You Are The One (Chapter 3)


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Its like a dream. Her body becomes weightless, she felt like flying in the air. And in the next moment her flight took a halt on the soft, spongy clouds. ‘CLOUDS, really??’ she open her eyes slowly n observed the things around her. Its not her room but his. How she came here? She become tensed.

“U up, oh girl! u made all of us worried, in a little moment.” She jerked up, only to see Jared’s smiling face, with other 3 individuals, Mrs. Roseline Bernard, a middle aged businesswoman n Mr. Johan Stanley, a great businessman in his early 50s, Foreign Delgates, n the reason for her this state, the great Sanskar Maheswari.

“Sorry, I spoiled the celebration.” She, with a sorry face.

“Dont worry, preety lady, we’ll do it some other time. For now, just take rest, I think u r tired. We also need to take ur leave now.” Mrs. Bernard said in a caring tone.

“Yeah.” She smiled.

“Hey beautiful, goodnight, n sleep tight, n yeah, before that have ur meal properly. OK, bye.” Jared said lovingly, leaned towards her n gave her a small peck on cheek, “Get well soon dea.”

He left the room, after wishing goodnight to the person, who was there observing them keenly, with other two.

She smiled at his loving n caring gestures. Yeah, they became a good friends in a very little span of time. Its really surprising as she never shared something like this, before, with a new person. Her smile vanished suddenly, when her eyes met with a pair of narrow-black-infuriated eyes emmiting fires. Her throat dried out with the intensity of his gaze. She shivered from deep inside. His tightly fisted hands, cut straight posture n blood red face explained her that he is damn angry, n by looking at his demeanor, its cleared that she is the one who, now going to bear his wrath. ‘But y?’ She was unable to understand his conducts, over her. She paled as he stepped forward to her side. She hurriedly took a glass of water n act like drinking, slowly.

“Dont u think, ur so called friendship with that idiot is crossing its limits, baby?” He cupped her cheek with his one hand.

She coughed, coughed like hell that her eyes turned into red-watery-ball.
‘Baby! like really, what’s this all? God please help me.’ She prayed inside.
He, on the other hand, panicked seeing her current state. He took glass off her hand, kept aside n start rubbing her back, making her more cough in addition with hiccups, at the same time. Her state worsen by the time. Unable to think anything else, he cupped her face n kissed her on lips, as a shock treatment. But it was a very unfit step he took, as he began to lost himself in it, in her. Time stopped, for him. She pushed him hard on his chest but he is reluctant to let go off of her. His kiss become wild n fierce, her lips start bleeding. She struggled under him but he overpowered her.

“Knock..Knock.” At the nick of time, they heard a clear n gentle knock on the door. He reluctantly let go off her, n then saw the trembling figure on the bed. He approached to the door. Its room service boy with their dinner order. He was taking the trolley frrom the boy when she came from behind n stepped out of the room, in a haste.

“What the…….” escaped his mouth.


She was inside her room. All glooomy. Even after taking an hours bath, gargling n brushing teeth, for many times, she couldn’t able to forget the things happened with her, raising her frustration. Her eyes become red n puffy, cheeks tearstained, lips swelled up with a cut mark. She looked at her reflection on the mirror n shivered by seeing her own state. Disaster, she felt looking at her own self.
‘That man really ruined my self. I can’t stuck with him anymore. I need to finish my job asap, or else it will be not good for me.’ She thought for a while n start packing her small bagpack with limited stuffs. She inquired about the transport services to Mumbai n booked a bus ticket for early morning at 4. She threw a quick glance at her wrist watch , it’s 11:25 now . She let out a deep sigh.

She couldn’t sleep but walked here n there, restless. All the worst n destructive web of thoughts sorrounded her consciousness. She checked the door lock for many times. Even refused to take her dinner. Her heart was thudding uncontrollably, if jumping inside. She sneak out of the room in wee hour n walked out of there, with a long n fast strides.

Thank to Resort’s 24×7 services, she got out of there without much hinderance, n without anymore delay departed for the bus depo, by using resort’s transport facility. Due to the tiredness, she couldn’t able to explore outdoor beauty. She open her eyes when cab took a halt.
“Finally, I reached.” She stepped out of the cab, only to get a shock.
Its not something, can called as a bus depo but a port. Yeah its a port. But before she could get out of the trance, the cab ran away, leaving her there, alone. She was on the verge of crying. ‘Whats happening? What to do? Where to go, now ?’ She wasn’t able to understand. She looked around with a blank expression, still it’s gloomy around if night is shadowing over the day’s face, found no one, there. She collapsed on the ground n began to sob. Now what, she was in that position for a long, suddenly she felt someone’s presence near her, but before her teary eye could caught the picture of the person, her vision blurred, eyelids becomes heavy n mind stopped functioning. She faint, again in someone’s arms,


‘Any little moment can be a great lesson for the very life .’ They were unaware of the phase which they’ll gonna be experience very soon.

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