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Next morning..
Abhi is sleeping in his room.. pragya came to his room.. and removes the curtains.. sunrays fall son abhi.. but there is something spl in it because in the glass of window.. Prague did glass paintings.. so rays coming to him gave a pleasant atmosphere.. abhi slowly open his eyes sees pragya going and gets up with a smile by feeling it…
Abhi gets up and touched her paintings and smiles.. pragya who is hiding behind the door watch this and smiles.. how cute he is while smiles.. abhi gets ready and came for breakfast… pragya has prepared all his favourite… aloo Porotta.. sabji… and pragyas special coffee.. but he didn’t take it.. he takes bread and butter and goes.. pragya get upset… abhi return back to her..
Ab: thank you chashmish.. for making my day good..

Pragya get stunned he goes..
Pr: oh god.. he talks to me.. but what he called chashmish.. anyways my plan is working.. kadoss.. soon I will make you better… pragya smiles..
Dadi: pragya is your plan works..
Pr; not fully.. but it works..
Da: what do you mean?
Pr: Dadi let wait and watch.. you can feel it.. dadi smiles..
Pragya goes..

Da: sometimes I feel a rear connection with her.. a connection which cannot expressed in words..
At evening.. abhi returned from his office he is calling someone in phone and coming…
When he reached his room in th a shock he ends the call.. as his room is full of aliyas and his photo… abhi look at each and cries… he takes a photo and hugs it…
Ab: aliya… I really miss you a lot.. I always try to forget you… that’s why I changed myself.. because I can’t live without you.. and cries…
Abhi sees pragya standing near the door.. and he knew its pragya who did this..
Abhi calls her.. she comes near to him..
Ab: thanks chashmish and hugs her… ( Allah warriyan plays)…

Abhi broke his hug..
Ab: chashmish.. what you did for Me really less my pain.. do you knew after her death.. it’s me who take away every photos of her… because to forget.. for me it’s difficult to live with out her.. in these days I am struggling for this.. but today.. when I get into my room I feel my aliya is here with me.. I can feel her.. he smiles.. pragya was really lost in his smiles..
Dadi sees abhi smiling..

Da: beta.. and hugs him.. I am really happy today as after a longtime I am seeing this smile… the smile which you lose after her..
Ab: no dadi.. from today onwards you can see the old abhi… as my aliya is with me.. she around us and watching all this.. she will be get sad by seeing me like this..
Dadi: kissed him.. this is what I need.. for this I am waiting… thank god..
Ab: this thanks is not for god.. for chashmish.. and he look around… he couldn’t see her… and go to check her.. he looks her everywhere but couldn’t find.. at last he sees her standing at balcony looking at moon.. he sees tears from her eyes..

Ab: (in mind) may be she thinks about her family..

Ab: uh.. uh.. pragya wipes her tears as she saw abhi.. so chashmish.. can we be as friends…. and forward his hands.. and smiles at her..
Pragya looking so confused slowly place her hands..
Ab: so from today onwards you will share everything with me.. even the reason about this tears… pragya is looking at abhi in surprise… don’t look me like this chashmish… and he goes.. pragya watched him..
Pragya by looking at moon..
Pr: today I saw someone’s innocent love… I can feel that too.. may be I must have someone like this.. who really miss me.. but who are they? can my destiney make me reach at them..

Next day…
Pragya came into abhis room.. and sees him sleeping.. she place coffee on table and goes..
Ab: hey good morning chashmish..he gets up from bed.. and sits take coffee and have a sip..
Wow… what a coffee.. so you knew how to cook right… k I need my favourite aluporotta at breakfast and make it fast as I need to go quickly..
Pr: sorry.. I can’t..
Pr: yesterday I make it.. but you take your favorite bread and butter.. So today also have the same..

Ab: ohoo.. so you are taking revenge on me right for not having the food which you specially made for me..
Pr: who told you that I made it for you.. it’s for dadi..
Ab: chashmish.. do you knew to whom you are talking..
Ab;to a police officer… soon he realized what he Told.. as he is not an officer and he don’t wish to do that job.. pragya sees abhi upset.. pragya sits beside him.
Pr:I will make food for you.. but under one condition..
Ab: condition..
Pr: haa… I will tell it later.. but give me a promise that whatever I told you will do that..
Ab: I feel something fishy in it.. but it’s your first request so I will and smiles..
Pr: so come fast as your breakfast is ready…
Ab: what?

Pr; haa.. already I make the same for you..
Ab: then this promise.. so you are a great dramebazz right..
Pr: may be and goes..
Abhi get ready and came for breakfast.. dadi is already waiting for him..
Pragya serves food..
Ab: chashmish.. why are you standing there? Come and sit with us..
Pr; no I will have it later..
Ab: no it’s my order he takes a plate and serves food for her… they all chit.. and chat at the time of breakfast… and abhi leaves..
Da: thanks pragya… because of you all this happens.. I can see my old abhi..
Pr: no dadi my mission is not yet complete as.. I will make him back to the job which he loves at first and which he hates now..
Da: but it’s a difficult task..

Pr: but dadi he really loved that job.. now too.. but he can’t realise that.. and he can’t trouble anyone or any others life because of that job.. that’s why he hates it..
Dadi; you are really God’s gift. For us… and hugs her..

so friends.. how pragya make him realise all this.. is abhi returned to his job.. what is pragyas destiney.. for all that wait for me… as this is important message to everyone…
I am taking a small break now… I will return on only at Saturday… as I have exams on this week.. Saturday morning itself you can read this update.. I knew all are waiting for other ff… I will post it soon..

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