Hello everyone… sorry for this dealy lets go to story..
Pr: what about you abhi? Have you think about your girl..
Ab: me.. do you think I will fall in love..
Pr: may be..
Ab; ya.. may be I will..
Pr; abhi… are you feel jealous for purab..
Ab; jealous.. me.. no no way..
Pr; then why don’t you suddenly talk about this…
Ab: because…
Pr: because..???
Ab:I feel I am in love with someone..
Pr: some one?? (Abhi… how can you.. fall for some other girl)
Ab: ya..I thought by talking with you.. as you are a girl.. na.. so I can understand.. how is love for a girl..
Pragya was sad and too upset..
Ab: why are you silent..
Pr: I am just thinking about that girl..
Pr: good night abhi… I feel sleepy..
Ab: k fuggi. Goodnight..
Pra: who is that girl come between us.. actually I knew that this will happen.. that’s why I stay away from him. It was him who wakes up the feelings that is hiding inside me.. then how can he do like that.. I can’t bear this pain of losing him.. pragya thinks for a while.. but how’s that possible.. I knew it was his lie.. there is no girl like that.. if so.. no pragya.. there will be no one like that..

Ab; fuggi… ya.. I am in love but my love is only for you.. but I tell this to you.. as it was my plan.. I knew its works too.. within 2 days I can get result of it.. today abhi sleeps peacefully but for pragya that’s not like that.. it’s morning..
Pragya comes with coffee and give it to purab who is reading newspaper..
Pr: where is abhi ?
Pu: still sleeping.. pragya goes.. and sees abhi speaking in his sleep.
Ab; I love you.. I don’t knew how you will take this.. but it’s true I fall for you.. I wish to spend my life with you.. the day you came to meet me.. that day itself I feel something strange.. but I don’t knew what’s it.. but now I knew that is because you are born for me..
Pragya in anger calls abhi..
Abhi: oh fuggi.. you spoiled my beautiful dream..
Pragya was at a peak of anger and sad.. actually abhi is enjoying it.. and he did intentionally too..
Pragya place coffee and goes…
Ab: so my tricks started to work on you…
Abhi and purab came to have breakfast..
Pragya serves food and sit with them..
Pu; wow prags.. bhabhi it was too tasty..
Purab noticed that pragya is not at good mood..
Pu; prags.. what happened to you..
Pr: nothing just headache..
Pu: do you take medicine..

Pr; it’s purab it will calm by taking rest. I am going to sleep now.. and she goes without having anything..
Pu: Bhai.. prags is not well..
Ab; it’s simple headache na.. it’s not a big thing.. pragya hears this..
Pragya came to room..
Pr: now.. he has no problem if I have headache or anything.. when that day.. I have a simple fever what was his condition.. it’s because he was in love..
Aftersometime.. abhi comes to her room.. and touches her for head.. pragya gets up… and remove his hands..
Pr: I am k..
Ab; I just came to check if you have fever or something..
Pr: it’s not big thing na.. ( abhi control his laughter )
Ab; k take rest. He goes…
Pu: how is prags?
Ab: she is fine..
Pu : is her headache goes.
Ab: no.. it will not go easily.
Pu: what
Ab: haa.. how can it go.. without coming.. purab don’t get confused pragya doesn’t have any headache..
Pu: what you mean?
Ab: it’s all side effect of my medicine..
Pu: your medicine.. when you start practicing..
Ab: oh purab.. it was because of that I told her that I am in love..
Pu: what you are in love?
Ab: haa.. that was a great news.. and hugs abhi..
Pu: but abhi.. why prags do like this..
Ab:because she don’t like I am loving someone..
Pu: why?
Ab; :oh bhudhus. How can you get police job yaar..
Pu; don’t crack jokes at this time..
Ab: I am. Not joking.. telling seriously..
Pu; your seriousness are always joke.. let’s stop.. oh acha.. so prags loves you.. but you don’t love her na..
Abhi smiles..
Pu: acha.. aab samjaya.. ( now I understand ) it’s all your plan to checks prags.. so you love prags.. abhi that was a great news.. I am really happy for you both.. I want to meet prags..
Ab: no purab.. not time for that. Let me enjoy this for some more time..
Pu; but abhi…
Ab: please .. purab.. please stands with me..
Pu; k…
Ab: let’s make her more desperate.
Pu: but..
Ab: purab.. do you knew she looks so cute at this time.. when she get anger and frustrations on me.. lam really enjoying a lot..
Pu: k… they give hifi..

Episode ends..

Guys I knew it was really small.. now I have exams that’s why..

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