Hello everyone.. if there happens any delay.. please forgive me as you all na.. now I am dealing with 3 ff… that’s why.. actually it was my fault.. I must do it after completing one.. anyway it’s k.. let’s go to story..
Abhigya broke their kiss… pragya get shy…
Ab: I think now you may forgive me for what I do..
Pr: no..
Ab; why?
Pr: you have your me era na.. just go and spend time with her..
Ab: oh my fuggi is on jealous..
Pragya look at him.. actually it’s just to knew your heart as do you loves me or not…
Pr: you need that to knew about my love.. you can’t feel that..
Ab: yes… I knew just to confirm.. if my thinking is not right.. then..
Pr: I don’t knew when I started to love you. When I feel that I am in love… I tried to getaway from you..
But you become too close with me.. after that you tired to neglect me.. it really pains me a lot..
Ab: I too bear pain by doing that.. because I can’t stay away for single second from you.. that much I loves you fuggi…
Abhigya shared an eyelock..

Purab knocked the door..
Pur; I think now everything is fine..
Pr: purab you too helps him na..
Pur: sorry prags.. if telling lie is for good then..
Pr: k.. now I forgive you but not for next time.. pragya and purab hugs..
Suddenly someone press the calling bell..
Ya it’s their house owner.. swaminathan..
Swami: you three.. please go for this place soon.. I can’t give you this house to you.. I knew you both are police officers.. and the person for whom you hide your identity has known this fact.. please go away soon otherwise..
Pu: abhi.. let’s go soon. As this is their area.. we can’t fight with them as it’s their area..
Pragya get worried..
Ab: k.. let’s leave.. they trio leaves from there and same time goons reached there.. but couldn’t get them..
They reached at mehra mansion..
And sitting on living room..
Pr: it’s all because of me that plan failed..
Pu: what are you telling prags..
Pr: haa.. my past.. that sidharth..
Ab: what ever happens its k.. let’s think an another plan..
Pu:but abhi.. I think already they must have changed their hiding place now..
Pr: yes.. that’s correct..
Ab: let me trace it..
Pu: anyway it’s really late now.. I am going to my home..
Pr: you can stay here na..
Pu; no prags .. tomorrow is bulbuls birthday so I must do preparation for that..
Pr: oh that’s great.. purab.. do you make a chance to meet with her..
Pu: ya prags.. we can…
They gave a hifi and purab leaves.. pragya locks the door.. and sees abhi staring her.. pragya without noticing him.. goes to kitchen.. and make something.. abhi reached there and hugs her from the back.. abhi placed his head on her shoulder..
Pr: abhi.. what are you doing?
Ab: what I am doing now..
Pr:just leave me now.. I have some work..
Ab: ohoo.. so I am distracting you from you work..
Pr: yes..
Abhi broke his hug and sits on slab..
Pr: why are you sitting here.. go I will call you when food is prepared..
Ab; no.. I will sit here.. will not disturb you.. pragya continues her work will abhi is staring at her.. because of this she can’t work properly… pragya some how manages.. but actually abhi is enjoying all her tension and expression.. pragya somehow manages to prepared everything…
They both have their dinner..

Pr; k.. abhi good night.. and she goes to her room..
Pragya lies on bed..and she slept soon because this is most happiest day in her life.. and not only that.. from this day onwards she is not an orphan. Or anything as she has her abhi with her..
Abhi came to his room.. he can’t sleep today.. as his mind and everything is stucked with pragya… after 3 hours.. abhi is still awake goes to pragyas room.. and he sees his fuggi sleeping peacefully.. he touched on her hairs.. and kissed on her forehead.. pragya smiles.. as abhi turned to move.. pragya holds his hand.. actually she is still sleeping.. pragya placed her head over it.. as abhi didn’t wish to broke her peace full sleep.. he didn’t take his hand.. he sits near the bed.. looking at her and falls in sleep in that sitting position …
It’sMorning pragya wakes up and sees abhi sitting near her.. she smiles and make him lie down.. she gets freshen up and came with coffee…
Pr: abhi.. abhi just wake up..
Ab: some more time fuggi..
Pr: it’s already too late..
Ab: do you knew I slept too late at night..
Abhi make her sit and place his head on her lap..
Pragya cares his hairs…
Abhi sleeps..
Pr: abhi wakes up please.. and just call dadi
Ab: what happened..
Pr: as we came back na.. so dadi bi..
Ab: fuggi are feel uncomfortable when we both are alone here..
Pr; no nothing like that.. pragya moves away..
Abhi too goes closer to her.. and holds her waist..
Ab: really you have no problem..
Pragya get nervous..

Abhi moves his fingers through his hand from fingers to shoulder which make pragya more desperate..
Pr: yes.. I feel uncomfortable..
Ab; I knew that.. I have already called dadi.. she will come soon.. I knew fuggi you are really expecting something from me.. but sorry.. it’s all only after our marriage.. pragya chee and pushed him and he falls on the bed.. pragya blushes and goes out.. abhi smiles looking the direction at which pragya goes..
Ab: fuggi.. I will not make you wait a long for that as our marriage will happen soon..
Someone press the bell..
Pragya opens the door and sees a girl.. a beautiful charming one stands at the door…
Pr: may I knew who are you?
Girl: I am meera.. I want to talk with him..
Pr: him means..
Girl: with abhi..
Pr: who are you.. as it’s anything related to official matters.
Girl :no it’s somewhat personal.. so if my guess is right you are that person called fuggi.. I mean pragya right.. I will talk with you after meeting him.. she gets in and move towards abhis room..
As pragya is looking in shocked..
Episode ends..

I knew its little bit short.. sorry for that.. and my ff nafrat is on work.. I will upload it soon..

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  1. wow super dear………..

    that meera is bulbul ???????????

    short n sweet epi dear……..

  2. omg..ita an intrstng twist..i cant xpect…eagrly waiting for nxt update…

  3. Superrr…
    Now who is the meera???…waiting for nxt part dii

  4. Sandy

    Awwwwwww…. Such a sweet, romantic episode. Meera came in real ???

    Don’t be sorry dear I guess no one can manage 3 ff that too by updating regularly. U are the best I would say #keepgoing

    1. Sandy

      Is bulbul pranking pragya taking the name meera ???

  5. Awesome dear….. Another twist? Sema..

  6. Rithu

    I think meera is bulbul

  7. Sabeenia

    Omg………who is tis meera…????I think that siddrath was creating tis………

  8. superb dhi..Waiting for next

  9. B_Ani

    what is this twist chechi? i think it might be bulbul as u mentioned abt her…or it might be someone who is against abhi. its juzt a guess. anyways, i twas very nice chechi.
    love you and bye bye. post the next soon

  10. Awesome episode chechi??Wow!!meera interesting twist??Love you??

  11. Mukundraj

    really nice

  12. Saranya24

    Awesone darlu but meera entry is scarng hoping fr best love u????

  13. Superb yaar n its really interesting tat last onry s sema it’s really a shocking twist ohhhh God again some1 in abhigya’s life… Wat vl hpn next… Wat vl hpn next… Godddddd

  14. Cutiepie Achu


  15. Awesome update

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