Hello everyone.. I am little bit late with new episode na..k no extra talking now.. we are going to start at the point where we ends

Ab: do you knew what all things goes to my mind by this.. I don’t knew how I reached here.. if anything happens you so.. holds her shoulder.. he get stucked.. by what he said.. pragya look at him in face of going to question him something..
Suddenly dadi comes.. by looking at dadi.. he gets up and goes out..
Da: pragya what happened to him?
Pr: actually dadi.. he says that he will call me at every 20 minutes to knew about my condition.. my phone was silent and I feel sleepy.I didn’t see the phone ringing.. he get tensed that’s why..
Dadi smiles..
Pr; dadi are you smiling.. don’t you knew how much he anger on me..
Da: ya I knew everything.. I knew you both starts to fall for each other..
Pr:dadi… what are you telling.. nothing like that.. we are best friends that’s it..
Da: soon you both will realise… she smiles and goes..
Pr: dadi… I knew I love him a lot.. but I don’t knew what he thinks about him.. and what I am doing is bad.. it’s he the reason of my life now.. I have no right to be love with him..
Scene shifted to abhis room.. abhi is standing in front of a mirror..
Abhi looking into it.. abhishek.. what are you going to tell her.. that you started to love her.. love her presence.. love her talk.. love to share whole life with her.. abhishek.. don’t you think about her.. what she will be think if she knew that… she behave freely with you… but misuse the freedom which she has given to you. It’s better you change your mind.. otherwise there is chances for your fuggi going away from you..
Abhi remains silent… no.. I can’t.. I can’t tolerate.. that.. it’s he behind my smile.. behind my life now.. no I am not loving her.. there is no love only friendship…. if you too loves her.. but hide that feeling.. abhi remain silent for a long time.. after sometime he remembered something and went to pragyas room.. he sees her sleeping.. he sit beside her.. and touch at her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes..
Pr: abhi…. abhi takes some medicine and give it to her along with water.. she have it.. abhi leaves.. pragya holds his hand..
Pr: abhi… are you still at me abhi?
Ab: who I am I to anger on you..
Pr; so you are nothing for me.. they both have an eyelock..
Ab: I am not anger at you fuggi.. you just take rest.. if you need anything just call me..
Pr: abhi.. what are you trying to speak when dadi is coming to room.. ab: me.. nothing.. they both understand that it’s not true.. abhi goes.. and sits in his bed..

Pr: today I can feel your love in your eyes abhi..
Abhi whose in his room.
Ab: fuggi.. I will hide myself.. from you.. I will not look into your eyes.. because that eyes are haunting me a lot.. but I love you fuggi… more than myself….
Pr:abhi… I love you a lot.. more than myself.. I wish my day starts and ends with you.. my life will be beautiful with you.. I wish to live at least one day with you.. if my life ends with that I will be happy..
Ab: I wish to spend my whole life with you..I wish to melt myself in your love.. but..
Pr: but.. if my wish keeps you away from me…. I will hide it in myself.. as I knew that you will not accept me..
Abhi and pragya falls in sleep..
Next morning.. someone knock at abhis door..
Ab; come in.. actually he is still at sleep.. pragya moves the curtain..
Ab: dadi.. mujhe sone dedo naa.. dadi… please look at pragya.. if she enters to kitchen don’t allow her..
Pr: abhi… abhi..
Abhi opens his eyes.. and sees pragya..
Ab: fuggi.. what is this.. you gets up.. and enters in kitchen.. he make her sit and check her fever..
Pr: abhi.. look I am fine na..
Ab: who told you that.. you need rest now.
Pr: abhi.. it’s small fever but you are treating like something more..
Ab: oh really.
Pr:haa.. take this coffee.. and come fast I have prepared breakfast…
Ab: k.. he again started to sleep..
Pr: abhi.. abhi covered with blanket so that he can sleep.. pragya tried to remove.. but abhi.. is holding it so Tightly.. pragya is now fighting to remove blanket from his face.. in that falls she suddenly falls over him.. abhi holds her..
Tu meri jaan plays.. they share an eyelock..
Pr: sorry abhi.. galathise.. mujhe..
Ab:it’s k..
Pragya goes and abhi gets up..
Ab: oh abhi.. what’s bathameesi are you doing..
Abhi gets down from stairs.. sees pragya talking with abhi.. she is smiling.. abhi is enjoying her beauty.. dadi who sees this..
Ab: haa dadi…
Da:what are you doing there.. as it’s a long time you are looking at her..
Abhigya feel awkward..
Ab: nothing like dadi..
Da: k… let’s sit and have it.. after breakfast..
Ab: dadi.. I am going..
Da: haa..
Abhi in louder: dadi I am going..
Abhi in some more loud: dadi
Da:abhi what is your problem.. why are you shouting like this..
Ab:kuch nahim.. ( actually pragya is not minding her that’s why he is shouting )
As abhi leaves..
Pr; suniye…
Ab: what??
Pr: would you please come to home early today..
Ab: what is the spl fuggi..
Pr: I will tell you.. at evening will you..
Ab: k I will..
Abhi leaves thinking what fuggi want to tell
Episode ends..

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