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Hello Guyzz,
Well I’m actually with a really short OS I know this topic is real fond but still I wrote it and Happy independence day to all my indians friends!!!

One Day of our life

It’s a short OS

Hello guys I am here here with my OS honestly this is a true story and I loved it -:

Swara Gadodia – a social worker and loves nature and she is really sweet and sensible

Sanskar Maheshwari – he is boy who loves traveling and enjoys his life fully

(Actually you know SwaSan finished 1 year I couldn’t write anything to them so this is dedicated to SwaSan finishing 1 year)

Starts from..

Sanskar is going on his bike and is singing lalalalalala

Suddenly a girl comes infront of his bike and stops him

Ovio the girl is swara ?

Sanskar – ayee did you get my bike to die

Swara – I’m not dying I’m here for lift??

Sanskar – haan I know I’m handsome so you’ll take advantage ???

Swara – shut up if you don’t wanna give lift then get lost from here ??

Sanskar – chill down get on my bike??

Swara – thank you ☺️

She gets on the bike and they move on and suddenly the bike stops

Swara – what happen ??

Sanskar – I think the bike’s tyre is punchered

Swara – what will we do

Sanskar – let’s stay in that hit tonight and tomorrow morning a mechanic will come

Swara agrees and they both go in that hut to comfort Sanskar says

Sanskar – hmm so your introduction

Swara – I am Swara, Social worker and soon going to get married

Sanskar – I’m Sanskar and person who enjoys life and same pinch I’m getting married soon too

Swara – nice aha so do you want to get married

Sanskar – no actually but sometimes marriage results good conclusions

Swara – yeah true anyway you joining me to the lake

Sanskar – even I wanna see beauty so come lets go

They both leave for the lake and spend a lot of time there

Swara – Did you ever have a gf

Sanskar – no not at all why don’t even try

Swara – excuse me no ways

They laugh and then Sanskar gets mesmerized and moves towards Swara they both lean to each other and were about to kiss but stop as Swara jerks it

They avoid eye contact and awkwardly and sleep peacefully and next day sanskar swara bud each other and part ways


Sanskar Room

Sanskar really misses swara and thinks about her

Sanskar – do I love swara no I’m getting married but swara she’s everything to me

While thinking AP enters

AP – beta get ready for your marriage

Sanskar – mom what’s her name

AP – Shona

Sanskar smiles and goes to get ready


Marriage rituals are done and they are married and blessed and sent for suhagraat ?????????????

Sanskar Room

Sanskar – see Shona I know you had a lot of hopes with this marriage but I love some one else hope you understand and give me some time in this

Shona – yeah same with me I hope we can be friends

Sanskar – yes

They both open their sehra/Ghughat and are shocked seeing each other

Swara – Sanskar you

Sanskar – you are Shona

Swara – it’s my nick name but I’m suprised

Sanskar – same with me ?

Swara – so

Sanskar – umm swara I love you ??

Swara – I love you too❤️❤️

They both hug

sansakr lifts swara’s chin and kisses her lips and she responds with the same passion and sanskar bites swara lips and she mourns he takes an oppurtunity and enters into her mouth and then he lifts her to the bed and consumates with her..


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