You Are The One (Chapter 9)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

It has been a week, she is continuously avoiding nearing him. He was totally drowned into his life’s most confusing phase. His focus is not going well with his existing personality. In addition to this, her ignorance, all unfavorable to him. His all thoughts make its way to the same end, every time, i.e. LOVE, n every time he dismissed the thought with a great strength n here now, she is pushing his last brick of protest against it by using the weapon of ignorance.

‘But y is she avoiding me? That day she was all ok with me, we were about to kiss, then what happened suddenly? Y is she behaving all strange? I have to find out or else it’ll make me crazy for sure.’ He pressed the button on intercom,

“Come into my cabin, immediately, it’s important.”

After sometime she stepped inside, lowering her head down.

“Take a sit.” He leaned back on his chair, observing her activities keenly.

“Y r u tensed, miss Rai?” He, calmly.

She kept mum like a statute, controlling her emotions inside that has developed all of a sudden, for the man in front of her. She was also going through the same pain of avoiding him against her heart’s wish. But, ‘u r here with a motive where there is no hearts n love like emotions lies on the way but only consciousness, which u have to maintain, always’ her consciousness remind her every time.

“Look at me, I’m asking u something.” He, little bit irritated by her silence n blank attitude towards him.

N she behaved like a stubborn girl, didn’t give any heed to him, thinking ‘don’t listen to ur heart, just go with ur motive. Don’t involve urself emotionally in it, u’ll get hurt n he also.’ n his anger n frustration crossed it’s boundary. He stood in front of him in a flash n pulled her by shoulder n made her face him. She was not at all ready for this sudden action n when he pulled her, her heart skipped a beat n then began to thud with a loud resonance.

“Y r u doing this to me?” He asked her in haggard tone.

She sensed the deep pain in his voice n his eyes too witnessed about his not-so-good condition. Her heart filled with immense pain n unable to see him like that she lowered her gaze again n her mind alert her,

‘Don’t flow with an unnamed emotion, it has no future. Stop, right away.’

‘But look at him once, don’t u think he also possess something for u.’ heart.

‘No, don’t be a fool. U know him.’ mind.

“Please say something, dammit. What happened that changed everything between us? Tell me.” He shake her.

“Leave me Sir, u r hurting me.” She, coldly.

“Answer me first.” He.

“What u want to know, hmm? Whats there in me? I’m just an employee in ur this particular business. Y r u dragging me in ur concern?” She burst out.

“Oh really, then let me tell u one thing, I never gave a damn to my any other employee, I never shared my beautiful moments with any employee, I never gave them any comfort n most important they never made me mad but u did all, only U.” He pulled her more close to him.

She felt immense pleasure, also in his iron grip but her consciousness alert her.

“That’s not my problem.” She used a harsh n uncaring tone.

N his mind took a turn of 360°. His grip tighten more n she winced in pain but it’s nothing compare to her inner turmoil.

“What did u say? Here, I’ve been going through a deathly hell just because of u n u r throwing this bullshit excuse on my face, like this.” He was shaking in anger n disappointment.

“What u want from me Sir?” She in a pained voice.

“Genuine answers, to my questions, Y r u avoiding me? Y r u behaving like this?” He rest his forehead on her.

“So,what kind of attention u want from me Mr. Sanskar Maheswari? Come on, let me know.” She blurt out in a tone full of sarcasm, unwillingly, n his grip loosened on her.

He was in a complete shock. Never in his wildest thought he have a thought that she will flung, this kind of ‘?’ mark on his face. Here, he was thinking about the heavenly feeling n there, she was talking about a ****, what the hell. He pushed her away, suddenly, in a deep disappointment n hurt, n she land on the marble floor with a thud. Before she could come out of her trance, a loud ‘bang’ entered in her eardrums n her eyes caught an image of blood streamed hand just a little away from her. Unconsciously she ran to him n took hold of his injured right hand

“R u mad? What have u done?” Her eyes filled with a pool of tears n throat blocked with a heavy lump.

“Y do u care, it’s not ur problem, right?” He mocked, keenly looking at her.

Now, her consciousness totally blocked n heart took the control over her.

“Y r u making it difficult for me to live my life? What name will u give to our relation, when u r already committed to someone?” She cried out heartily.

Now his mind got relief, at least he got an answer. She took off her scarf n wrapped it around his hand n dragged him towards the washroom, without giving any heeds to the curious n shocked stares.

“Get me a first-aid, fast.” She shot at a peon.

She dressed his wound n he remained quite without any protest because her concern, care n desperation for him, was giving him an immense pleasure he can die for. She was going on in her job when his one question froze her.

“Do u love me?”

N, the time stopped, there, for them. They lost in it.

“I think, I should leave now.” After a while, she broke the silence of the ages.

“Take ur time. I know, we both need time. But please don’t avoid me like that. I can’t take it.” He, in a serious tone.

Something ruffled inside her n she felt a current like something passed in her nerves. She felt warm blood rush all over. N she leaves, from there, in a haste. N he stood there, seeing her moving figure, from behind.


Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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