Hello everyone I read all your comments.. I knew all are so sad.. sorry.. for that.. but what to do na.. I will be there here till November 15.. and I will be upload all my ff till then and go by ending this as I knew all will wait for me because you all love me alot.. but problem is that.. I am taking break for exam and after that.. study so.. don’t knew when I will come back.. so don’t worry.. I will come up with ffs.. os.. again… because how can I go away from my family.. so be happy.. and let’s move to our story..

Abhigya… purbul smiles.. suddenly pragya sees Dadi.. and goes and hug Dadi..
Pr: dadi.. miss you a lot..
Abhi also came and hug.. purbul take blessing….
Pr: dadi.. do you knew.. it’s you my best company.. without its really feel bad… I can’t share everything with any others.. so don’t go away from me like this. Abhi look at pragya..
Da; abhi.. don’t look like this to her.. she will tell everything to you too..
Abhi smiles..
Ab: dadi… I need to tell you an important thing..
Da: yes.. I too.. k first I will inform that… I have fixed your engagement and it’s on tomorrow..
Ab: what?
Da: don’t worry bride is pragya.. abhigya look at each other..
Da: what you both thought that if you both don’t tell this to me.. I will not get to knew that..
Pr: dadi..
Dadi hugs pragya.. I am really happy beti.. It was really my wish..
Ab: but dadi.. how you.. oh acha… so this is done by purab…
Purbul smiles..
Bul: but dadi.. why this much hurry..
Da: ya… they both are living in same house.. so it’s better na.. got married soon..
Pur: ya that’s right.
Da:I decided your engagement too on same day.
Pur: what? No dadi. That’s not possible..
Pr: why?
Pur: prags.. if we too do engagement on same day.. how can we both enjoy your engagement.. and I Will lose my chance to tease you both.
Bul: yes.. what purab said is right..
Ab: no… if the matter is like that we can arrange it on tomorrow itself..
Pur: abhi… not only that.. we have to talk to bulbuls family
Ab: k…
Dadi goes as she needed to do a lot of arrangements..

Pu:so.. what’s our next plan..
Bul: me and di is going for shopping and you both go and take necessary things needed for tomorrow..
Ab; but..
Bu: Bhai… just leave di with me for one day..
Abhi smiles… bulbul and pragya goes…
Pu: so let’s go..
Ab:I will not come with you..
Pur: why?
Ab; you don’t have an dress sense..
Pur: abhi is you who telling me that I have no dress sense.. look at yourself on mirror.. I don’t knew how this prags fall in love with you..
Ab: what you mean..
Pur; I mean that look your dressing style its all old fashion.. abhi look at mirror he too feels it..
Pur: ( in mind ) I think he fall in my trap… abhi today you are gone man.. abhi.. I am saying true na.. how gorgeous is prags.. and you.. do you knew if there is no bulbul I will surely marry prags as she is so beautiful.. abhi get anger.. don’t be anger on me.. I am just saying truth..
Ab: ya purab.. What you said is right.. I need to change.. so let’s go.. for shopping..
Pu: ya I will help you.. after shopping.. abhi and purab came to abhis room..
Pur: abhi.. I think they are on the way.. we will have them surprise by your new look..
Purab takes out all the dresses which he bought for abhi.. abhi you just wear it..
Ab: purab.. are you serious is this new style and is that suits me..
Pur: pakka.. abhi.. you will look like a rock star.. abhi thinks about their moment.. when pragya sees him.. she will get mesmerized by his look and they will share an eyelock everything..
Pu: (in mind ) poor abhi.. he is imagining how prags reaction… but he don’t knew what’s their real reaction.. abhi get ready fast..
Purab enters and sees abhi… abhi who wears.. silver glittering shirt and red pants with yellow pockets.. and a green coated back spets.. actually pant is old disco dancer style one..
Purab control his smile..
Ab: purab.. is this good..
Pu: oh my god abhi.. if prags see you like this.. she will runs and hugs you.. and will give a kiss on your
Cheeks.. abhi blushes…
Pu:you wait here.. I will check of they came and Will give an introduction about new look after that you must come..
Ab: k purab.. you are really too good yaar.. your are not my friend..
Pu: what?
Ab: I mean you are my best buddy.. my chunk..
Pu; k.. k.. don’t praise.. I am doing all this just to see you both happy that’s what I needed..
Ab: purab you are special no one will get someone like you..
Pu:( in mind) after sometimes you will surely change all this statement.. that I knew..
Ab: do you tell anything
Pu; no and goes.. when he gets out started to laugh aloud.. mean time bulbul and pragya comes.. and sees him smiling..
Bul: purab.. why are you smiling this much..
Pu: there is a surprise for you both.. if you sees that you both also laugh like this…
Pr: what you mean..
Pu: by controlling his laugh… k I will show you.. and calls abhi.. bulbul and pragya look at each other in confusion..
( now you all just imagine.. kabali.. rejini sir entry song.. our abhi too enter like this.. with stylish walk by playing with specs.. and come in front of them )

Pragya bulbul dadi all started to laugh loud.. and abhi in confusion looked them.. they can’t enjoy their laughter..
Ab; why all are laughing like this.. how I am looking its really good na..
Da: by controlling her laugh.. abhi what’s all this.. do you knew what we felt.. just seeing a joker in front of us.. and laughs..
Pr: what’s all this abhi… who told you to wear all this.. it’s really too bad.. I don’t like this.. I will only marry you if you promise don’t ever try to become like this..
Bu: yes Bhai.. it’s.. and laughs.. purab who is continosly laughing during all this time.. abhi look at him in peak of anger.. purab who feels that some danger sign started to run..
Ab: purab.. stop there I will kill you.. they ran into kitchen..
Abhi and purab ran around a stove..
Ab: purab I say stop there..
Pu: no abhi if you catch I knew my life is gone then..
Ab: I will not leave you purab.. you make me joker today..
Abhi gets some tomato and threw it on purab.. but purab escap from it..
Pu; poor abhi.. like you I too was policeman.. I knew how to escape from it..
Ab: I knew how to aim at you.. abhi threw another one and it falls on purab.. abhi started to laugh..
Purab who got anger.. threw eggs on abhi after that what happens was just a war.. both continue their threw with eggs and tomato when Pragya and bulbul sees this they came to stop their fight but at that time.. purab takes some flour and threw it on abhi and it falls on pragya and bulbul.. abhi and purab started to laugh by seeing their state..
Bulbul and pragya get anger and they too join in war.. and what happens there after that was not seen as with dust.. all in atmosphere only what hear is sound of some utensils..

Episode ends..

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