Hello everyone… I knew all are really upset for pragya.. just read this episode and reach a conclusion… by yourself…
After talking with abhi.. both abhigya move towards their respective rooms… both are too upset and sad.. and lies on the bed thinks about each other..
The screen shifted to next morning where pragya is packing all her things.. her eyes are reddish.. by taking her bag she went out as sidharth has reached there to take her along with him.. and sees purab on living room.. she move towards him..
Pr: thanks a lot purab for giving some nice moments in my life.. I will not forget you… but I will miss you a lot.. convey my regards to bulbul.. I will text you.. do reply me.. pragya cries and hugs him.

Pu; prags you are really a good friend I will miss you lot.. and your special coffee too.. Prague smiles and cries.. abhi comes there.. pragya move towards abhi.. they both look at each other
Pr:abhi I am going.. thanks alot for everything in my life.. I don’t knew is this words are enough for all this things what you have.. you stay with me and support me in my tough times.. your dadi.. who consider me as her daughter and loves me a lot. I can’t inform dadi that I am going.. I think you will inform her.. once again thanks abhi… thanks for everything for coming to my life.. and giving some most memorable moments.. the moments which never come back if I wish too… and tell your meera that I will not interfere between you.. as I am going away from you.. to a distance of I wish so.. too I can’t come back.. they both look at each other.. ( tu meri jaan hei.. tu mera aruman hei plays )
Sid: anjali lets go all are waiting for you there.. pragya came to sense and look at abhi.. he didn’t utter a word.. she takes her bag.. and started to walk.. ( hamari aduri kahani plays)..
Suddenly pragya get stopped… ( guys is anyone have any guess)
Because abhi is holding her hand..
Pragya turned and look at abhi.. he drags her closer to him…
Pragya and abhi shared an eyelock..
Abhi holding her face.. close to him.. fuggi.. I love you… I wish to live my life with you.. I wish to spend my every seconds with you.. I wish to be melt with you.. will you marry me?.. this was a heavy shock for purab and sidharth.. pragya who has lost in her world.. hugs him in happines.. (itni mohabath taruga plays )
Pr: I too love you abhi.. I love you so much. I wish to share every seconds of my life with you.. you are my life and you are my love.. with you.. I am nothing..
Ab; love you fuggi.

Pr: love you too abhi..
Their hugs got broked by hearing sidharth voice..
Sid: what the hell are you doing Mr. Abhi.. don’t you feel ashamed to love someone’s wife.. yes she forget everything but.. you.. shame of you commissioner. I have hear a lot about you.. but I don’t knew you will fall this much..
Ab: yes I am ashamed of loving someone’s wife.. but I am loving my fuggi..
Sid: she is my wife..
Abhi gave a sudden slap to him.. because of that he falls down..
Ab: yes she is anjali that’s true.. I accept that but she is not your wife..
Purab and pragya got shocked..
Pur: what?
Ab:yes purab she is not his wife.
Pur: but you have told that you saw their Marriage photo..

Ab: yes I have seen their photo of marriage.. but it’s not after marriage it’s before marriage photos.
Sid: hey Mr. Commissioner I have talked you softly till now.. but now I will not.. she is my wife and I will take her along me..
Ab: wait.. I will agree you.. she is your wife… but before that you must gave answers to my question..
Sid; k
Abhi : question number 1:when your wife get missing and when your marriage got happen..
Question number 2:why don’t you file any police complaint about her missing.. sid remain silent..
Ab; k I will tell answer for this. Your Marriage and her missing take place on same day.. and she got missing just before the time.. at which your marriage is got happen. Is I am I right Mr. Sidharth rajvamsi..

And answer for second question… why you don’t register any case.. the reason is.. your fear.. fear for what.. fear about Her.. you are compelled to marry her just for money.. as you don’t knew that it’s her the heir of all wealth of her dad.. you thought to take away all his property by killing him.. and doing some foul play.. but fate.. you killed them in accident without evidence.. but her dad.. already has a bill in which clearly states about this.. so you decided to marry her.. when pragya came to knew this fact.. and got some evidence she eloped from there.. you don’t register case.. if she got in police hands.. you will get punished and reached here to take her back.. till now you escaped.. but now you can’t.. and sees police coming and arresting him.. they leaves.. when abhi turns sees pragya sitting at sofa..
Pu: abhi how you knew all this..
Ab: when he shows that pic itself I feel something wrong.. from that time onwards I started my investigation…
Pu: investigation when…

Fb shows..
Abhi lieing bed thinking about pragya.. suddenly his phone rings..
Ab: k… I will come there in 10 minutes.. without making noise he gets out and reached at the spot.. there he saw a man waiting near car.. he goes and place a hand on his shoulder..
Man; hello sir.. it’s me who called you. I am vinayak.. anjali sorry playas dad ki manager..
He tell everything

Fb ends..
Pu; then.. if you have doubt then for what are you waiting for..
Abhi smiles.. are you smiling stupid..
Ab:if there is no such drama.. how can we get entertainment and thrill..
Pu: so you did all this for thrill.. k look prags then you will get another thrill.. abhi look at pragya who is sitting on sofa without looking him.. he move towards her.. pragya gets up and go to her room..
Abhi comes and sees her sitting on bed.. he comes there.. she moved to Window..
Abhi came there. As she started to move he holds her hands.. and pulled her to him.. she get hited on his chest..
Ab: fuggi.. just look at me… say something..
Pragya suddenly gave a slap on his right cheek… abhi get shocked by this.. and smiles..

Ab: yes.. I knew I need this.. to play such a game.. please fuggi.. forgive me.. pragya is not looking at him.. fuggi please don’t remain silent… I. Can’t bear your silence.. I will do anything for you..
Pr:just go and tell all this to your meera.. abhi smiles..
Ab:so you are tensed about that.. actually it was just my plan to knew if you love me or not.. pragya raise her head and look at him..
Ab: actually yesterday.. I planned to tell you everything and confess my love.. but that Sidharth come between na… then what will i do.. I was totally mad at that moment.. I don’t knew its just like dieing when thinks about losing you.. I was not sure.. that’s why I don’t told you.. then after that.. I came to knew I saw you sleeping so..

Pragya comes and give him a tight hug…
Abhi too hugs him.. abhi place his hands on her face.. they both look at each other.. abhi sees her tears.. and wipes her tears. Abhi moves his face towards pragya and gave a passionate kiss on her lips.. pragya too respond to it..
Episode ends..

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