You Are The One (Chapter 24)


Chapter 23

She came out of the bathroom n went near the window. Her hands caught the hold of the edge of the curtains n slid it apart, a beam of sunlight stroke on her pure black twinkling orbs n it closed in the reaction. She opened the windows n feel the cool, calm n fresh morning breeze on her skin. Her hand grabbed the hold on the towel coiling with her hair on her head n freed it.

“He must be sleeping, still.” She, in an impossible tone n an idea stroke her mind n a mischievous smile played on her lips, “Lets have some fun.”

She threw the towel on the bed n ran towards his room, but stopped right outside his room, hearing some familiar voices, Lucky n Swara.

“Lucky, just listen to me once.” Swara.

“No. There is nothing left between us to talk about, now just leave before she gets to know about ur presence here, at this time.” His irritated tone.

“Y r u angry? This is our plan right? Then what happened now?” She.

“I know its our plan, but this ‘news’ wasn’t there in our plan. What, if Rags gets to know about it? She is still in depression, I can’t afford to loose her, again.” He, tensed.

“Oh really? Then what about me? Lets just clear it today, here, itself. Tell me, where is my place in ur life.” She, in a demanding tone.

A dead silence occurred there, just like before storm.

“U know what, u r the one self-centered girl, cant think anything beyond ur self. Didn’t u feel a bit of shame while asking me such question? She is my friend n u r my love, how could u cross this relationships in between?” He, stopped for a moment n continued, “But when u have brought this topic here, I’ll definitely answer u. U want me to compare in between u two, right, then ok, lets do it. Rags is my friend, childhood friend. We r together from 14 yrs. She always stand by my side, without my words. She supported me like a good companion, guided me like an angel, cares for me like a loving mother. She refused to marry me, against my dad’s hearty wish because she knew that I loved u. She jumped into this mess without thinking for herself, once because she wanted my happiness that lies within u. N what she got in return? Ur cold, harsh n rude attitudes n a beast who ruined her. N U, u want to know right? U r the one, I’m in love with but who never trust me. Its been 4 yrs, we r in relationship but what’s the use of this, I couldn’t be able to get ur trust on me. U always treat me like ur possession. I don’t regret the fact that I love u but only wish that if I wouldn’t have met u?” His complaining tone turned into cold.

Again a silence occurred there, raising the tensions in the air.

“Thank u so much for showing me my right place.” Swara, in a cracked voice, after a while.

Ragini, who was listening all their conversation outside, felt bad for being the reason of all that. Her steps turned back to her room but she stopped n knelt down n hide behind the shade plant table near the door, hearing footsteps. Swara stormed out of her vision, wiping her tears. Ragini felt bad for her n rushed to her room.

There is something running in her head, that she needs to find out about. Her eyes rolled around the room n got the sight of her laptop but that was of no use because it’s running out of charge from a week or more. She grabbed her mobile phone n clicked on the news. Her eyes widened in shock seeing the breaking news of the day…….

‘The King Of Business World to step Into The World Of Household’

‘The Great Sanskar Maheswari to get married soon’

‘The Heir Of Gadodia Empire, Beautiful, Miss Swara Gadodia To Tie The Knot With Handsome Hunk Of The Business World, Mr. Sanskar Maheswari’

The page was full of their news.

“What the hell?” She, boggled.

Her hand grabbed a fistful of her hair n her posture moved here n there, in clear frown.

‘Yeah, they were talking about some plan, might be this marriage! Lucky was angry because of the news, because… he doesn’t want me to know about this. Yeah.’ She stilled on her move.

“If they want that man to punish then y r they risking their love in such nonsense? What about marriage? What can be their plan? I can’t let them do this stupidity . I won’t.” She, in a determined tone.

“Now, u’ll come out of ur hideout. U have to come out.” He whispered.

He is looking at the red saree, which she wore that night. Her fragrance was still on the clothe. He hugged the clothe n filled his lungs with her fragrance. His mind filled with peace, for a moment n then everything flashed in his mind. Her beautiful, brimming, black orbs, looking at him with full of love, her innocent protests against his fiery desires n giving in, completely, her self, to him, everything. His body vibrated with an affect, reminiscing the moments.

“I’m sorry, I hurt u a lot. I’ll repent for all my mistakes. I know u’ll come to me now n then I’ll chained u with me, for ever.” He, possessively.

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Credit to: RSR

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