You Are The One (Chapter 7)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

Its evening time. A new evening. She was standing at her apartment’s balcony, with a cup of coffee in her hand, thinking about the twist n turns, that took place in her life. Today’s morning was a most beautiful, memorable n unforgettable morning of her life. A light, little curve appeared on her lips thinking about that. She reminisce how they woke up in the morning, in each others embrace. Her face crimsoned with the flash of the morning.

‘What r u thinking Ragini? Don’t go to the wrong track. Focus on ur work. Don’t forget, y u r here for.’ A shadow passed by her face.

“Beep….” Her mobile phone start beeping on n a name flashed on the screen……Lucky. Her face glowed up seeing the name.

“Hey…” She.

“Where r u Rags? R u alright? Is everything ok? I’m trying ur no. from 2 days, where were u? U didn’t even…” a haggard, tensed n loud voice continued ranting from the other side.

“Hold on, man. How much, will u chant? Now cool down, take a deep breathe n release it, n let me speak.” She.

“Oh cut the crap n speak the hell out.” His annoyed voice come back.

“OK. I’m alright. Don’t worry , mission is on right track. Ur detective friend is doing her best to clear the mess. N one more thing, I’ll keep my promise, don’t panic.” She.

“U don’t have an idea, from what situation I’m going through. I don’t want u to do all this. I cant trust him. N swear to god, if anything happen to u, because of him, I’ll not leave that bastard.” He, in a serious tone.

“Hey champ, don’t say like that. Its ok. We r not only friends but best friends n there is nothing, we can’t do for each-other, right.” She cheerily.

“I don’t know what to say Rags, He was no one to me till yesterday but now he comes under my concern because he is related to the 2 precious gifts of my life.” He.

“Stop acting like gabbar, man, I can faint any moment by ur funny performance. Yuk..” She chuckled.

“OK. Mock me, after all, u were missing 2 days of ur mockery session.” He, in a childish way.

“Oww…how cute, my champ is sounding?” She, grinned more.

“ stop all this n please take care of urself. Meet u tonight, come to my cottage, we’ll be there. N yeah, dig a grave for him, not for self , M I clear?” He in a commanding tone.

“Yes boss.” She smiled n cut the call.

‘Really, I’m investigating about him. Oh god! n here my heart is about to went on another track. Tomorrow, I’ll not able to see him.’ She felt little bit sad. ‘What rubbish u r thinking about, girl, just come out of the gutter n focus on ur work.” Her consciousness drag her out of her unusual thoughts.


She stopped her scooty outside a wooden bar gate. A warm smile appeared on her lips looking at the red cottage. She opened the gate, entered inside n parked her scooty near a black Porsche. She brushed her hand on the paint of car with a glowing smile. She stepped forward to the main door n knocked at the door. After some time, a mid aged lady opened the door n they exchange a warm gesture.

“Where r they?” Ragini, looking around.

“In Laksh beta’s room.” lady.

“OK, Chachi, please get me a cup of black tea, I’m missing that badly.” She, childishly.

“OK beta.” lady smiled, lovingly.

Ragini stepped towards the Laksh’s room n when she reached outside the room, there was a deep silence inside. Nothing coming out. She pushed the door n entered inside.

“Ow…SORRY.” She turned around.

‘What the hell u stupid? What have u done? U disturbed the romancing lovebirds. Now, u’ll definitely gone.” She thought, shutting her eyes, tight.

“Hey, don’t u have a manner to knock at the door before entering into someone’s room?” A sharp, irritated, girly voice hit her from back, after a little while.

“Its ok Shona.” Lucky tries to pacify her.

“What ok? U just shut up, let me talk n please don’t interfere.” She.

Ragini cursed herself under her breathe. Actually, she entered inside the room when they were about to kiss, it was indeed a embarrassing situation for them.
N by Swara’s reaction she can understand how much she is disturbed.

For Swara, Ragini is a pawn she using against Sanskar to know about his weakness. Because this is the only way she can stop their marriage. Neither he is interested in this marriage nor she, they both clear about it but he is dragging this marriage thing creating a mess in their life. Y he is behind her when there is no such emotion between them, she is unable to understand. Being an only daughter she get everything she needed n she couldn’t refuse her father’s plea to accept the proposal. Her luxurious upbringing couldn’t able to spoil her but she is a little egoistic person. Sanskar is a total stranger to her. She never met him personally nor he tried to do so. She tried to contact him, meet him personally to clear the mess n stop the drama but every time she failed in her move as either he was in some meeting or was about to attend a meeting. It made her mad that’s y she planted her boyfriend’s friend Ragini in his office. She don’t have an idea about how strong n deep friendship they share as for her she is the only girl who have every rights on him. Yeah, she is little bit possessive about him.

“Baby, chill, let’s not waste the time on the silly things and talk about our matter, ok.” He, lovingly looking at her.

She nods in a positive like a child, with a pouty face.

“Don’t u dare to look too much cute or else I’ll not able to control myself.” He passed a naughty smile n she signalled him about someone else’s presence there, with a shy eyes.

“So did u get anything about him?” Swara.

“Based on my observation, he don’t have any weaknesses like affairs, addictions or anything else other than his aim of expanding his business to the great extend.” His intense actions flashed on her eyes while saying this.

“Is this all, u got working with him in this two months time. I planted u to know about his weakness n what u brought? All waste. Come on girl, here, I’m having a sleepless nights. Do something, anyhow I have to stop this wedding. I don’t want to be his trophy wife.” Swara, frustrated.

“Cool baby. Nothing like that will happen. I’m with u, always, don’t worry.” Lucky held her arms gently n made her sit on the bed.

“Give me some time, I’ll do something.” Ragini, in a soothing tone.

“How much time will u take, hmmm? Don’t u see we don’t have much time left in our hand. If u can’t do this then tell me, but don’t waste my time.” Swara, sternly. Laksh was looking at Ragini with a pleading face n she assured him with her eyes.

“Next months date has been fixed for the marriage, do something or else it’ll be not good for u.” Swara warned her.

“Stop it Swara…” Laksh was about to burst out but Ragini interrupted him in middle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give u a good news, next time.”

“U can go now.” Swara, looking at Laksh’s angry posture.

Ragini moved towards the door.

“Now, where r u going?” Swara.

Ragini felt strange n turn around but her confusion cleared as the question was throwing for Laksh.

“To drink something.” Laksh, in a cut tone.

Ragini moved out of the room n came to the hall, Laksh also comes behind her.

“What was that, Laksh?” She in an angry tone.

“She was overreacting for a nonsense.” He in a gloomy voice.

“But U love her, right, then support her. Show her what is right n what is wrong with love n care. N please don’t ever bring our friendship in between ur love life. It will cost us, u better know that. Be a man. Don’t behave like a caveman.” She.

“OK, Sorry.” He, held her ears.

“Ahhh…u stupid.” She frowned.

“Ha..ha..that’s for giving me a boring lecture.” He chuckled seeing her angry face.

“FOOL.” She.

“U too.” He.

“Arrr…kkk just get lost.” She moved out of there irritated.


Thank U so much for reading.

Sorry guys as I have planned beforehand I have to end it soon, let’s see, to how many chapters I can drag it.


Credit to: RSR

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