Hello everyone its me haritha again.. Within another story just make you all relax your mind from the whole tension of exams and heavy work
So let’s enjoy this story

“A day which change the whole life.. it was one day which takes everything from me and gave me everything.. I didn’t expect the same thing happens again in my life.. the same day will comes once more..” what you guys thinks about this.. whose words are this.. and is that possible…. to knew about it read it furthur
23 July 2014
the day with the whole life changes… someone is driving a car… some crowd has seen.. he gets out of the car and sees a girl lying on road in a pool of blood… people around her is taking photos and videos of phone..
The man: stop it.. is this your humanity? Just taking photos and videos of a person who is struggling to die.. he takes her in arm’s and rushed to hospital..
One man in crowd.. oh god.. who is this.. who gives such classes..
The another one he was our commisioner of police but not now.. the most respected officer Mr. Abhishek prem mehra.. ya guys it’s abhi…
After few days..
Abhi is sitting in a room… the girl which he saves in lying on bed.. there is some other person too.. by looking it’s dadi.. abhi is reading something.. slowly the girl open her eyes..
Dadi: look abhi she opened her eyes..
She is trying hard to see something.. soon abhi make her wear chashma..
And he goes to call doctor..
Do:how was you feeling now?
Girl: how I am here.. who all are you… I don’t knew anyone.. how I am.. she faints..
Doc: abhishek.. what we assume is right.. because of heavy injury on her head she forget everything… now she is just like blank paper what we wrote on it is real for her.. do you find her whereabouts…she can’t remember her past.. but may be by God’s grace she can too.. but it’s just a miracle.. we can’t expect…
Ab: no doctor I am trying hard for it.. doctor leaves..
Ab: dadi don’t worry.. I will try to find it soon.. purab has told me that he will help me.. ( purab is also working in police and great friend of abhi)
Dadi: abhi.. you are searching for that till this day.. I think god have send her for us..
Ab: what do you mean Dadi?
Dadi: ha abhi… as he takes our aliya.. he gaves her back..
Ab: dadi… no one can take place of my aliya..
Dadi: abhi just listen to me.. you don’t want to keep her in aliyas place… but we can keep with us.. she don’t knew who she is…
Abhi; dadi what are you telling?
Dadi: abhi.. please if she get back all her memories we can make her leave.. now she have no other’s to help..
Abhi: dadi.. but doctor told you that.. dadi: abhi.. no need of any explanation as I decided.. she is like our family member from now..
Abhi: dadi.. you are doing false.. no need of such attachments with any others because losing someone whom we loved most is really painful. Just like my aliya.. he cries and leaves..
Dadi: abhi… I knew you miss her so much.. and you thinks because of your profession you lose her and that’s why you resigned job too..

Next day..
The girl opened her eyes..
Dadi: beti… how are you feeling now?
Girl: I am fine but..
Dadi: beti.. I knew you don’t knew we both.. ya I am his dadi.. and he is Mr. Abhishek prem mehra.. who brings you and saves your life.. because of your accident you forget everything about your past.. the girl is crying..
Dadi wipes that tears.. look don’t need to cry.. from nowonwards you are pragya.. a part of our family…
Ab: don’t strain a lot.. don’t think that we are forcing you for this.. we are trying to find your family..
Doctor came..
Do: so what you feel now.. don’t try to strain yourselves.. as that’s not good for you.. trying to recollect about past Is also risk your life.. but soon you can.. abhishek.. you can go her to home..
Abhi and his dadi make her to get in car..
They reached home.. pragya was just outofmind.. as for her its all new.. she don’t knew what’s going around her…
Days passed slowly she came to normal.. and love her company with dadi..
Pr: dadi.. you are duniya ki best dadi.. dadi smiles.. I am not joking it’s true.. but your grandson is not like that.. he is really kadoos..
Da: kadoos
Pr: ha.. you knew he don’t speak too.. always reading something or going for meeting.. for him his office works are important.
Dadi: no pragya.. he is not like that..
Pr: no kaddos..
Da: what you see today is not real abhi.. do you knew what was his real job.. he was working in police most obedient brilliant officer.. but now he hate it because of that he lose his sister.. do you knew for him.. she was his world.. I didn’t see my abhi smiling after that.. dadi cries.. and goes..
Pr: I don’t knew anything about him.. till now I don’t understand his pain.. he was the person who is reason for my life.. so it’s my duty to bring back the real abhishek.. and bring happiness to his life…
—————————————————————so guys what’s next… how can pragya do it.. what really happen in that one day which makes this story.. for knew further just wait for me… it’s a small gift from me chotu for her love…

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