You Are The One (Chapter 8)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

He is resting on his chair, waiting for her. She was on a day leave which made him restless. She approached towards his cabin as soon as she entered inside the office as she got the message left by him. Finally, he heard a knock at the door. His heart fluttered, suddenly.

“Come in.” He tried to sound normal but he couldn’t able to suppressed his excitement in his tone.

N she entered inside with a gentle push on the glass door.

“Sir, u called me?” She.

“Please, have a sit miss Rai.” He point to a seat next to him n she followed him.

“Yes, Sir?” She twisted up her eyebrows but got no answer except his lazy stare over her physique in her formal dress.

“U r looking a bit different.” He said, still looking at her, “Ummm…..U clutched ur hair…. looking at ur puffy- red eyes, I can say that, u didn’t get a good sleep. R u on dieting? U r looking so pale n weak.”

His every words felt like a dreamy whisper to her ears.

‘Yeah, it can be a dream. It can’t be true, what I’m hearing. This is all rubbish, how can I differ this much in a day? Its crazy. N who is saying this, the loon head. Yeah, it’s definitely a dream.’ She smiled, a funny one. He looked at her, amused. He stood up n stepped towards her.

‘Oh god! in my dream also, he is in his usual character, coming near me n then…. doing weird things, pulling me, talking nonsense n all. Let’s see, what will he do next.’ Her smile widen more.

“R U inviting me, dear?” A heavy n husky voice hit her nerve n drag out to the real world.

Her eyes caught his smiling face. ‘Dreams can’t be this clear….that means….’

“Is it real?” Her eyes widen with affect.

“Let me clear this.” He kissed at her cheek in no time.

She kept her hand on her cheek in a extreme shock. She stared at him like that n he smiled back at her, a cute one.

“Want more?” He leaned forward to her n she cringed in her place.

Again, their heartbeats start to compete with each other. N their eyes met, in which some unspoken emotions were swirling around, they feel it n drown in it.

“U didn’t say anything, shall I take it as a positive one?” He whispered near her ears.

Thorny goosebumps spread all over her skin n she felt a heavy rush of blood all over. A warm heavenly feeling developed inside her. How much can his closeness affect her, she got the answer in a moment.

“Strawberry.” He said in a breath, rubbing at her lips, lightly, a soft push to her consciousness n she lost herself in his actions.

Her eyelids dropped down, slowly n he felt an intense n warm heat course through his nerves. She is ready for a kiss. His wish comes true. Delighted, he slowly closed the distance between their lips but at the nick of time, they heard a clear knock on the door. They jerked on their place n came out to the reality. Where, on the one side, her face dipped into the blood shade, he frowned to some unknown n extreme extend, on the other side. They composed themselves.

There appeared a tall n dark frame of a man.

“Sir, we got some progress in our process.” Man.

“What kind of?” He, bit irritated by his sudden arrival, there, when he was about to kiss her.

The man stood there, silent n Sanskar’s frustration stepped up to next level.

“Now, what r u waiting for?” Sanskar threw an angry glare at him n caught the man’s eyes on the girl next to him. He understood.

Ragini was enjoying inside seeing his situation but was also cursing to the unwanted interruption. Now she got to know about Swara’s situation. She felt pity for Swara n her own self.

“Miss Rai, excuse us for a moment.” He said her in a bossy tone.

Her blush faded with that. ‘Really, he is asking me to go out. Don’t he trust me? I thought he will send him out but it’s all opposite. I thought that man as a 3rd person without the knowledge of being a one.’ She huffed, ‘Be in ur limit. How can u expect anything from him? He is just a trouble, u have to sort out, for ur best friend, keep it in ur mind, clearly. He is committed to someone, without any emotion. He can’t love u. He will never give it a thought.’ She became shocked with her own thoughts.

“Love, really?” She whispered, looking at him n left the place but he heard, what she just whispered. His mind numbed with that n then, something broke inside his left side of chest, without making a sound, giving him a stinging pleasure, may be it’s the wall he has created around his so cold-n-strong heart, till now, n his mind registered a word with it’s feeling….LOVE. But still there is something left in him….lack of sense… understand clearly about it. Yeah, he is feeling unusual things but couldn’t specify it. ‘****’ He cursed under his breath for being in a state of dilemma, where there is nothing in his hand except, Confusion. He hated the word most in his life as he has created a perfect-emotionless businessman image of him in front of the world.

“Sir, we have a man, who worked there n he was saying that he can recognize the girl.” Man.

“So?” Sanskar looking at him blankly.

“Actually, we can put it at the end with his help.” Man.


“By making a sketch of the girl, but he want something in return.” Man.

“What he want?”

“Job.” Man.

“Go for it.” A smile creases on his lips.

“Now, I’ll get to know who u r.” He tried to cool himself, “After meeting u only my confusion will get clear.” He let out a sigh of relief.


Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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