Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all your love and support…. let’s move on story….
Abhigyas engagement function ends beautifully with their nok.. jhok.. romance and cute fights with purab.. that day was quite memorable day for both of them.. as function ends.. all guest leaves.. abhi keep on searching pragya..but didn’t found anywhere at last he found her.. she is standing in balcony looking upon sky..
Ab; fuggi.. why are you standing here.. do you knew I searched you everywhere..
Pragya smiles.. why are you smiling and standing alone.. we all are there in living area… and have a fun..
Pr; abhi.. sometimes we need some loneliness too..

Abhi move closer to her.
Ab; what happened to you fuggi..
Pr; nothing I just..
Ab; no fuggi… something is bothering you to the core..
Pr; nothing like that abhi.. I just thinking about my life.. my life till now.. where it starts and where it going to end..
Ab; it’s only going to end in me.. as I have only the right for that.. abhi placed his hands on her waist..
Pragya smiles..
Pr; yes that I knew…
Ab; then why are you thinking so deeper..
Pr; abhi.. sometimes person need some time to erase all the bad things happened in our life..
Ab; fuggi… are you thinking about sid..
Pr; no abhi.. why don’t I think about him.. as he is no one for me.. and for me only you dadi purab and bulbul are there in my life..
Ab; then..
Pr; nothing abhi.. why are questioning like a police officer..
Ab; because I am a police officer that’s why..
Pr; but you have no right to question me..
Ab; why?
Pr; do you knew who I am.. I am the fiance no.. wife of Mr. Abhishek mehra.. you need special appointment to talk with me..
Ab; really. May I knew is your husband too need such an appointment..
Pr; actually husband not need that.. but fiancee need it..
Ab; it doesn’t bother me..
Pr; why?
Ab; it’s you who told me na.. you considered me as your husband on the day I make you wear mangalsutra and fill your hairline..
Pr; so.. abhi pulled her closer to him.. pragyas heart started to beat fast.. she started to shiver.. she is sweating a lot.. and abhi smiles by her prank…
Ab; you are getting affected by this silly action… then it will be fun for me to see your action if you get to knew what I am going to do next.. abhi smiles evily…
Pr; abhi just stay in your limits…
Ab; yes I am staying in my limits darling..
Abhi is moving closer and gap between the both started to decrease..
Pr; abhi.. I told you.. keep away from me.. I will call dadi..
Abhi; smiles.. you can call dadi.. if you wish darling..
Pr; ( why he is calling me like this. ).. don’t he feels that how much his closeness affected me..
Ab; I knew fuggi.. as which extend that my closeness affects you..
Pr; abhi… dadi.. abhi turns pragya just push him away and tried to run
But abhi runs and close the door..
Pr; abhi.. I just want to go..
Ab; k you can go.. I don’t tied you anywhere na..
Pr; but you are standing in front of door na..
Ab; you can make me move right..
Pr; abhi..
Ab; actually fuggi… I don’t have any bad intention… but when you have such so I can’t make you upset na..
Pr; so..
Ab; so… abhi walks forward and pragya walks backward..
Pr; abhi… stay away from me..

Abhi smiles.. pragya get hitter by wall.. abhi locked her in that position by placing her hands.. abhi holds her waist and pulls her closer.. abhi started to kiss her neck.. and slowly he move towards her lips.. abhi place his lips into her and started to enjoy it.. pragya holds his shoulders tightly.. as abhi goes more intensively.. pragya holds him so tight.. she closed her eyes.. and they broke their kiss as they both need some oxygen to breathe..
Ab; now how you feels..
Pr: feels.. you..
Ab; tell me if you are not comfortable.. then we can try one more time..
Pr; what one more time.. abhi smiles.. pragya get shy.. she escaped by moving her head below her hands.. and she rushes out..
Abhi sits on bed smilingly..
Pragya came to living room..
Bul; di where are you.. I told Bhai to
Call you na.. where is he.. abhi came..
Ab; I am. Here.. this fuggi too arragont that she will not come as she need someloneliness.. so I want to work alot to bring her here..
Pu; what type of work.
Pragya look at abhi in shock..
Ab; work means by talking and making her to agree with me..
Bul; k.. di.. we are discussing about your marriage..
Pr : marriage.. that to this must fast..
Abhi look at pragya in anger..
Bul; di.. you just look at Bhai… his face get dull when hear that from you.. this much sudden..
Purab smiles..
Pu; yes prags. actually may be I will get transfer… so I wish to see your marriage before I am going away from you both..
Pr; what purab.. you will get transfer.. no purab. If you go away from us.. then there will be no fun.. please try to cancel that transfer..
Pu; I am trying for that prags..
Ab; purab.. what about your engagement and marriage..
Pu, abhi.. I talk with her family as they need 1 year they felt that their daughter is not grown much to get married.. but I agreed with them as they are saying true.. look at her.. she behave like a child na..
Bulbul get irked..pragya placing her hands on bulbuls shoulder..
Pr; not only too behave like a naughty kid..
Purab smiles..

Episode ends..
Sorry guys I. Knew its really small.. but next time I will upload longer one..

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  1. u r making me so excited .. that too i really can’t manage all your three ff ! what didi u r killing me like this ! Too good and so cute the update was ! And don’t need to be sorry di ! U r updating all the three ff na. so short updates are okay ! Don’t strain to much haritha di.

  2. Short n sweet honey dear n love u lot…

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    Eagerly waiting for nxt part di…

  4. its small…i agree…but sooooper asum. cool. just fantabulous.

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Goodddddd!!!!!

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    Super epic haritha. really u have some power thats y u killing us by ur writting. waiting for next update.

  7. Awesome chechi??I read all the three ff’s!Wonderful????love you❤️❤️❤️❤️️

  8. Hai haritha…this epi is too romantic ?

  9. Prathi

    Abhigya scenes were awesome!

  10. Saranya24

    Darlu u r killong me wit ur lovely ffs iam jst becmng mad love u loads?????

  11. very nice and cool epi..good going..

  12. Awesome dear…..
    Whats the problem to pragya because some change in pragya behavior…..

  13. Awesome! !!! But wat has happened to out prags???

  14. Awesome yaar too cute

  15. Awesome episode yaar really too cute n superb episode…

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