Hello everyone.. I think everyone like abhis medicine na.. so let’s continue to check about it furthur..
Purab: so abhi lets start our work.. purab came to meet pragya..
Pur: prags.. how is you.. are you feeling better..
Pr; I am k purab..
Pur: actually I came to tell about abhi.. I don’t knew do you knew about abhis love.. seriously I really get shocked by knowing.. I don’t knew how it happens.. but he hide this from that too from me.. do you knew about this..

Pr: no. Do you think it’s serious..
Pur: of course prags… look at him.. he shows at window.. where there sees abhi talking in phone by walking.. by sitting… by lieing on couch.. he is talking in too much happiness.. and he is blushing all the while.. pragya really get angered.. her cheeks get rosed.. purab laughs but hides..
Pur: prags.. look he is seriously got mad in her… otherwise he will not be..
Pr: I too feel so…
Suddenly abhi comes..
Ab:fuggi.. let’s go..
Pr: kaham..
Ab: I will make you meet her.. she too wishes to meet you..
Pr: what..? I don’t wish..
Ab; ya.. please fuggi.. she is really excited to meet you.. if you don’t come then she will be sad… I can’t see her like that…
Pu: so do you Need me..
Ab: no.. we both will go.. you can meet her only after I met with bulbul..
Pu: k..
Pr; but abhi.. you knew na.. for what purpose we have come here… if anyone doubt on us..
Ab: how will they doubt us.. actually we are husband and wife in front of them.. so if we go outside and meet anyone no problem. And if anyone enquired about it I will tell that it’s your sister.. what an idea hey na..
Pragya look at him in sad…
Ab; k.. I will inform meera.. we will reach soon..

Pr: meera who is that..
Ab: my love.. my girlfriend.. abhi goes…
Pr: now.. I have no other chance with me.. I must go with him.. but I can’t see him with any other girl… but I can’t tell it to him.. he is considering me as his best friend.. I must behave like that.. I must be happy for him too.. pragya… you can’t be happy.. but you can act as that na.. so pragya you can do it… so she started to get ready.. she took one Salwar… then
Pr: no… today you must not wear this.. and takes a Saree because she knew when she wear Saree first how abhi stare at her… you must get ready as most beautiful person.. when abhi sees me with that meera.. he must feel that I am better.. she takes a black Saree.. actually it’s net type material.. and she wear it as one layer.. abhi knocks at door..

Pr: I am coming.. pragya opens the door.. abhi was mesmerized by her look.. tu meri jaan plays..
Pu: wow. Prags today you look dashing..
Ab:(in mind ).. I knew fuggi.. why you wear this.. and the reason behind all this.. but just wait some more time.. after that..
Pr:hello… are you dreaming about meera..
Pu; meera.. who is she..
Abhi look at him.. oh.. meera.. his love.. abhigya leaves.. at last they reached at a restaurant… abhigya get down.. and opens the door of restaurant.. pragya is roaming her eyes to see Meera..
Ab: who are you searching..
Pr: looking for meera..
Ab: wait she is on the way..
Pr: k…

Abhigya takes a seat… pragya is really so tensed…
Ab: fuggi… what you want to drink..
Pr:as your wish..
Ab; k.. abhi ordered 2 lime juice. We will ordered all after meera came..
Pragya is looking around to see her.. abhi is admiring his beauty…
Waiter came with lime juice..suddenly it falls on her Saree.. pragya get anger..
Ab; you just go to wash room and wash it..actually it’s all abhis plan.. he need to do something…

Pragya goes.. but on her way she collided with someone..
Pr: sorry and goes..
Someone: hey… anjali.. stop there.. pragya didn’t hear that.. because she don’t knew the man is calling her..
Ab: hello.. is there any problem..
Someone : who are you to ask that.. it’s our family issue..
Ab: hello Mr keep your language how she become your family..
Someone : is she is your family..
Ab: haa..

Someone laughs aloud..
Ab: hey Mr. Are you mad..
Someone :not me it’s you.. that’s my anjali.. my…
Ab: your..
They talks something… after sometimes when pragya came there.. that someone goes..
Pr:who is that?
Ab: my friend..
Pr: where is your meera..
Ab: sorry fuggi.. she will not come..
Pr: why?
Ab: I can’t tell that now… lets go back…
Pr; but abhi.. as by seeing abhis facial expression pragya get too knew he was tensed.. and something make him sad..
They both are in car.. abhi is driving it.. they both remain silence.. pragyas mind is still thinking about the reason for that..

Pr (thinking ); what really happens suddenly… is there anything happens between them.. if that so.. I must talk to her to get knew about this..
They reached home.. abhi goes to his room and locked the door..
Abhi started to cry… hamari adhuri kahani plays..
Abhi remember about his moments with pragya…
Episode ends..

Precap:fuggi… do you go away from my life..because I can’t lose her for you…

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  1. Who is that someone . nice epi

  2. Super dear interesting yaaa

  3. Super dhi…eagerly waiting for next epi

  4. Princess Madhu

    Oh no…??? who is that? Plz don’t separate Abhi and Fuggi ?

  5. very nice. i loved this twist. actually this track is super awesome. i want to know who pragya is really. you created alot of suspense. see, can u recognise how over excited i am ….give the nxt sonn….dont make me wait my dear chechi

  6. Sandy

    SUppperbb dear, just loved abhi’s plans but i couldn’t see abhi crying

  7. Someone is past of pragya? Little sad haritha…. Abhi propose pragya on that time…. U big twist …. But interesting what happen next? Abhi will propose pragya?

  8. Pragya want to know his luv she only..make it lyk this way..i know that u never separate abigya..but this is my suggestion..2day is gud..who is that some 1..i knew that he said to abi..she is his wife…but don’t make it lyk this way…

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  10. Saranya24

    Wow nice darlu missed it a lot but waiting to knw tge suspense love u dear????

  11. Ohhhhh God who s tat some1 whatever twist n turns u HV bt don’t separate abhigya…

  12. Rithu

    Interesting dr

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