You Are The One (Chapter 6)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

He was lying on the floor of the deck looking up to the black-sparkling sky accompanying by tiny twinkling stars n a smiling-curvy half moon. He was here because he don’t want to do something stupid again. Everything felt tasteless to him. The night seemed long n tiring as his mind was completely out of its way. Again n again it was directing towards the thoughts of his newly found angel. N he cursed inside, as despite of having her close he wasn’t able to make her his. For the first time, he felt the feeling of helplessness. N then his conscience strikes him.

‘What have u become Sanskar Maheswari? A puny girl is making u that, what u r not. U r dancing on her finger tips. How could u? Just look at urself for once, did u ever in ur life, thought a single time for anyone’s comfort? NO. NEVER. N now, what r u doing? Spending restless nights just because to give her a peaceful sleep. Really? What about u? She don’t even think a good thing about u.’ His heart pained with the thought, ‘Y this thought hurts me? Y, what she thinks about me affect me too much? Y it hurts when I saw her in pain? Y can’t I do that to her which I desired of? She always poke at the nerve of my desires, Y I’m giving her that strength to ruin myself?’

The web of thoughts puzzled him more. More thoughts created in mind, more ‘Y’s stood up, more he become restless.

“Don’t u think, the place is not that good for a sleep?” She pulled him out of his trance, after a long time.

He looked up at her, she was standing there, looking at his lying posture, covered herself in a quilt. Today’s incident gave her a little bit courage to talk to him, face him. He smiled thinking about their breakfast, how her face crimsoned just because of a silly reason. his thinking warmed up with the thought.

“I have an idea, let’s check out whether it’s good for a sleep or not.” He smiled at her mischievously.

She stood confused for a while n then a blush covered her whole face. He smirked looking at her.

“R U going to sleep here?” She, in a low-stammering voice, again, after some time.

“Do U have some other plans?” His eyebrows twisted up n lips curled in a mischievous smile.

Her shade deepen more but she didn’t move an inch from there. He felt strange looking at her n his body posture change into the sitting position.

“Come here.” He gave her his hand.

She moved near him with her little steps. He made her sit near him n placed his hand around her shoulder, over the quilt. There occurred a deep silence between the two n their heartbeats spoke out loud. They could hear the thumping sound of their heartbeats, but unable to understand the reason.

“What happened? Tell me.” He, after a while.

“I’m not feeling like sleepy.” She in a low tone.

“Scared?” He observed her, yeah, she is, still. Its normal, after all, whatever happened with her, anyone in her place would have react the same. She kept mum n bowed her head a little. Something pricked inside his left chest. He pulled her, suddenly, to him so that her head rested on his chest. She could hear the rapidly increased beats of his heart. This time she didn’t feel any danger in his arms but secured. He caresses her hair, lovingly. It gave them a feeling of peace they needed, like from ages. She felt sleep arrived there to take her in its world n his wild heartbeats, sound like a soothing lullaby to her. She drowned deep into the world of slumber. He felt satisfied seeing her sleeping like a child, in his embrace n a wide smile spread on his lips. He, leaned back on his back, slowly n lie down, there, holding his innocent angel in his arms. His eyes caught the sight of the night sky. He felt the night as his life’s most beautiful night n the moon n stars adding more beauty to it. She tightened the hold on the collar of his shirt which she has grabbing in her hand. He wrapped his another hand, too, around her n tightened the hold. At last, he too fell into the deep sleep with a feeling of completeness.


Thank u so much for reading.

Again a short update, sorry. I’ll try to make it long in upcoming days as I have to end it soon. So, guys till then bear me like this.


Credit to: RSR

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