Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for all your love and support.. actually. It’s not an ff.. when I started writing in it.. I thought it as a os with 2 parts.. but.. it’s make me as to write ff.. and I knew all of you want to see abhi as police officer.. so I am going to take the story as that level.. so let’s get into story..
Abhi is going to office as this is his first day.. when he started to opens the door.. she get surprised by seeing purab with DGP.. abhi salutes him..
Ab: sir.. aap here…

Pur; abhi.. are you going to talk with us by making us stand outside…
Ab: oh sorry.. gets in sir.. welcome to my house..
Pur: good morning prays.. can we get abhis spcl coffee.. pragya smiles.. abhi looks at purab.. they 3 sit at living room..
DGP: abhishek. We came here talk something serious..

Ab; of course sir..
DG; Abhishek.. I am going to give you your first assignment… first case.. it’s not a simple one.. as I choose because I knew you can do it.. and one more thing.. as no one knew that you are going to joined again.. expect me and purab..
Ab: k sir you can tell me…

DG: abhishek.. as by IB reports.. terrorist gang is going to plan a new attack on our city.. we came to knew about the spot where these groups is staying.. we can’t be a direct fight with them. As the area they are staying is such a spot where police can’t enter there directly.
Ab: so you are telling I must get into their troop.. in fake identity..
DG: yes… but that’s not easy.. we have choosen a house in that area.. by staying there we can do our mission.. but there one problem as there.. they will not provide house for bachelors…
Pragya came there with coffee..

Pr: sir I can help you in that..
Ab; fuggi… what are you saying?
Pr: haa. Abhi.. if I came there as your wife then there will be no problem na..
DG: that’s good..
Ab: no sir.. that’s not possible.. I can’t bring her in it..
Pur:abhi what’s problem as she is ready then?
Ab: wait I want to talk with fuggi…
Abhigya goes to room and locked the door..
Ab: fuggi are you mad? Don’t you knew its seriousness.. it’s highly risk..
Pr; haa.. abhishek..
Ab:are you playing with your life..
Pr: no abhi.. as you are with me.. nothing will happen to me.. then why should I fear.. I just thought to help you..
you are my journey, you are my destination too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
you are my god, and you are in my prayers too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.plays..
Ab: do you trust me this much..
Pr:I trust you even if my eyes sees you are wrong..
Abhi hugs her emotionally.. pragya too..
Ab: sorry…
Pr: it’s k.. but you agreed na..
Abhi smiles…
Pu:what’s your decision now..

Ab; haa… k..
DG: so purab and abhi with pragya are one team.. if you need any help just call me..
Ab; k sir.. abhi and purab Saluted him..
Dg: so purab are u coming
Pur; no sir..
Dg; k bye.. he leaves..

Pur: thanks prags.. it’s all because of you everything happens.. actually you have some magic with you.. because of your magic that abhi is falling in your words.. both abhi and pragya look at each other..
Pur: but if we goes then what about dadi..
Ab: we Will send dadi to dasis house..
Pr: ya..
Pur: so by evening we are going to shift our house.. to vasanth nagar… but before that there is something.. we are ordinary man.. so we need to buy some ordinary shirts and sarees..
Ab: sarees for you..
Pur: don’t crack such stupid jokes.. that’s for prags..
Ab: and one thing you are my Brother there so you don’t call her as prags.. call as bhabhi..
Pur:oh that’s really difficult.. as how can I call such a beautiful girl as bhabhi..
Ab: k then what about bulbul..

Pur: bulbul.. who is that?
Ab: purab.. don’t act too much.. as fuggi told everything to me..
Pu: what is this prags..
Pr: sorry.. as he doubted as..

Abhi look at pragya..
Pur: what doubted.. what doubt.. acha.. ohoo.. so you thought that way..
Ab: purab.. I actually didn’t thought like that.. that’s all fuggi ki imagination..
Pur: fuggi kaa aur tumara.. they started to fight pragya Leaves..
At last..
Pur:abhi can I ask you one thing..
Ab: haa.. bolo..
Pur: do you love prags… abhi turned his face..
Ab: what are you talking purab.. I love her.. no yaar we are just friends.. why do you ask like that..

Pur: sometimes when I see your understandings.. feelings.. between you both I feel so.. but truly speaking you both are perfect jodies.. made for each other..
Abhi smiles..
Abhi and purab reached home after shopping..
Ab: fuggi.. fuggi.. where are you..
Purab gives all dress which they both purchased…
Pur: just opened it and tell how’s our selection.. and can you find among this one is selected by abhi.. pragya look at each one.. and shows a pink Saree..
Pu: amazing.. how can you find that..
Abhigya smiles each other..
Pu: is this answer for my question..

Oh one minute.. one main thing.. gives her magalsutra.. you Must wear this..
Ab: k.. get ready fast.. as now rickshaw will come we need to go there..
Aftersometime rickshaw reached..
Purab takes things and place them on rickshaw..
Pur: abhi where is prags.. sorry bhabhi.. wait I will check.. abhi knocks pragyas door..

Pr: haa come in.. abhi sees pragya struggling to wear mangalsutra.. he help her in wearing it around her neck.. pragya look at this in shocked…
Ab; k done.. come fast.. why are you looking me like this.. ( abhi doesn’t knew the meaning of such things) as they both leaves.. abh; wait.. and take something and come in front of pragya..
Pr: why are you standing like this.. it’s getting late..
Ab:you forget main thing..
Pr: what?
Ab: symbol of married women.. abhi fills her hairline with kumkum.. pragya closed her eyes.. and cries..

Episode ends..

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    ok chechi, remember that i am waiting for the next one. post soon dear.

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