Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for all your comments.. let’s go to the story..
Abhigya is going on car..
Ab: fuggi.. what are you thinking now?
Pr: nothing..
Ab: no some jadussi is going through your mind..
Pr: jassussi..
Ab: haa.. because I don’t knew there is something with you which make to change myself do as you tell.. are you hypnotizing me..
Pragya laughs..
Ab: why are you laughing..?
Pr: haa.. the great abhishek mehra have feared me..
Ab: way.. I just talked like that.
Pr: really..
Ab: haa that’s it.. tu pagal ladki Hein.. if I too talk with you I will be pagal..
Pr: don’t worry abhi.. actually you are… abhi abhi just stop the car..
Ab: for what?
Pr: just do what I say..?abhi stops the car..
Pr: that’s the good boy.. I need icecream from there..
Ab: icecream..
Pr: haa.. k abhi goes to get it..
He goes… abhi gives icecream to Pragya. Galo..
Pr: but what about for you.. wait I will brought one.. she takes his wallet and gets out.. fuggi.. I don’t want.. you come back.. While crossing she turns.. it’s k.. she is crossing..
Abhi calls fuggi.. she didn’t listen.. suddenly she sees lorry coming close to her and get shock.. but abhi holds her and both falls down on each other.. they both have a eyelock.. a old lady going sees this and while going says.. oh bappaji.. world changed a lot look people starts doing romance publicly.. by hearing this abhigya get into sense..
Ab: fuggi why are you like this? Do you have eyes.. what is the use of this chashma.. if anything happens so.. May be like this that accident too happen.. stupid senseless girl..
Pr:I will not happen anything you are there na..
Ab:comedy.. come with me.. they goes to brought icecream..
Pr: this is for you.. she starts eating..
Ab: why are you looking like this.. may be the icecream melt faster by your anger.. have it..
Abhi starts to lick icecream.. abhi starts to laugh..
Pr: why are you laughing?
Abhi came close to her.. and rub her nose as there is icecream on it.. but this closeness stops pragyas heart beat..
Abhi; let’s go..
Abhigya reached house by picking dadi… all goes to respective room..
Pragya who looks at moon..
Pr: chachuji.. app sab patha Hein na.. tell me whats all this.. why my heart always goes with him.. I knew what I did is wrong.. I have no right for that.. but chahuji.. please.. change my heart do some magic.. I knew you will be with me na.. goodnight.. she smiles and goes to sleep.. abhi comes calling fuggi and sees her sleep..
Abhi make her wear blanket and said goodnight fuggi..
Next morning…
Abhi gets up.. and look at clock..
Ab: oh god.. it’s too late.. why this fuggi.. don’t call me.. abhi get ready fast and come.. good morning dadi..
Da: good morning.. and gives coffee.. and takes a sip.. dadi where is my fuggis coffee.. and where is she.. I don’t see her today.. she even don’t wake me up..
Da; abhi she is not good.. she has caught fever.
Ab: what fever… he goes to see her..
Abhi opens the door and sees her lying on bed.. he come and sit on bed and touches her forehead.. pragya opens her eyes..
Pr; abhishek..
Ab: fuggi.. it’s heavy fever.. come let’s meet doctor..
Pr; no need of that abhishek.. it will be alright after sometime.. you have an important meeting today na.. so don’t waste time and go..
Ab; no I will cancel it and sits with you..
Pr: are you mad abhi.. no need go for meeting.. if u wish come to home after attending it.. but you must go now..
Ab: no fuggi how can I..
Pr: abhi…
Ab: k.. but I will call you.. you must pick up my call.. k
Pr: haa pakka baba.. you go all the best.. abhi goes hesitantly… pragya smiles..
After 15 minutes her phone ring…
Pr: haa abhi..
Ab: are you k na?
Pr; haa baba.. you just go na.. within this short time nothing will happen..
Ab: k… I am going to conference.. call you later..
Pr: this abhi bi na..
Dadi: what happened to abhi ?
Pr: dadi your beta is impossible.. do you knew he just go to office within 15 minutes he is calling me and talks about my condition.. it’s simple fever but looking at his Nervousness I think I have caught some other disease.. dadi smiles..
Pr; why are you smiling dadi?
Da: I am watching you both in these days.. as you both are not like before.. before you both are more company with me.. but now each other.. and you both care about each other I think you both love too..
Pr; what love?
Da: haa.. as friends.. ( dadi knew that pragya caught her point and we can see her reaction too.. she did it purposefully )
After one hour.. pragya is sleeping…
Her phone rings..
Pr: Haa I am perfectly.. please muje sone dedo na.. within one hour you called me more than 4 times are you doing meeting or not..
Ab: haa fuggi I am in meeting.. but your health condition disturbs me.. and sleep now I will call you after 20 minutes take care.. ends..
Pr: after 20 minutes.. she falls sleep.. without her knewing.. her phone falls in silent mode.. she was in deep sleep.. abhi calls her after 20 minutes she is not picking up.. he called more than 10 times.. abhi starts to get tensed.. he calls at dadis phone.. as dadi is watching tv.. she didn’t hear the sound of phone ringing at her room..
Ab: why they both are not picking up my phone..
Pa: sir…
Ab; I am going home.. you manage it..
Pa:but sir abhi goes… abhi drives car rushly.. in over speed and reached home and sees dadi… watching tv..
Abhi switched off tv.
Da:what happened abhi.. abhi is in peak of anger and goes to pragyas room.. as he is opening room door at great sound pragya gets up..
Pr; abhi.. you come back soon..
Abhi in anger..
Ab: what are u thinking of yourself.. you can do anything.. do you feel I am fool..
Pr; what are you talking abhi…
Ab: haa… I called you more than 10 times.. you even don’t picked it up..
Pr; I am so sorry actually and took phone.. oh no it’s on silent mode.. so sorry abhi..
Ab: do you knew what all things goes to my mind by this.. I don’t knew how I reached here.. if anything happens you so.. holds her shoulder.. he get stucked.. by what he said.. pragya look at him in face of going to question him something..
Episode ends…

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