Hello everyone… I am back.. today my exams got complete… it was easy except one paper thanks for all of your wishes.. and thanks for the comments too.. because of exam I couldn’t replied for that.. how was this one week.. for all of you… hope all are fine and happy… so now I am stopping my bak.. bak.. and moving to story…
It was morning… pragya opened her eyes with a smile.. suddenly she get shocked by seeing him…
Pr: kadoos..
Abhi haves her a coffee with wishing good morning.. it’s my morning surprise for you..
Pr: but..
Ab: actually fuggi… today it’s your day..
Pr: my day..
Ab:haa.. because you can take from everything.. as I am here.. and I am controlling kitchen and there is something more too waiting for you.. so get ready fast.. he leaves..
Pr: oh God… he is here.. that too full day.. pragya aaj kadoos tumari band banjenekeliye thayar hein.. what to do? How will I escape from him..
Abhi calls fuggi..
Pr: haa.. coming.. look he started his work..
Pragya after fresh up comes down and sees abhi and dadi are waiting for her..
Pragya sits near dadi..
Da: thanks pragya.. because of you all this happen.. after along time abhi is with us that too full day..
Pr:(in mind) that’s what my problem too.. abhi look at pragya..
Ab: dadi it’s me who changed myself but you are giving full credit to her..
Da: ya.. she is reason behind all this..
Ab; dadi.. I too keep watching these days as you and pragya are in more keep in touch than me… it’s not right.. dadi smiles.. fuggi.. why are keep silent.. all the time you are bak.. baking but now.. what is the reason behind that..
Pr:( in mind) it’s you because my mind is not all in my control.. because of that one hug.. what is the specialty of that hug.. I couldn’t find it out..
Ab: fuggi… I knew you must be shocked with my change that too in whole of sudden.. I too wishes to be do like this.. because I can’t something is disturbing me.. but it’s you solve out everything
Pr: don’t be talk as formal…
Ab; k fuggi… they finished their breakfast.. and all sits in living room..
Ab: fuggi… what’s your opinion for watching a movie now?
Pr: no objection..
Da: you both watch it as I am not interested
Ab: k dadi you take rest.. dadi leaves.. abhi get the CD.. and sits near to her.. she keeps some distance… but he sits close to her.. and they are watching dilwale dulhaniya lejayege..
Pr:(in mind) oh god.. is this the film suits now..
Ab:fuggi.. don’t you knew this is my most favourite movie.. I like sharukh.. Kajol pair in it.. I am die heart fan of their movies… do you when ever I got time.. me and aliya sit and watch their movies just like now.. suddenly he stops and pragya see tears rolling through his cheeks.. pragya place her hand on abhis hand to just console him..
Pr: don’t be sad as I am with you now..
Pragya understand what she had spoken… I mean as a good friend.. abhi smiles..
They both starts to watch movie.. abhi placed her head on pragyas shoulder.. she want to restrict him.. but knew that he need it to reveal.. dadi who came there sees them both..
Da: I wish they must be like this always… as I knew that it can’t… she goes… abhi slowly falls to sleep.. pragya who sees this make abhi lies on the sofa without disturbing his sleep. But he holds her hand. Pragya by blowing a small air wave on his face and loosens his grip.. and smiles at him..
Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaun kahi
Vaapas kinare pe aana
Main bhool na jaun kahi

Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahi

Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi

Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khwabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahaara bano

Pr; how cute he is na… she goes… aftersometime.. she is reading something in her room..
Abhi:so fuggi making me sleepy and you are trying to escape from me right..
Pr: escape..
Ab:from my torture.. from my presence..
Pr:(in mind) I am trying to escape from falling on you..
Ab: fuggi.. get ready let’s go for a drivePr: now I am not interested..
Ab: there is no talk about interest or not.. you must come with me that’s the final decision..
Pr; k.. I will get ready.. pragya get ready and come down.. sees abhi in black t-shirt and jeans.. and look surprised.. and start to glare at him..
Ab: fuggi.. why are looking me like this.. oh…by seeing my costumes.. as for you I will always be in suits or shirts.. but actually this is the real abhishek prem mehra..
Pr: I am still confused at you..
Ab: at me..
Pr: haa really because you are always going beyond my expectations..
Ab: expectations.. so what is your expectation about me..?
Pr: my expectation… that’s not important.. but happy for you..
Ab: it’s all because of my fuggi.. my best friend..
Pr: so I got promotion from friend to best friend.. but then what will you do with your friend..
Ab; my friend..
Pr: haa purab..
Ab:so you knew everything about me. Only bad.. who don’t knew anything..
Pr: I too don’t knew about me.. then how will you.. you and dadi gave me a new name.. new world.. new character.. and happines..
Abh; is your gratitude speech over.. and one more thing you can call me abhi… I see that you are troubling in calling me.. that because now there is no formalities within US.. you can share everything with me.. and I too.. because of you I get my old life.. now I feel my aliya is always with me.. may be by your presence..
Pragya get upset by that..
Ab: what happened?
Pr: nothing..
Ab; fuggi.. then about your promise.. you told me that I must do what you told me.. tell me what you want me to do..
Pr: the time for that is not yet arrived.. I will tell you..
Ab: k fuggi.. as your wish.. Let’s go..Dadi go to mandir and we can pick her on the way..
Pr: what dadi goes alone without me?
Ab: I think you don’t like to have a company with me..
Pr: why are you thinking so..
Ab: haa fuggi is it right hey na.. you are interested to go with dadi… not with me..
Pr; abhi.. you are talking and complaining Like a child..
Ab: acha.. so you are feeling I am a naughty child right.. k I will show you how strong I am.. he takes pragya in hand..
Pr: abhi what are you doing.. just make me stand..
Ab; no fuggi.. I must make you feel that I am like a matured person and have strength too..
Abhi make her sit in car..
Ab; so let’s go..
Pr: where?
Ab: how much questions you will ask.. it’s difficult to answer for all that.. so just be patient…
Pr: it’s better you as kadoos.. but now I can’t tolerate you.. you are eating my brain..
Ab:laugh aloud..
Pr: don’t laugh like that..
Ab: really fuggi.. you are too cute when you got irritated… I like to do that..
Pragya smiles..
Abhi stopped his car where he got pragya first the accident plot area and get down..
Pr: why are we here?
Abhi: do you remember this place..
Pr; no..
Abhi: this is the place which you got accident..
Pr: so you are doing all this to make my memory back and make me to leave from your house..
Abh: what are you talking?
Pr: haa.. I knew.. I was thinking that why you become so friendly with me. Now I got it..
Ab: fuggi.. you just mistaken me.. I make you to come here.. if you got any flashback..
Pr: haa.. I knew it if I got my memory back by that I need to go from you… and Look at him…. and from dadi..
Ab: no fuggi.. if you don’t wish to go.. you can stay with us.. no one will make you away from us without your permission.. pragya hugs abhi..
( Allah warriyan plays) abhi consoles him.. purab reached three and sees them and smiles..
Pu: abhi.. it’s bad to have romance at road..
Pragya get shy..
Abh: purab it’s not like that..
Pu: no need of explain..
Ab: purab you are thinking wrong..
Pu: I told you no explanation is needed.. and hugs him.. I am happy abhi.. it’s after a long time we are meeting again.. and you even don’t talk with me in phone.. only you call me to get details of pragya…
Pu: hllo pragya. I am purab abhis friend.. I am police officer too.
Pr: hllo purab.. I knew everything..
Pu: thanks pragya.. I knew its because of you I can see my older abhi.. Ab: how you knew that?
Pu: tumara dadi.. tumari jaise nahim hei.. we both are always keep in touch.. anyways why you both are here..
Ab: just.. for a drive..
Pu: acha.. so things are going that way..
Abhi bring purab to a distant away from pragya..
Ab: arey bhudhus.. we are not like that you think we are just friends..
Pu: then what about that hug..
Ab: vo just trying to console her..
Pu; hugging become a way to console right.. actually I don’t knew because I am busy in duty..
Ab: purab stop teasing us.. let’s go to her..
They both comes near pragya and watched her.. as she is looking some spot..
Pu: pragya.. do you remember anything..
Pr: no.. I am just looking at that flowers..
Abhi; purab are you joining with us.. pu: no abhi I am in duty now.. you both go and enjoy.. bye abhi.. bye pragya.. meet you soon..
Abhigya smiles…
Ab: so let’s go fuggi…
Pragya noded..
Episode ends..
So Guys what you all think about this story.. what will be its future.. and till now we don’t come up on the day which pragya mentioned on the first episode.. what is the importance of it in this story.. is abhi too have feelings for pragya.. for all this stay tunned

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