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WELCOME to land of FaNtAsY…………………………….
SWARA SANSKAR RAVICHANDRAN – she is bubbly fun loving girl of 22 yr. she is a fashion designer and rocking the world of diva and married to her prince sanskar ravichandran.
SANSKAR RAVICHANDRAN – Young Business tycoon whose ambition is too become NO.1 Business man – Top 10- INDIA. He loves his princess swara.
Other characters are same as in swaragini………
But here family name is RAVICHANDRAN instead of maheswari…
Its fine Sunday morning sun rays are piercing through the glass windows of room where the love birds are found cuddling in soft cozy mattress. Its none other than our swasan. Swara wakes up and finds her prince sleeping peacefully like a cute innocent child and she tries waking him since its Sunday they hav planned to go for an OUTING…she was tried of waking him and immediately a idea stuck her and she came close to her prince and let a hot breath ovr his face… sanskar lips curved and peeped slowly at her pretening to sleep again.. swara saw his simile and she came close to his face and she gave a victory smile and poured a glass of water on his face and ran to the balcony and closed the door. Sanskar yelled at swara’s action and banged the balcony door to open them. After a long quarrel swara opened the door and asked sorry to sanskar . Sanskar who was angry on her and thought of taking revenge saw her innocent puppy doll eye and forgive her. But our swara is different she came close sanskar and hugged him and he to reciprocate her hug.. taking this as chance swara pulled his hair & ran to washroom taking her dress away. This tym sanskar ego mocked him. Sanskar thought in his mind I will not leave u princess… nxt sanskar too got ready for Sunday outing and they planned to have breakfast in restaurant.
They reached restaurant ,had their food and inbtwn they planned places to visit…
1. Palace – JODHPUR
2. Shopping
3. Butterfly park ( leisure zone, adventure sports, dancing bridge, thrilling games, car dashing)
So guys I have written places what came to my mind so don’t confuse it with its locality…
They moved to car and reached JODHPUR PALACE .. swara was excited to see the palace and she was behaving like a kid jumping dancing and sanskar stared at her to stay calm. Becoz many people were admiring her few were staring her top to bottom and few gave nasty reaction… after buying tickets they entered d palace took many snaps , roamed the palace hand in hand without leaving each other. Swara saw huge maharaja chair and it was forbidden place so they kept no entry board. This is enough for our swara she smiled sheepishly at sanskar. And sanskar asked her what???? With in fraction of sec swara ran and sat on the maharaja chair. She started to take pics bt unfortunately she did not bother wts gonna happen next. The next moment alarm bell started ringing and guards were running to the place, sanskar did not know what to do and stood still were as swara in swing moment pushed sanskar to the chair and she stood still among crowd watching him.. The guards came, dragged sanskar and enquring him… sanskar was terribly shocked and fumed in anger and and gave blood shot eyes to swara. And swara adding compliment she told the guards not to leave him simply and ask him to clean the hall. But finally sanskar was out buy using his power and thought to strangle swara neck once they are out. Sanskar dragged swara forcefully to car and put her in seat & came close to strangle her neck but in swift moment swara gave tight love peck on his cheek. Sanskar was shocked and opened his eyes widely, swara later pat him on shoulders to come back to reality. Now sanskar anger vanished away and he smiled at her unbelievable act and move on his side……………………………………………………..
2. SHOPPING “ VISHAL DE “ mall – tomorrow is an unforgettable and markful day in their lyf so they planned to do shopping for that function. Becoz its their first anniversary    ;-* ;-*
They first entered reliance mart to buy clothes for swara. She tried many dress and finally she selected a gorgeous blue gown studded with silver stones in waist and beautiful velvet roses were ascending down the neckline and it has only one side arm and from waist the gown descending like valley in the form of frills and back it had V shaped cut and studded with silver stones which was given as finishing tone…
Next they moved on to men’s section and sanskar selected a black Raymond suite which had silk cloth lining the borders of blazer and silk black shirt and normal pant. swara selected this for Prince and imagined him he was looking like greek god… noooo like hero… noooo like vampire… nooo suddenly she got hit on her head its none other than sanskar. He asked her wt happen madam r u daydreaming??????
She instantly replied no and and they paid the cash and came out. Sanskar asked swara wt next she replied no girl will complete her shopping without buying accessories so dats the next she roared to sanskar. He gave her cold look and they entered glitters swara tried many earings and finally she picked a platinum coated long earing studded with stones which are wavy in nature and matching thin line chain which had heart shaped pendant with pearl stone in middle and bracelet.
Next she moved on to morchis foot wear showroom and bought a black medium heel which had single large beautiful flower at front and thought in her mind now she will be looking equal in height near sanskar and he will not tease her as dwarf. Finally they completed their shopping and it was getting late and swara tummy started to growl and sanskar gave her a look and said hey TEDDY BEAR y r u always feeling hungry.. she anger boiled as sanskar called her as TEDDY BEAR and gave a punch in stomach and sanskar yelled in pain and said hey u rowdy how dare u beat ur hubby???? She again gave a small punch in his chest and ran to car. Sansakr came to car drived his car silently and swara was not able be calm and this type of behavior is not her cup of tea. Finally she spoke asked him am I looking like teddy bear ??? sanskar did not respond to princess and he was similing at her anger… finally they reached the hotel and swara growled at sanskar that she not feeling hungry. Sanskar similed and he thought in his mind how to change her and replied that ok no problem I thought of giving you ice-cream treat,better luck next tym and he left her behind and entered the hotel with glow face. Next moment he saw swara sitting in private couple two seater cushion and sanskar gave his greeky winning simile. Prince and princess gave their orders and relished their food and sanskar was admiring swara eating food in hurry and childish way and he caught her hand said UR REAL TEDDY BEAR and gave wide smile. Swara arose from her seat and poured water, gravy and juice on sanskar he too did the same and they were playing like child finally attendant entered the room was shocked to see the scenario and shouted SIR…………….
Swasan looked around and gained their sense and surrounding and felt awkward. Slowly they apologized and paid their bill and left towards reception booked room. People glared at swasan makin them more discomfort . Later they had shower changed their dress and went to park……………..
After having great masti at hotel they entered the parka and both remembered their lovly cute moments in mall hotel and palace. First they picked adventure zone and went for it… one is mountain climbing, crossing the bridge using rope, boat riding in danger lake… it was awesome moment for them and many people admired their pair for their understanding and love.
DANCING BRIDGE- its long bridge made of wood at path and side handles are made of nylon-fibre ropes to maintain its stability. Swara was first excited and aftr taking her 1st step the bridge started to shake and she did not have control over her legs and they were dancing like jelly were as sanskar moved as hero and left her behind. Now swara was trembling in fear and few passers were noticing her and they came to help her but she did not respond and they came to hold her waist and immediately a hand pulled her and she fell on hard muscle and hair got messed up and she looked up and it was her prince. He gave them deadly look and pulled and they walked… immediately sanskar left her hand and and he sudden dancing jerk to bridge and due to its tension the bridge moved zigzag and swara shouted in fear and again sanskar did the same and swara she shouted and begged sansakr to stop that. He gave a smirk and said morning you broke my beautiful sleep and I had beautiful dream sequence everything u spoiled by [oring water and again u pulled my hair and ran away.. how dare you and again he jerked the bridge. Swara was shaking and apologized to sanskar and replied him that she will obey him and he can give her punishment but not to leave her in middle of the bridge. He smirked and took her in arms and left to leisure zone…………
LEISURE zone both had ice-creams ate cotton candy and finally mango sprinkled with chilli and relished them…… next moving to mela……
MELA – swara ran seeing giant wheel, swing, roller coaster, cup & saucer, Columbus etc… she and sanskar enjoyed every ride and finally while riding in giant wheel swara was afraid and her stomach had utterflies and rats running inside… she screamed and hold sanskar palm tightly and placed her head on his shoulder were as sanskar admired swara innocence and was tickkling her… swara was screaming to stop it and finally ride got over and sanskar laughed at her continuously and mimicked her…. She was shouting oh god save me I don’t wont to die in this young age… I have so much dreams to achieve and I did not eve enjoy my married life… please god this cute doll… swara boiled in anger and ran towards car and finally she cant hold herself laughed while sanskar came near her. Both were laughing and enjoying the moment… next they had dinner at dabba and left to their so called house (PALACE)
Suddenly it started raining and swara started to dance like peacock in rain. She spread her arms and led water to touch her face and it flows from head moving towards her eyes, then cheek and nose finally her rosy cherry lips and drippin down in drops from her sharp chin and thereby it flows from her neck then all over body. Sanskar parked his car and admired with open mouth his princess dancing in rain… he want to hug and twirl her holding her in his arms and place a wet kiss on her cherry lips but he stopped and watched her silently. Slowly shone sanskar standing there in rain she ran and hugged sanskar tightly and he too hugged her back. Both were standing like statue and rejoicing the rain and felt each other breath and smiling keep their chin on other shoulders. Finally sanskar broke the hug and lifted her face and kissed her forehead and swara was blusing and he slowly kissed her eyes, cheeks.. she turned crimson red and his were holding her head and she was moving her hands around his back. Finally she looked her cherry lips filled with Maybelline starwberry flavour she showed positive sign and he captured her lips. It ws slow love filled small kiss and she smiled at sanskar when both were panting for oxygen. He picked swara in his arms flood to their room. He slowly put her on soft cozy bed and he left to change. Swara was so happy so see her prince who was so caring and loving towards her. Later she changed into her nite suite and both slept each other embrace…
11.45 pm clock struck swara got up from her bed moved towards the kitchen were she has bought BLACK BERRY cake for their 1st anniversary and some more surprise for her prince. Here sanskar got up quickly closed the doors filled the room with red and white heart shaped balloons, scented glass candles, and he too bought a cake which has written LOVE U JAAN(SHONA) WITH HER PIC… (this one he kept this cake other accessories while they came home and while parking the car sanskar placed d purchased items in room) were her swara bought cake to room and as she entered she was surprised astonished to see the decorations and she was standing “O” mouth. Sanskar dragged from waist and he hold box and opened it. Now sanskar was shocked becoz in cake it ws written LOV U PRINCE WITH HIS PIC both were crying out of joy and arranged the cake and blowed it made wish and same tym fed d cake to each other and took so many selfies…… <3 <3 <3
Finally gift tym———–
SHONA – gifted him casual T-shirt in red color and had printing in middle PIC OF SWASAN and sanskar was over whelmed and kissed prinecss in lips and they had long passionate kiss devouring eachother.
SANSKAR – a silver box and made her to change and come immediately and she went for changing.
When swara unwrapped the box she was in cloud nine and loved his gift. It was red net saree suttded with stones in the border and all over the fleet in half pattern.. shone draped the saree gifted by prince and sanskar was amazed she was lookin like angel and her bare waist was shown clearly in this net saree and she was smiling looking at sanskar reaction and put her face down in shyness. Sanskar came close to her earlobe and kissed her and said ur looking gorgeous princess. Shona was turning crimson red and swara look into his eyes and told him you’re my everything prince I LIVE FOR U AND WIL DIE FOR YOU……
Sanskar immediately placed his finger on her lips and said teddy bear stop ur nonsense talks.. swara anger grew and she bite him on his cheeks and started to run. Both were running like tom and jerry and finally swara climbed on bed and sanskar to climbed and he pulled her suddenly due to pillow both fell down resulting sanskar on top of swara. He gave her victory smile and bite her nose tip and said I won. Swara tickled sanskar and she came on top of him bite his shoulder ran away to balcony and sanskar pulled her and told her can u remember u cried in dancing bridge and u told me u will agree my punishment?????? She said yes came near sanskar , he picked in arms rolled over her in bed started to kiss her in face she too reciprocate finally u all will know what wil happen next LIGHTS OFF!!!!!!!!!
Morning swasan were found sleeping in embrace and their sleep was disturbed by phone ring. It was their parents and they wished for their anniversary…. They thanked and again went for sleep now again their phone rung it was from raglak they wished and told them to skype immediately… swasan yelled NOOOOOOOOOOO and raglak teased them and said good bye… finally love birds got up had their morning fite and got ready for work. Suddenly sanskar’s phone rang it was from business committee and they convey that he has been selected as NO.1 YOUNG BUSINESS MAN in INDIA. Sanskar was shocked finally he achieved his dreams and conveyed this to swara. Swara was overwhelmed and she kissed on his forehead and wished him congrtasz……………. Sanskar said,
*******************PRINCESS WITHOUT YOU PRINCE IS INCOMPLETE************************
********************** THE END************************************
NOTE : this is my first os and do leave a comment……. And this part is dedicated to all readers who are visiting this os page …… thank u for reading this OS.. I know many wil not like but this is my first try so leave a comment… wil b waiting for u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im regular reader of SR so I need evry1 to comment……plz
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