Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all your comments… love and support.. one thing I need to clear as abhi who don’t knew the importance of kumkum and mangalsutra.. so for him what he did is just to help her.. but his action Will bring a great twist at the end of the story.. so don’t think that they are married.. so let’s get into story..
Abhigya with purab reached a new place.. actually it was like a colony where houses are too close each other.. the owner of the house is swaminathan..
Swam; are you shanker… and shalu
Ab: yes I am shanker.. and this is my wife shalu..
Swam: then who is this?
Ab: this is my brother shanu..
Swam;I need all your proofs.. he checks all.. actually to stay here we need to get permission from ramji..
Ab; who is that?
Swam:he is our godfather.. he is kindhearted.. helping… nice person.. so first lets meet him.. they all reached ramjis house..
Swami:ramji.. they all are the new family who came to stay at my house.. ramji look at them.
Ram:swami.. do you collect all the details
Swami; ha they are nice person..
Ram:then you can stay in this nagar.. but one thing.. remember that… I love innocent people.. do anything for them.. but I don’t like cheaters if I feel so.. then I don’t how will I behave..
Ab; k sir..
Ramji ki pathni.. aagayi.. she sees pragya and came near to her.. and cupped her face..
Wife: what’s you name..?
Pr: shalu..
wife: is this your husband..?
Wife:you both are made for each other.. pragya signedabhi they both take blessings..
Rani:beti.. if you have no problem.. if you get time.. would you come here to meet us..
Pragya look at abhi..
Ram:sindhu please take her inside..
Ram: sorry as she is not mentally stable..
Pr:it’s k uncle.. I will come when I got time..
They leaves..
Swami: you both are really lucky.. ramji actually wouldn’t prefer some ones to enter in the house that too withunknown people .. abhigya smiles..
Swami leaves.. abhigya with purab enters the house..
Pr:so we got a way to knew about them in detailed..
Pur: what way?
Pr:I can go there if I wish.. so I can collect details also..
Pur: that’s really good.. but it’s really risky too..
Ab; no fuggi.. I won’t allow you to go alone there.. if anyone knew about our truth..
Pr:no abhi.. I Will look after that.. you both collect details from outside and I will do all that inside..
Pur: Bhai.. now by your company.. bhabhi too started to think and behave like you.. purab giggled..
Pr:purab do you need coffee..
Pur:ya your spl..
Ab: why don’t you ask me fuggi..
Pr: you will have it at anytime..
Abhi smiles.. now you become very smart.. pragya smiles.. and came back with coffee…
Pr:k what’s our first step..
Ab:fuggi.. you must collect the details about the persons in that house.. if there are someone hiding there.. so some secret places are there..
Pr:k I will do that..
Ab:but fuggi.. you must really take care about it.. if anyone get doubt on you..
Pr; no abhi.. I will..
Pur: so plans are fixed.. you both sit here.. I will bought food from outside..
Pr; no purab.. I will make it..
Pur; no today food is from outside..
Ab; purab.. I will also come with you..
Pur; no Bhai.. as this is new place so you must stay here..
Purab goes..

Abhi looking at pragya..
Ab: fuggi.. this sarees really suits you more..
Pr:achha.. are you trying to flirting with me..
Ab: flirting me..
Pr: haa..
Ab:I am just giving a compliment to my friend but you are thinking like that..
Pragya smiles..ab: actually it’s God’s mistake..
Pr: what?
Ab:you must birth like a boy.. but I think at the time of your birth.. he is sleeping that’s by mistake you born as a girl..
Pr: what is the reason for that?
Ab:you are behaving like a boy.. that’s why.. you are too brave courageous..
Pr; k you are thinking that.. boys are but girl’s not right..
Ab:ya.. you get my points so fast
Pr: k let me check
Ab: check how..?
Pr; if you fails then..
Ab; no fuggi.. abhishek mehra will never fails.. that too in this case..
Pragya come and sit near him.. and place her hands on his face.. and
Moves her fingers..
Ab:what are you doing..
Pr; just checking your..
Pragya moves her fingers abhi started to get tensed and sweat. She slowly unbuttoned his shirts.. abhi gets up quickly and moves.. pragya started to laugh loud..
Pr; look every man will lose their courage in front of women.. that’s their real weakness.. they are not brave to stand opposite to them..
Ab:ohoo you are proving that I am wrong..
Pr:haa.. what you thinks..
Ab: me.. kuch nahim.. fuggi you changed a lot.. the one which I first seen.. and the one which I am standing in front of my eyes are entirely different..
Pr; k let me ask one thing.. which fuggi you like most..

As abhi trying to answer for it.. purab came there with food.. after food they all go for sleep…
Pur:prags.. you take that room.. and we both will share one..
Pr:k.. goodnight purab.. goodnight abhi.. she closed the door..
And lies on bed.. looking at her mangalsutra..
Pr; I knew abhi.. you did this without knowing the importance.. but I knew the importance of this kumkum and mangalsutra.. I wish it happens in real.. if not also I will live with this..
Suddenly… abhi messages pragya
Ab:fuggi.. are you sleeping
Ab:can we talk..
Pr:haa.. what happened why are you not sleeping..
Ab; vo idiot purab hey na.. he is calling his lover.. so I can’t sleep..
Ab::fuggi are you thinking about me..
Ab:then what are you doing
Pr:I am just lieing on bed and thinking..
Pr:about someone..
Pr:ha someone who will be my future of my life..
Ab:so you are thinking about someone who is going to share your life.. (I wish that person may be me.. then I will be the worlds happiest man)
Pr; haa..
Ab; do you find some one..
Pr; no..
Ab; k till now.. we didn’t talk about this.. k tell me fuggi what is your concept about your husband.
Pr; husband.. he must be my.. best friend whom I can share everything.. if I feel to rest.. he must appear there by giving a space at his shoulder so can I rest my head on it.. his chest are world’s most safest place for me.. when I look into his eyes.. I must feel that we both are alone.. I must feel his presence.. everywhere if he is not there too..
Ab:fuggi.. that’s really different..
Abhi ( I succeeded in first step as a best friend.. but there are still so many step to reach close to her.. close to her heart.. to become her husband.. her love)
Pragya on the other side. ( actually abhi you have already succeeded in everything.. and for me.. today onwards you become my husband. My love.. ).

Episode ends.. hope you all liked this…

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