Hello everyone.. I knew all are waiting for this update… sorry for being late.. and thanks for such a wonderful comments… I think all like that funny scenes.. so let’s start from where we stops…
Dadi; stop it…
All stops their drama.. and look at each other and started to laugh aloud…
Da: -what’s all this.. is this my kitchen or.. and goes angrily…
Pu: this all because of you abhi… look dadi is too much anger..
Ab; it’s not because of me.. but you.. and fuggi.. what you did.. you threw flour on us..
Pr: it’s you who started right..
Ab; if I started anything.. then you will continue it right..
Pr; haa… abhi.. started to move towards pragya.. and hold his hands and drags her closer..
Ab: are you sure you will continue what I did..
Pr; abhi.. bulbul coughs..
Bul: we too are also here.. abhi came to sense… all take a fresh and comes.. sees dadi sitting..
Abhi came and place his head on dadis lap.. and lies on sofa.. dadi is not even looking him..
Ab: dadi.. are you anger on me..
Da; no..
Ab; then why are you sitting like this..
Da; because you don’t include me in that game na..
Ab; game…
Da; haa.. all started to laugh..
Ab; dadi… do you thought it was a game.. oh god.. I think Dadi.. you lose your brain.. no it’s because of fuggi.. I knew now you are thinking like her.. without brain
Pr; abhi.. what are you thinking that I have no brain..
Ab; I am not thinking it’s confirmed truth and hifi with purab..
Pr; ya that’s correct otherwise i will not agree to marry you and willnot love such an idiotic irritating person.. i will get someone better than you…
Ab; so you are thinking that you will get someone better than me… ha.. ha.. ha.. purab are you hearing that..
Pu; ya.. that’s really a truth na abhi… I don’t knew if prags did any sin in her previous birth to marry you..
Ab; acha.. purab this is cheating yaar… you must support one person.. standing in two boats at a same time is not good..
Pu; all things are good in war and love dear…
Bul; could you all please shot this stupid talk.. look the time now… purab what all things we need to arrange na..
Pu; oh bulbul.. I forget that.. abhi we both make plan of tomorrow’s program.. you both just check your dress.. all leaves to respective rooms..
Next day…
All really busy in engagement function… as abhi and pragya is getting ready in their room.. abhi is in golden and blue sherwani.. where as pragya is in blue and green dawani like outfit…
Pu: abhi.. abhi turns.. wow today my abhi looking very beautiful… may be it’s because of colours live added in his face.. abhi I really happy for you man and hugs abhi… come let’s go down..
When they both went out of the room.. they both sees pragya and bulbul who is coming opposite to them.. they both made a eyelock with their pair..
Pu: prags.. and hugs her… I am really happy for you dear..
Bul: let’s go down all are waiting for us.. abhi holds pragyas hand and goes down..
Dadi sees them and hugs both..
Da: do you knew.. it will be me.. who is the most happiest person in the world now.. it’s all because of you pragya.. it’s you who gave my abhi back.. you are the reason of his smile..
Pr: dadi.. what are you telling..
Ab; I think today my dadi too much emotional.. may be she is thinking about nanu.. too.. as how they got married.. Dadi get shy..
Pu; oh.. Dadi getting shy..
Ab; ya.. it was great story..
Pu: great story.. abhi please tell this to us…
Da; what are you talking.. is that important now..
Pr: yes that’s it..
Ab; k I will tell that story.. this is something different story guys.. it was an engagement day.. a big house.. arrangements are going on.. all are really busy.. a girl is getting ready… as today it’s her engagement.. it’s our dadi..
Pu; what’s great in it.. abhi..
Ab; hey man. Please let me continue.. the girl get ready fully.. and she stands up.. her fiancee has reached.. and it’s time for her to go to stage… but it was that time she came to knew that she loves someone else..
Bul; at that time how’s that Possible.. yes it was at that time when she feels that she is going to take a great step in her life.. she feels that she is going to lose someone..
Pr; someone.. nanu… but how he came in his life.
Ab; that’s the main twist in this story.. our nanu is the person who was the neighbour of our dadi and that too her master in college..
Pr; then what happened..
Ab; what happens.. engagement cancels..
Bul; how..
Ab; when all came to see bride.. she is missing…
Bul: so nanu too loves her right..
Ab: that’s the most turning point.. actually our dadi who dressed in her engagement dress go directly to. College where nanu is taking class to students.. she enters the class and stand opposite to him..
Bul: then
Abhi: k I will act as dadi.. sir actually I came here to tell you something it was during the last minute I found out that..
Nanu; oh… so you found out the answer..
Ab; answer… which answer you are talking..
Nanu; the one which I have you..
Ab; oh god.. look at him… I came To here by leaving all my family.. it’s my fault to love him..
Nanu; what you say?
Ab; can’t you hear.. she turns.. nanu turns and says are you loving me..
It’s not matter now.. as by seeing like this you can’t understand that then what to tell..
Bul; then what happens after that..
Ab; what to happen.. he too accept her..
All look at dadi..
Pu; oh dadi.. now I understand.. it’s from you abhi got all this…
Da: what?
Pu; this sentimental and romantic approach towards girls.. if I too knew that… I. Will really get someone better in my life.
Bul: what you told purab.. someone better which means.. as they started to fight..
Ab; just stop all this.. don’t you knew its our engagement day.. and it now we are not engaged..
Pu; oh.. abhi.. if we take some more time nothing will happen.. as prags is already yours.. and no one will take her from you.. abhigya blushes..
Dadi make both of them to sit on stage..
Purbul gave rings to abhigya.. and they both exchange their rings..
All claps..
Pu: so from today onwards… prags I am hand overing my abhi to you.. you can do what ever with him.. but I have one request… don’t leave him alone… always keep torturing him.. so that he came to knew my pain.. by placing abhis hand over pragya..
Bul: you purab.. I will kill you.. purab runs.. bulbul follows..
Ab: look how cute they are..
Pr; yes really..
Ab; not that much as US.. pragya look at abhi and smiles..
Pr: so abhi.. do you hear what purab said.. so I got full permission.. so you must obey my orders..
Ab; k mam.. pragya laughs and place her head on abhis shoulder..
Pr; abhi.. what I only need from you is this space.. this shoulder.. whenever I need it just to place my head on it and make me relax..
Ab; I will give my whole for that fuggi..
Pr; abhi.. do you knew actually not dadi it’s me who is most luckiest person.. to become a part of this family… and to get you in my life.. I will anything.. but I will not let you leave.. what I. Need only in my life is you.. as you are my life.. abhi sees tears in her eyes.. he wipes it.. fuggi.. why are you getting so much emotional… suddenly purbul came..
Pur: actually if you don’t mind all are looking you both.. you do all your romance after this function.. now let’s enjoy..

Episode ends…

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