You Are The One (Chapter 27)

The day of marriage. Finally, Lucky n Swara r going to get married. After the end of almost all complications, everything seemed normal. Swara n Ragini became good friends, though Lucky n Sanskar doesn’t share anything like that, but Lucky was cleared about everything between Ragini n Sanskar.

Ragini was helping Swara in getting ready, in her bridal attire.

“Ragini, it would be better if u r also…” Swara, looking through the mirror.

“Bad idea. I don’t want to loose my liberty this early, please. U enjoy ur married life n drop ur ideas.” Ragini, blankly.

“Ragini, please don’t give her such speech otherwise she will run away from her marriage, for which she was ready to give me a SHOCK. Hfff.”

Entered Sekhar Gadodia with a querulous look.

“Papa.” Swara, protests.

“OK, sorry. Well, my princess is looking gorgeous.” He.

“But I’m not ready completely, yet.” Swara, giving a comprehensive look at herself.

“Really?” He, examining her heavenly attire, matching jewels, hair tied in a bun n no. of pearls around there, make over, everything, dazed.

Ragini chuckled, while Swara was miffed seeing his stuck expression. He got himself in a danger zone n changed the topic.

“Ragini, u also look on urself. Go get ready fast, it’s been ‘3hours’ u r working on her, now have some of ur own time.” He, stressed on the word 3hours n then his face dulled seeing the bride dipping down in a clear frown.

“Yeah uncle.”

Ragini giggled more, enjoying the situation.

“I think, I need to go now. It seems the weather is unsuitable for me here.” He left the place.

“U r enjoying very much, all the happenings here, right?” Swara, dramatically.

“What? Do u think so?” Ragini, faking her innocence.

Swara gave her a murderous look while Ragini made a puppy face.

“Now, stop annoying me n come on, get fast, I’m waiting.” Swara sitting in front of a mirror wall.

“Oh! heaven help me! U r completely ready girl, now, what u want?” Ragini, amused.

“What r u talking about, girl? I’ve to look stunning today n we haven’t worked on it properly. I want to give ur friend a high voltage shock, so do everything possible to knock him out, today.” Swara, excitedly.

“All right but ur plan of giving him a high voltage shock can be dangerous for his health.” Ragini chuckled n Swara frowned.

“Ok..ok, I’m sorry. Well tell me one thing, what kind of shock uncle was talking about.” Ragini, while kneeling down n fidgeting the saree pleats of her.

Swara closed her eyes tensed.

“Actually, after that news incident I was very upset with Lucky. He didn’t call me even after a long gap n my ego also didn’t let me do that. After a lengthy wait I got a call finally, but that was from Sanskar. I was shocked at first by his call but then he told me about him knowing about Lucky n my relationship n the plan. I was boggled with his statement. After that call, I became restless, couldn’t call Lucky because of my ego n no one was there, I found. After 2 days living in a hell of thoughts, my all patience broke off when I saw a wedding card. Now there was nothing left for me to continue the plan because the trap was already known of it n I confronted papa.” Swara took a deep breathe, “I told him that I’m pregnant with Lucky’s child.” She sheepishly.

“What???” Ragini’s eyes popped out in disbelief.

“I got a powerful slap from mamma for that, so don’t react like that.” Swara, childishly, placing her hand on her cheek, “Papa was on the verge of breaking down n Sanskar came there to rescue everyone from the mess. He explained everything about us i.e. me, Lucky, u n himself. N then they caught my lie n I got another slap.” She placed her other hand on the other cheek, “Mamma, Papa were shocked but Sanskar convinced them. N then whatever I’ve told u n happened there, that was all planned by ur Sanskar.”

“Oh please…n u know what girl, u r such a dumb.” Ragini, amused.

“Yeah, but not more than u.” Swara, with a clear indicative tone n stare, “He loves u a lot, like a mad, u know that, right? He cleared me about u n asked for my forgiveness, earlier. He confessed his mistakes n all facts clearly. N u know what, we’ve switched ur sketch with mine to trap him but it doesn’t affect him a bit, instead I witnessed a pure guilt for everything he has done with u n a pure love, for u.” Swara, seriously.

“I know, he changed a lot but I can’t jump into the pit again. I don’t have a gut to relive that mistake again. I won’t give him any chance, he have to earn it.” Ragini, coldly.

“U too love him, right?” Swara, in an investigative tone.

“Yeah.” Ragini, in a breathy whisper.

“Then what’s the problem? Y r u behaving like me, so adamant?” Swara whined.

“In this case, I have to be like this.” Ragini, with a smile, “Now, let me help u with this all. I also need to go for myself.”

The lights faint down n a milky flash of light spotted on a royal bride, descending down the stairs, accompanied by her mom n friend, Ragini. Every gazes stuck on the lavishness expending on the beautiful bride to add more beauty, but a pair of desperate eyes stuck on his pure soul, next to the bride, in an elegant blue saree.

“Oh heaven!” A breathy whisper escaped his mouth.

They reached the “mandap” n bride took her place beside her mesmerized groom, who was staring at her, stilled.

“Lucky, behave urself.” Ragini whispered near his ear n chuckled.

Everyone around him broke into a roaring laughter, he composed himself, bit embarrassed n Swara giggled.

The rituals started with “panigrahana”. Ragini does their “gadhbandhan” heartily n witnessed everything keenly, “7rounds” with a holy promises to each other, in each round, “sindurdan” n “mangalsutra dharan”, everything. Her eyes brimmed in emotions.

All the rituals got over. Finally, they became husband n wife. Ragini went to the changing room with an excuse to change into something comfortable. She entered inside the dark, wiped her tears n stayed there, like that for a while n then she turned on the lights n get into her work. She was struggling to have a hold on back thread of her top when a hand placed on her bare stomach intensely from her back n uncontrolled breathe fell on the back of her neck. A current like something pumped with the blood all over her, she shivered with the affect n goosebumps covered her body, fully. He pulled her more closer to him n dropped down the incessant small kisses on the crook of her neck. Her body started to melt down in familiar heated, hard body.

“U r looking stunning in this dress, but if u want to change into other then don’t struggle too much, I’ll help u in doing so.” He, huskily.

He gave a bite on her ear shell. She came back to her sense but before she could take a move, he twirled her around to him n his hands travelled back to the thread of her top.

“Remember, something, very special?” He, looking deep into her twinkling eyes.

She closed her eyes for a moment n opened.


He stopped on his track hearing her, there was a pure hurt, mock n complains in her tone n he was aware about her indication. A tinge of guilt oozed from inside of him.

“I want to rectify my mistake. I want to repent for my deeds. I need a chance n I’ll prove myself as the best man, who deserves u.” He, determined.

“So, u can do anything for my forgiveness, right?” She, calmly.

“Yeah, I can do anything to be with u. I can do anything to get ur love back, to get u back.” He, intensely.

“OK, then give me my time to think about it n don’t do anything stupid. I want to go somewhere for some time, maybe for months or year.” She.

“Take ur time but allow me to be a part of it.” He, instantly.

“I want my own time that means alone, for myself but if u cant give me that then I don’t have to say anything. U can use ur powers to interfere in my life.” She, carelessly.

His hold loosened on her completely n she saw him in tears. She felt bad but its the need of situation.

“U r right Ragini, I’m sorry for all whatever I’ve done. Now I’ll become ur Sanskar, u dreamed of.” He left the room, hurt.

She let her tears to streamed down.


Credit to: RSR


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