You Are The One (Chapter 5)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have any problem with the pair u can stop reading it. I know I again made u all wait. Sorry guys. n Thank u so much for the love n support.

“What did u say? I took an advantage of ur vulnerable state, right. Let me tell u one thing miss Rai, I don’t need to do anything with ur state of mind, if I want, understand?” He burst out.

She jerked up on her place n flinched in fear seeing him moving towards her.

“Now also I can do a lot of thing to u, u better know that, right?”He hold her arms harshly. She winced in pain. Seeing her state he lighten his hold n his gaze, change it’s shade. He cupped her face n made her look into his eyes, “Nothing happened between us. Trust Me.”
He observed the unconvinced shades passed through her face, by the time. It hurt him, somewhere, raising his anger.

“Look, if u don’t trust my words then let it be. I’m just fade up with all this things. U can carry on with ur thoughts. I’m out.” He left her there n went away to other side of the deck.

‘What the heck? She is accusing me, like really, ACCUSING ME, for physically ABUSING HER, when she was insane. What the hell, is she think of myself? M I look like a rapist? Oh yeah, based on her thoughts, I’m actually that..”


After she left the room, he drowned deep into the thoughts, whatever happened there, just a little ago. He knew she will do something like that, that’s y he arranged a resort staff to look on her every activities, without her knowledge. His suspicion confirmed, when she inquired about the transport facilities to Mumbai. Over the night, he booked a yacht n left the Resort using his power n position.

He was waiting for her, there, at the port, desperately, as he already has made a plan n was just waiting for its execution. He already got the information about her departure from the resort n waiting from the moment, like a mad.

Finally the cab halted at a distance n she stepped out. She was looking awesome also in the dullness of the light or may be it’s because of her strong impression on him. His heart fluttered inside, if it will run out of it’s place. He moved behind the yacht he rented, to compose himself. Its really an alien feeling, he was going through. He hate this but couldn’t do anything for it. When he looked back at her, she was on the ground. His steps moved towards her with an unknown but strong pull, without his knowledge. As the moment he came near her his heart fluttered inside n he felt uncountable butterflies in his belly. Somehow, he controlled himself. He wore a maskon th face, took out a small bottle from his pocket n poured the solution in it. Its chloroform. A little movement in her sobbing posture n she faint down but he was ready to give her support n she fell in his arms, before noticing his face.

He placed her on the bed n looked at her. An angel in a deep sleep. He admired her beauty, innocence for a long, like a dumb, even forgot to blink. His body, inch by inch, screamed out to quenched the thirst out of her delicate body, for once in all n close the chapter of his life’s uncontrollable n weirdest part. A sudden intensive heat course through his body making him unstable n there is only one thing which can stabilized him, her body. Defeated, both physically n mentally, he lounged over her n touch her soft n chilled cheek with his hard n hot one. His hand travelled around her creamy swan like neck n his head drown n lost there. His lips start to release its burning sensation over there. Its the very new n heavenly feeling, he never felt in his life, before. He felt complete because there is an angel in his arms, he desired of or say he got a heaven in her warm n soft angelic touch. His movement stopped at the moment he felt, a taste of blood. Yeah, he gave her bite in his lost state n thank to that his trance broke.

‘Shit! what I was going to have done to her, ****? How, in the hell, I became so vulnerable to not even get a control over self? Damn.’
He composed himself n left the room without turning back.

The whole day n night passed like that. A girl whom he already fixed to take care of her, changed her clothes. She slept whole day n whole night, n he busied himself on other stuffs like roaming around n cooking but checked her up, once in an hour.
Today also he was there to check her, if she is up or not n an stupid idea struck his mind, he messed up the things around her bed. His prank succeed but cost him more.

‘I have done a lot of stupid things to make her safe from myself, even didn’t sleep n here she is accusing me. I wish, I would have done that, at least I haven’t felt the hell I’m feeling right now.’ He banged his hand on the steel bar.

“Umm…” He heard some stammering sound behind him. He turned to her.

“What now?” He shout on her.

“umm……” She.

“What?” He annoyed, she closed her eyes.

“Will u leave me or…” She flinched in fear seeing his fiery eyes n words stuck on its way.

He felt terrible. Her words made him mad, here, he was showing his ever-so-soft side to her n she is thinking something else n talking all nonsense, what the hell. Unknowingly, his hand grabbed a fistful of her hair from the back of her head n made her face him. He came into his animal form. Unable to think anything n bear his wrath, she start crying, like a child. His boiling anger evaporated by her reaction. Million dollar reaction, he felt, he got from someone. But now what to do, she was crying like hell broke out. He is in a state of dilemma.

“U want to go home?” He try to sound soft n she nod in positive like a little girl.

“Don’t worry we’ll be at home by tomorrow evening, so, for now, come, let’s go, have something. U need it.” He dragged her.

She followed him without any protest while wiping her tear with the back of her hand. He was about to had his salad when saw her tensed.

“Now, what happened?” He put down the chopsticks on the plate.

“I don’t know how to use it.” She showed him the chopsticks on the plate, without looking at him but her pink cheek spoke loud about her feeling of embarrassment. He chuckled looking at her state n the shade on her face deepen more. He captured the priceless moment in the back of his mind.


Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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