we do??

Sanskar: let’s go back,

Swara: but I’m soo tired Sanskar… I’m hungry.. I’m thirsty.. I can’t walk anymore..

(She sits taking some rest)

Sanskar also sits with her..

Swara: what’s the time now Sanskar??

Sanskar looks at his phone.. It was 2:00am Swara.. I’m soo sleepy, wake me up in the morning okay??

Swara: Plzz don’t sleep.. What if any snakes comes.. Plz don’t sleep Sanksar.

Sanskar: hmm Kk… But I don’t know why, I’m so drowsy…

Swara: if u sleep u won’t get up.. Plz don’t sleep..

Sanksar: Kk baba… Speak something.. Tell me why those goons are following u??

Swara: it’s same like ur story the party, I slapped a guy.. After the party, when I was going home.. That guy and his gand stopped the car, and they tried to misbehave with me.. My dad will be soo worried.. This should happen to me.. He said me not to go to party.. But I don’t listen..

Sanskar: Swaraa whatever happens it was for our good.. Just think, if u dint slap him, he won’t stop ur car.. And he won’t tried to misbehave with u.. And You will never know me.. May be God wants u to meet me.. So he arranged our meet like this..

Swara is shocked.. She thinks.. “Yes, ur right… It’s destiny..” She gets happy and touches his hand…

Swara: yes Sanskar, I’m happy for ur words.. This is destiny… I’m soo happy… (She shouts saying Thankyou God for bringing Sanskar in my life)

Sanskar: (smiles looking at her naughtiness) hahaha Swara, tell me about ur family..

Swara: (smiles) my dad is a business man… He is very strict.. He want me to be Infront him all the time… And mom… She is the sweetest lady.. And my bro Laksh.. He is always first in teasing me.. Nd my Bhabi Ragini… When my bro teases me, she is the only one who supports me.. She is like my friend and sister.. And finally aswi.. She is my best friend… We both go everywhere..
This is my family Sanskar… They are my world.. I love them soo much…

Smailes and stares at her lovingly..

Swara: what about u Sanskar??

Sanskar: (thinks) I think I have dad.. Nd Yaa mom too.. Nd sibblings…. Haha only me!! This is my family..

Swara: Sanskar.. Do U always behave like this.. Look at u, u think u have dad.. So funny…

Sanskar: Arey I should remember na..

Swara: if. Next time ur drunk.. Il kill u.. Never drink again..

Sanskar: okay madam

Swara: (pulls his cheeks) goooood boy!!! By d way Sanskar I’m soo hungry

Sanskar: come lets go.. May be we can find anything…

Swara: I can’t walk.. I’m tired…

Sanskar: Hahahaha Swaraa ur soo funny!! U girls na.. Always tired.. U girls can’t even walk properly.. I pity u!

Swara: don’t talk about girls.. I pity u boys!!

Sanskar: (burst out laughing) hahahahaha u pity for what?? Because we are having more strength so u pity boys?? Hahahaha loll!!! U girls need boys for help.. If that not right, why would u ask me to help??? Why can’t u fight alone?? Because u don’t have strength to fight.. Hahahhaahahahhaha

Swara: stop it Sanskar… Don’t talk about girls.. Il kill u.. I hate you… I won’t talk with u.. Go from here.. I don’t need ur help..I can handle myself.. I don’t need u..

(She keeps a pout face and turns back)

She waits for sanskars reply.. But she doesn’t get any reply.. She waits for sometime.. She looks back.. She doesn’t find him…
Swara: Sanskar.. Where r u???

She searches for him… She thinks about her words.. “Did he really went”?
She cries sitting.. “How can he go leaving me”?? Swaraa it’s ur fault, because of u he went’?

She cries.. She don’t know what to do?? She keeps shouting sanskars name… She is tired..
Cries.. “Sanskar Plzz come back, I’m sorry…I’m scared Sanskar.. Plz come back”.
But no response…

Its been a quite long that Swara was searching for him in the jungle…she called his name a couple of time but dnt get any reponse.With every step she was taking and goes to the deep jungle indicates her that there was something terribly wrong here and somewhere her inner mind is crying for Sanskar . She can feel an intense sharp pain in her heart for him…she wants to cry..

She sits on her knees and cries.. As she don’t know what to do..

After sometime Suddenly she hears shoes sound.. She feels a shadow standing front of her… She gets happy.. But now she is watching 4 shadows in front of her.. She suddenly looks up.. It was those goons who came for Swara.. She is shocked..

Goon: i know that u guys will be here.. I saw the jeep.. And this bracelet.. It’s that guys bracelet.. I saw it when he was hitting us.. how dare u escape from us.. (He slaps her)

Swara is shocked…

Goon: u deserve the punishment… (He opens his shirt button)

Swara is shocked… She tries to escape.. But other goons rounded her..

Swara: (cries) Plzz leave me.. I’m sorry for what had happened.. It was a mistake.. Plz leave me..

Goon: shshshs don’t disturb me darling…
(He smiles Evily) and brings her closer to kiss her..

Swara cries and again shouts Sanskar name..

Goon: hahaa he left u.. He won’t come I guess.. He was about to place his lips on her.. Swara cries stopping him.. He holds her hair and brings her more closer…

Suddenly they was a thuddddddd Sound, the goon who was trying to kiss Swara falls down.. Swara is shocked.. She opens her eyes.. It was Sanskar who was carrying a heavy stick in his hands..

Other goons, remember his fight before and they run…

Swara gets happy to see him at a same time she was angry..
She kneels down and cries… Sanskar looks at her crying and runs towards her

Sanskar: (worried and cups her face) Swara, Swara r u fine??

Swara keeps crying remembering the situation

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry.. I just thought to tease u.. I dint expect they will come.. I’m sorry..

Swara looks at him angrily.. And slaps him.. And cries…
“How can u go like that? How can u tease me Sanskar? You know how scared I am?? At one side I’m scared of snakes, other side it was dark.. That too we are in forest, and now those people.. I hate u Sanksar..

She again cries and hugs him… Sanskar hugs he back..

Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara, il never leave u again.. I promise..

Swara smiles… “She looks at his cheeks where she slapped..I’m sorry too Sanksar, I’m sorry for everything.. Because of my problem.. I involved u in my fight.. Im sorry’

Sanskar: (burst out laughing seeing her crying, he laughs leaning towards the tree) Hahahah no sorries plz.. By d way Swara, u look so cute when crying… Hahahaha lol… Did u see ur cheeks, it was like gulabjam… Heheh.. From now when my mom prepares gulabjam.. Il tel her to see Ur cheeks.. It will be the example for the size.. Hahahahaha

Swara smiles seeing him laughing happily.. She feels so brave when he is around…She goes towards him.. And hugs him sleeing on his shoulder.. Sanskar is shocked.. He fees so good, when she hugged her…He stops laughing and caresses her hair..

Sanskar: what happened Swara??

Swara: (cries) Thankyou Sanskar, you know I was very scared.. But whenever ur with me.. I feel soo brave… I love u Sanskar.. Ur right.. This is our destiny… We are meant to meet here.. Don’t leave me Sanskar..
She looks at his face.. And kisses his cheeks, where she slapped.. “I’m sorry”

Swara realises what she did and lowers her face with shy.. Sanskar smiles and lifts her chin.. He caresses her face and wipes her tears.. He looks at her face.. Which is glowing
Sanskar smiles… He can feel her love towards him.. “I love u too Swara”!
I never felt like this with any girl.. But I have some crushes.. Haha when I’m in 2 Nd standard.. My first crush was Shreya, u know she is soo beautiful.. After that now it’s u.. Nd Yaa from tomorrow I won’t drink at all.. I promise.. My dad once said.. If our girlfriend said anything we should listen them..

Swara: ur dad said???

Sanskar: no no.. I think mom..

Swar: mom??

Sanskar: no no… (He thinks) Hahahaha Yaa I remembered… My friend, that teja is there na he said me..

Swara laughs seeing him.. U even forgot who said to u.. If u forget me il kill u..

He looks at her lovingly.. ..

Sanksar: (smiles) swara, how can I forget u.. Ur the best thing that happened in my life.. u know u look so beautiful every time.. He moves her hair strands to other side.. And touches her neck.. Swara blushes… Sanskar cups her face.. And was about to kiss her.. But stops thinking it’s wrong..

Swara smiles and within a fraction of second she captures her lips with him..
Shocking Sanskar.. Swara breaks the kiss and feels shy…

Sanskar quickly went closer and connected his lips with her soft pink ones and she slowly started replying to his action
it was filled with bliss and than sanskar left teasing kisses everywhere than he moved down and kisses on her neck which caused her to grip on to his hair tugging it slightly ..he again leaned down and kisses her neck..
Swara: (tensed) sanskar.. U said only a kiss..
Sanskar: (looks at her) don’t u trust me Swara.. I don’t know why but I want make compete love with u..

Swara smiles and hugs him..
“I trust u Sanskar… Our meet may be only for a day.. But u showed me what life is.. How people are.. You are soo good.. I really love u soo much..”!

Sanksar smiles and again places his lips on a her lips.. It was a passionate kiss..
And now finally two souls became one in every term.
The day filled with passion as the new young souls shared a new bind which marked memories…

This was our first journey… It was beautiful.. We again heard some sounds.. Someone is coming..

Suddenly someone knocks the door… Swara stops saying..

Shomi: Swara, come for dinner.. Bring ur friend too

Swara: haa Ma coming..

Flashback ends!!

What Happens next..
Why is Shekar angry?? Why a guy is searching for Swara?? And why a guy ran seeing Sankar??
Will Sanskar get to know about his consummation with Swara?? How will he react??


Next part…

Coming soon

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