You Are The One (Chapter 4)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

She was in a deep sleep, lying on the middle of the messed up bed. She slowly open her eyes, after some time but couldn’t get a clear picture of surrounding. She felt exhausted, weird n lazy to do anything. N then reality strike her mind.

‘Oh gosh! was i dreaming all the while?’ Her head ache like hell, n she felt little breathing problem. She then observe the place, she was in, its a spacious, dark glass walled, isolated n comfortable room.

‘What the heck is this? What the hell I’M doing here? What is happening with me? Oh god, please help me.’ She startled.

“Good morning.” A familiar voice hit her.

“U??” She, shocked.

“Yes, Me. Were u expecting for someone else instead of me?” He in a husky tone.

She try to get up off the bed but couldn’t, as immense pain course through her sensation. He came near her.

“uh.uh, don’t stressed urself, it will hurt u a lot dea.” He carressed her hair.

“How did u know that what I’M feeling? What have u done with me? Tell me.” She, in a tensed tone.

“I wish, u would also remember the most beautiful, passionate, wild n hot memories of our night, but what to do, u were not in ur sense n I couldn’t control myself when I saw u, before me, on my bed, for a whole day n night. Now u understood, what I mean, right.”He leaned over her.

“What?” The word escaped in a breath.

“Don’t worry I already have made a schedule for today, I assure u, u’ll come to know everything, that has happened, between us, last night.” He buried his face in the thick-black-soft traces of her hair n inhaled the fragrance, slowly.

They remain like that, for some time, she in a shock n he in his newly discovered heaven. He came into sense by a sobbing sound n hurriedly looked up at her. She was sobbing under him, tears were pouring out of her tightly shut eyes. Unable to take it anymore, he stood up n left the place, in a haste.

She get up on the bed, with a difficulty n checked herself under the quilt, she was in a lingerie. A volcano like something erupted inside her throat, suffocating her. She cried silently.

After some time, a young lady, after a gentle knock enter inside, bowing her head down.

“Good morning mam, here ur dress n accessories.” She showed towards the trolley she brought,”Mam, Sir has send this for u.” She gave a note to her n left the place.

‘Get freshen up n come out.’ Written on it.

She crushed the note n threw it away. Her eyes shift to the yellow thread on the trolley. She got out of the bed, with a heavy heart, end of her red lingerie came down to her knee level. Never in her life, before, she wore such kind of clothes, in person n here, she doesn’t even have an idea about how her dress got change n where her stuffs now. She approached towards the bathroom with her broken steps.

He was standing at the iron barred edge of the deck, keeping both hands inside the side pockets of his ash colour trouser, with a light yellow half sleeve shirt showing his well build strong arms, wearing a rayban sunglass on, gelled up shiny black hair, all making him a perfect-handsome-he-man. He was facing towards the seashore, lost in his own thoughts.

It’s a sunny day, a blue sky where the thin layer of clouds were scattered over there. A fresh, steamy sea breeze was continuously passing through thei deck. The sight of the beauty is cable to capture anyone’s attention but his whole focus wasn’t there at all. He was thinking about all the weird steps he took, in a certain period.

First, investing his wealth in search of the voice-owner. It has been 6 months, his search operation is still on the process, all in vain.

N second, behaving like a mad, around his so called PA. Just only because of her he has done a lot of weird things, for the first time, in his life. For example, the kiss, which became as a forced one. He began to feel some alien feelings, which he wished to ignore, his lifelong.

“So, u r a criminal also, right?” His thoughts broke with a sharp tone. It’s her.

He turn around to face her.

“Beautiful.’ Escaped his mouth. His eyes glued on her. She was there in a light yellow, sleeveless, knee length dress looking ever-so-hot n gorgeous. She was waiting for his response but nothing came out except his deep, intense gaze.

“Might I think, I have been abducted here by u?” She again flung a ‘?’ mark on his face.

“Hmmm.” He composed himself, “Yeah, kind of, but it’s a bit different.” He smiled a little, making her confused. He approached towards her, took a hold of her hand n dragged her to a round table arranging there on the centre of the deck. He pressed the button on the table. After some time a mid-aged lady arrived there with a trolley full of covered delicacies, looking like a chef by her get up. She arranged all stuffs on the table n placed two square plates in front of them.

“U can leave now.” He ordered.

She obeyed his order n left the place. He uncovered the stuffs, a mouthwatering smell spread in the air. He served the salad on the plates.

“Would u like to explain me, what is happening here?” She was pissed off with his ever-so-cool attitude.

“Breakfast.” He mocked her. An irritated expression passed through her face.

“Hmm..If u don’t like to have salad then u can have sushi, I especially made it, for us.” He kept on his work of serving delicacies, took a bottle of wine n poured into two
wine glasses.

“Hello, u r pissing off my mind.” She burst out finally but nothing noticeable come out except his hands lift up with the glass.

“Have it, u’ll feel better.” He forwarded a glass to her.

“I don’t want.” She, frustrated.

“U will get, what u want, only if u cooperate well, with me.” He winked at her with his last word.

She scrunched up her face with a clear annoyance n took a hold of glaas.

“Lets make a toast for the special day of my life, miss Rai.” He lift up his glass, she followed him like that.

“There is some rules while drinking.” She was about to take a sip when he again interrupt her.

“I’M not a regular consumer, so I don’t have to do anything with all this rules n regulations, BOSS.” She stressed the last word.

“Impressive, u r still in ur ’employee’ character, but I like to inform u that u r an abductee here under my control, since 27 hours.” He leaned backward on his chair, looking at her.

“What??” Her eyes popped out.

“Now, if u want answers then do as what I say. Cooperate miss Rai.” He flung the words lazily, “OK, now, look into my eyes, there must be an eye contact between two beautiful persons n it’s compulsory when they r alone.” He twirled the content in glass, while looking deep into her eyes, she followed him. They took a sip, still looking into eachothers eyes. She was waiting for the skipped chapters of her life to be unfold, by him.

“U r really desperate to know about what happened between us, right ?” He teased her n got a sharp look.

“Oww..please don’t look at me like that girl, u r killing me with ur killer look.” He chuckled, she frowned.

He enjoyed every expressions passes through her face, making her more adorable n she on the other side was cursing him inside. She was unable to do anything other than tolerating him. Her eyes become moist due to helplessness, he noticed it.

“Nothing happened between us.” He broke the eye contact n said in a cut tone.

“Oh really, then what is this?” She showed him a bite mark on the crook of her neck.

“Are u mad? What a silly question is this?” He, in a impossible tone.

“Yeah, I’M a mad only because of ur deeds. U took an advantage of my insane state.” She cried out.

“What did u say? I took an advantage of ur vulnerable state, right. Let me tell u one thing miss Rai, I don’t need to do anything with ur state of mind, if I want, understand?” He burst out.

She jerked up on her place seeing him moving towards her.

“Now also I can do a lot of thing to u, u better know that, right?”He hold her arms harshly, she winced in pain. Seeing her state he lighten his hold n went away to other side of the deck.


Credit to: RSR

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