You Are The One (Chapter 26)


‘How in the hell his barren eyes can possess such emotions? It can be an illusion, don’t get into the trap, again….’

Before her mind could go further, she felt herself little up on the tip of her toes as he pulled her up to his level, by holding both of her shoulder.

“Don’t u ever dare to say something like that, u cant give that place to anyone else, except me.” He whispered the words on her lips, possessively.

Her body softened n lips quivered in anticipation.

“Rags, what r u doing here?” Lucky entered inside there, suddenly n his eyes turned into a fiery ball, “N what the hell is he doing here?”

Lucky approached towards them n pulled Ragini away from Sanskar’s clutch n in the next moment his hands grabbed onto Sanskar’s collar.

“Don’t u dare to come near her, again.” Lucky, murderously.

“Oh! this much concern, just for a friend? But it’s nothing compared to ur full proof plan, man.” Sanskar said in a mocking tone n Lucky’s grip loosened
on his collar.

Lucky’s plain stare stuck on Swara n she turned her pale face to other side.

“Must say, u r a great friend, who can risk everything for friendship, even his love.” Sanskar continued.

Ragini’s eyes stilled on Lucky’s shadowy face.

“What r u talking about?” Ragini.

“Ask ur best friend.” Sanskar, pointing towards Lucky.

Ragini turned to Laksh but he kept mum n her desperation raised to another level.

“Will u speak or not?” She cried out.

Sanskar looked back at Ragini’s flushed, frustrated n scared face n felt bad.

“I’ll tell u…” Sanskar.

“No, I’ll tell.” Lucky broke the silence n Swara looked up at him, puzzled, “Rags actually, we’ve made a plan according to which, Swara was supposed to marry Sanskar n after that, file a divorce petition by making some situations so that she can be able to get his nerve, his property’s huge amount, as a maintenance.” He bowed his head down.

Ragini was stunned listening to him.

“Y?” A weak whisper escaped her mouth.

“Because we wanted to realize him what is the pain of losing something close to heart.” Lucky, closing his eyes tightly.


A blasting sound echoed inside the hall, n Swara caught the hold of Lucky’s arm.

“How dare u slap him?” Swara outraged.

“Not a word, this time I’ll not control myself.” Ragini, warned her.

Swara was boiling in anger, when felt Lucky’s soothing hold on her hand.

‘I wish, u would have slapped me at that time when I had hurt u for the first time.’ Sanskar’s inner voice.

“How can u be so stupid? Did u know, what kind of plan u were suppose to execute? N how many lives could be destroyed by this? I don’t want anything but u two to be happy n together, nothing more. I jumped into this, only for u guys, whatever happened in this, that was an error, we cant hold onto. We have to move on.” Ragini, gathering her strength.

Sanskar’s mind stuck on the word ‘error’ n his body activated suddenly. His hands grabbed her n pulled her near him.

“ERROR? R u saying that whatever had happened between us were all errors?” He flung the words dangerously.

Lucky tried to move but Swara held his hand n gestured him to keep patience.

“I’m really sorry for everything, but please let them sort out everything by themselves. Trust me once, he is not like we’ve presumed about him, earlier.” Swara, deeply looking into his eyes n his body stilled there.

“Come on, say something.” He muttered like a mad, “Error, right? Those touch, closeness…” His one hand hold onto her waist n pulled her close to him, “…Those kisses…” His lips whispered on her milky skin, “…Wild heartbeats…” His other hand grabbed her one hand n placed on his left part of chest, “…N our LOVE…” He rest his forehead on hers, “Everything was an ERROR, right? How could u say like that?” A teardrop escaped his eyes.

She lost her senses by his stunning confession, more than a complain. Her eyes misted as well seeing the pain in his eyes but then an unforgettable pain curled up inside of her n she struggle to come out of his hold.

“Leave me.” She.

His eyes search for something on her face.

“U r trying to run away from me, my love n the situation, right? U r afraid of the possibility to spill out the truth that u love me, still. U r affected by my closeness, touch n feelings that u also possess for me, isn’t it?” He, seriously.

“I don’t feel anything like that. U r irritating me very much with ur actions n nonsense, ok.” She, still struggling in his hold.

“Oh really?” He, in a challenging tone.

“Whats happening guys?” Mrs. Gadodia stepped down the stairs, with her husband.

“Everyone close ur eyes. I’m going to have my ‘strawberry’ because someone needs a shock treatment to get back everything in their pretty head.” Sanskar, huskily.

Everyone were confused except one person, Ragini, who was tensed. Her eyes dropped down in mixed emotions while other eyes opened widely by the next sight___ He kissed her, passionately, in front of everyone, for a long.

Sekhar Gadodia coughed a little, but it’s enough to get them back into the real world. She was turned into the red, completely, due to embarrassment n he looked back at the shocked n teasing faces, with a satisfaction.

They were sitting as if giving some kind of important exam, opposite to Mr n Mrs Gadodia, yeah because this is their life’s exam.

“So, u r Lucky.” Sekhar Gadodia threw a question, with an observing glance.

“Yes sir.” Lucky, tensed.

While the others were enjoying his puppy acts.

“U love Shona?” Mr Gadodia.

“Yes Sir.” Laksh, attentively.

“Whats this Lucky, behave normal.” Swara whispered near him.

“What should I do, this is a sudden interview n I’m not prepared as well.” He burst out, perplexed.

Swara blushed hearing him, while other burst out in a roaring laughter.

“So, will u marry my daughter?” Mrs Gadodia, expectantly.

“Mam, I’ll feel blessed to have my future with her.” He, looking at his girl, lovingly.

“Do u have any problem, if u will blessed with her after 2 days?” Mrs Gadodia narrowing her gaze.

A deep silence occurred there n he broke it,

“Mam, before answering ur question I want to say something.” He, stood up off his place n knelt down in front of Swara, “Though u r an adamant head of girl, always fighting with me, making me run around u, demanding n possessive but You Are The One, who can complete me. I’m nothing without u. I never said this before but I genuinely feel this, only for u. I’m sorry I hurt u n didn’t call u for once but I was also hurt. The situation went out of our hands but the love increases more. I love u so much, n want to propose u, here, in front of our near dear ones, Miss gorgeous Swara Gadodia, Will u marry this stupid, idiot of urs?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked u that. That was my mistake n I realized it. U were right, I badly needed that blow to my big head. I love u too n yes, I want to be with my stupid, idiot head, for ever.” She hugged him tightly.

They remained like that, lost in their world.

“This generation r too much into the concept of freedom.” Mr Gadodia exclaimed at his wife.

Ragini was overjoyed seeing them like that n Sanskar felt happy to see her happy.

“What about us?” He whispered in her ears.

“Don’t spoil the mood n enjoyment.” She, in a low tone.

“Just give me a chance, Ragini?” He, haggardly.

“U have to earn it.” She flung the words n left the place.

Thank u so much for reading.

Finally, the story crossed it’s quarter century guys. I’m surprise, it was a short story, I’ve started it with that note but ur love n support made its way wonderful n awesome that it reached to this level. I LOVE U GUYS.

This is the 3rd last chapter, now only 2 chapters left to complete the plot of the story. Thank u so………….much.


Credit to: RSR

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