Hello everyone.. let’s go to story directly..
Pr: what you accepted it..?
Ab: haa fuggi… I have promised you that I will fullfill your wish.. and I accepted it not only for you..I thinks it’s what aliya.. wanted may be she chose you for that.. your words are just like aliyas..
Pr:anyways I am happy.. I can see you in police uniforms
Ab:but it’s not possible as soon because I have resigned that job and it’s difficult… to rejoin..
Pr:wait a minute.. pragya takes her phone and calls someone..
Pr:I will clarify all that just wait for someone…
Ab: who is that?.. oh it’s purab..
Pr:smart boy you found it..
Ab:there is no need Brian for that because there is no one connection with you other than us..
Purab comes and hugs pragya.. abhi get jealous..
Ab::acha.. so you both are getting more company than me..
Pur: no abhi… it’s not like that.. actually we get company by chatting..
Ab: chatting.. how fuggi got his number.. ohio you take it from my phone right.. ( which means they have more connections than me.. is they both fall in love )fuggi you don’t inform me about this..
Pr: abhi why are you behaving as a child..
Ab: ( fuggi.. now u feel that I am as a child)

Pu: actually fuggi told me..
Ab: what fuggi ( fuggi you have that much freedom for him)
Pur:it’s because you always calls her as fuggi.. pragyas ( fuggi to prags)
Abhi are you listening for not… we get company for you..
Ab: what do you mean?
Pu: haa.. this is your appointment order..
Ab: appointment order..
Pu; yes abhi.. we both are trying for this as you are sincere officer we get spl permission..
Abhi hugs purab..
Pu: k join tomorrow itself.. I am leaving I have an urgent work.. prags I will text you.. purab goes..
Abhi sits in living room looking at phone.. pragya is trying to get his attention but abhi is neglecting her
pr: why are you behaving like this..
Ab: what is your problem now fuggi
Pr: haa that’s true.. I don’t inform you all thins.
Ab; no fuggi.. I have no problem with that because that’s all your personal matters who I am I to stop you and interfere in your personal matters..
Pr: abhi what are you speaking.. you are nothing for me.. you have no rights..
Ab; is that what you are showing na.. pragya started to cry.. abhi can’t afford her cry..
Abhi site near her.. and puts his hands on her shoulder.. fuggi.. I just.. are you crying.. he wipes her tears.
Pr: Has.. if you stop talking like this.. and behaving like this..
Ab; I just.. as that I feel that you are more company with purab than me.. I feel..
Pr: u feel jealous..
Ab: who told that.. I am not such a person to get jealous nn
Pr: but I can see that in your face.
Ab; no fuggi there is nothing in my face.. I knew you are trying to change the topic..
Pr: really.. suddenly a sound from pragyas phone.. abhi looks curiously as he has doubt on that..
Pr: this purab na.. always like this..
Ab: what happened..
Pr:he is so silly person always ask me suggestion about his dress..
So what I am thinking is right.. fuggi and purab have strong relationship..
Pr: abhi.. what are you thinking.. I feel you have doubt in our relation..
Ab:no fuggi..
Pr; no you are telling lie.. actually he is asking about the dress because he is going to propose someone..
Ab: what..
Pr: ya he loves bulbul..
Ab: bulbul who is that?
Pr:she is the person whom he met accidentally fought and at last fall in love.. abhi was blushing now..
Pr: it was first time I am seeing someone who was this much happy by knowing about his friends love..
Ab ( fuggi you don’t knew reason for that)
Pr: abhi I need to tell you something..
Ab: don’t you need permission for that..
Pr; no abhishek.. don’t tell this to dadi.. we will plan surprise for her..
Ab; k done.. dadi comes..
Da: beta you came this much fast..
Ab: haa
Pragya leaves to take coffee..
Da: abhi you changed a lot.. now.. now you talk more with pragya.. always be with her.. I knew you came this much fast to knew about what she needed to talk to you.. abhi are you in love with her..
Ab: no dadi what are you saying.. I am In love with fuggi..
Da: so I mistaken both of you.. I feel you both are in love..
Ab:what you feel that fuggi in love with me..
Da; what is the need of knowing about it as you don’t love her
Ab:just tell me dadi.. suddenly pragya came with coffee
Pr: dadi nowadays you are too much company with god.. and not with me..
Da:you have no problem na.. as you got new company
Pr: dadi what are you telling.. the bond which I have with you is not what I have with him.. you are spcl for me.. abhis face got dull..
Ab; dadi I will be back..
Abhi sits in balcony.. so I am not spl for her.. she is not enjoying my company.. but what dadi means.. if fuggi really loves me or not.. if so.. if not so.. if so.. if not so.. what is this abhi why are you crazy for her..

Next morning..
Abhi gets ready with police uniforms.. I will first go and meet fuggi.. she will assess my look..
Pragya is actually waiting for him in her room
Pr: I knew you will came to meet me
Ab: who told that.. I don’t came to see you..
Pr: really this is my room
Ab; haa.. I just came to check of dadi is here or not..
Pr; k.. dadi is not here.. you can go now.
Ab: this fuggi bi na.. showing too much attitude now..
Pr: really I like to tease him like this.. she calls abhi..
Pr: abhi you look perfect in this uniform.. pragya takes the cap from his hand and placed it on his head.. she salute abhi.. abhi smiles..
Pr; abhi… today you are going to start a new journey of your life.. be with truth and fight for justice..
Ab; wow.. you are telling philosophically…
Pr:sometimes when we talk about truth of life.. the person who hear this feel like telling philosophy.. abhi can I have one selfie with you..
Ab:of course.. but till now you didn’t take one with me.. is that because of your respect to this uniform.
Pr; no because I am seeing the old abhishek mehra.. I respect not the uniform.. I respects you commissioner..
Abhi smiles.. they stand like side huggingly and take a photo..
Pr:abhi I will introduce you in front of dadi..
Ab: introduction
Pr: come with me.. pragya enters dadis room..
Pr: dadi I have a surprise to you.. I have given you a promise na.. I will return your beta just as before now look this.. abhi came in front of dadi.. dadi started to shed happy tears and hugs abhi..
Da: pragya.. I don’t have a hope that you can do this.. and hugs her..
Ab: what are you telling dadi… it’s me take a decision but you are congratulating hern.
Da: haa.. she promised me and she fulfill that.. she tells that by making a company with you.. she will do this.. now she proves it.
Ab:( so fuggi do this much for dadi.. that’s why she is spl for her.. so her friendship company with me all are for the same)abhi is looking sad..
Ab: dadi I am leaving.. he takes dadis blessings.. and went out of room..
Pragya calls abhi..
Pr:abhi… you are also special for me.. abhi look at surprised.. I started your friendship not only for dadi.. it’s really for me.. and I am really enjoying your company..
Ab: fuggi… how do you read my heart..
Pr: if you have a truthful.. lovely heart.. you can hear the heart beat of others and understand that too..
Abhi thinks something..
Ab; if that so.. you can understand everything in my heart.. my every feelings..
Pr; may be..
Ab: ( if she understood my love for her)
Pr: abhi you are getting late.. see you.. have a good day.. abhi smiles and leaves..

guys really so sorry for not updating nafrat ki love story actually I have uploaded it yesterday before the ff one day shot -7.. it was posted in some other page.. I have posted it again.. I hope tu will post that soon.. and due to navarathri.. I will keep books for pooja.. and not able to update next shot for next 2 days.. as if you keep book.. you don’t write or read something… I will try to upload one more episodes today itself.. have a nice day…

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