You Are The One (Chapter 23)


Chapter 22

At the Cottage.

“Rags, r u alright?” Laksh, concerned.

“Yeah…” She, in a breathy whisper, still in the affect.

“Don’t worry, he can’t reach u, unless ur wish.” He, in an assuring tone.

She just gave him a faint smile to assure him she wil be alright. He placed his hand on her shoulder n was about to say something when his phone buzzed up n then left the place looking at his phone.

“Yeah.” He.

“Where r u n what r u doing, right now?” A desperate voice.

“I’m at home n was just talking with Rags.” He, placing his hand on his head.


“Shona, r u there?” He.

“Lucky, don’t take me wrong, but if u don’t have any problem then, I can take her responsibility. She can stay here, with me, I don’t have any problem.” Swara, in a low drawl.

“No way Shona. She is alright, here, with me. U don’t need to get worried about her, I’m alive to do so. I don’t want his shadow also around her, n u r related to him, u very well know that.” He, bluntly.


“I know, y r u showing ur concern over her but don’t worry I’ll handle it. Bye.”

He cut the call n closed his eyes in irritation n frown.

“She loves u a lot, right? The perfect piece of art for u, man.” Ragini in a teasing tone.

“It’s nothing.” He, upset.

“I know, it’s nothing but just love.” She, acted as if in a dream.

“Ok, stop this nonsense, let’s go have something, I’m hungry.” He, pulling her lazy figure with him.

At the Party Hall.

All the rich faces of the town, roaming around there, showing their pricey, phoney, calculative attitudes, having a warm conversation, just of pretence, competing with each other, coldly, throwing captious stares at each other.

Suddenly, all the glances shifted towards the entrance n a pin drop silence occurred in the hall. The hunter of the business world, the great Sanskar Maheswari, entered inside, all lost in himself. As soon as his presence marked inside there, he was surrounded by the bunch of foxy peoples of the business market n stuck within their tedious company. His eyes rolled around n a sigh of relief let out of his mouth seeing a big eyed fairy approaching towards him.

“Excuse us gentlemen.” She put her hand around his arm n dragged him with her.

“U r looking beautiful.” He, with an appreciative look.

“That’s all?” She, unsatisfied.

“Take it as a special compliment from my side because it’s the first time I’m complimenting a girl.” He, casually.

“I’m glad to know that I’m the first one but a little doubt, didn’t u ever compliment ur girl?” She, stressing on the words.

“I missed those moments.” He, disappointed.

“Oh, feeling bad for u.” She.

“Thanks for the concern. I think, we can be a good friends. What u say?” He, looking intently at her.

“OK, but first I want to know something, what if in the future, I’ll become a hurdle in ur relationship, then what will u do?” She, curiously.

“In any relationship a doubt can mess everything. It cost a lot to me, in my case, to realized it.” He, with a saddened smile.

She was about to go further when his phone intervened in between n seeing the no. flashing on the screen, his posture straightened all of a sudden.

“If u have any doubt on him regarding something then please sort out everything, calmly before the things went out of ur hold.”

He smiled a little n left the place, instantly, giving her a sorry look. She stood behind, looking at his disappearing figure, shocked.

He reached his cabin, someone was already there, his PA. Before he could ask anything, his PA gave him a file n a box, in which there is the sketch of his mysterious girl, that he was interrupted to see, last time n then forgot about that, completely. His hands hastily opened the box n then, the sketch….. his eyes widened in shock…..

“Swara…” He whispered in a daze.

“Sir, there is an important information?” PA.

“About what?” He.

“Laksh Pratap Sharma, Swara Gadodia n Ragini Rai, they r interrelated.” PA.

His mind numbed with the new discovery. Everything around seems like puzzle to him, hard to solve n his mind stuck in the middle of the mess.

“Sir, it’s seems like Mr. Sharma n Miss. Gadodia shares a close relationship.” PA.

“What???” He, shocked.

He went through the details of his unknown enemy.

Name: Laksh Pratap Sharma.
Son of Lt. Surya Pratap Sharma n Lt. Lakshmi Sharma.
Age: 26.
Qualification: Civil Engineer.
Origin: Assam.

“Then what about Ragini n them?” He, confused.

“Actually Sir, Mr. Sharma passed out from the same institute in which Miss Gadodia admitted, same year. N about their relationship they met during their college fest n then friendship n all. They were the hot gossip of the college during her study period. N about their relationship with Miss Rai, there is another story.” His PA.

“What story?” He.

“She was an orphan, adopted by Mr. Sharma’s widow maternal aunt at the age of 9. But then occurred an accident in which Mr. Sharma’s mom n aunt died, on the spot. After that Mr. Surya Pratap Sharma took her custody.” PA.

“Ok, so they lived together, but I want to know what kind of relationship they share in between themselves?” He, desperately.

“Sir, according to the sources, they were supposed to be get engaged as Mr. S.P. Sharma declared at a party, held on her 21st birthday, 3 yrs back, but it wasn’t happened n he passed away after 2 months.” PA.

An unpleasant vibration ran all over his body n a wave of jealousy shadowed on his demeanor.

“What about his background?” He, sternly, facing towards the wall.

“He is an engineer, having a lot of properties on his name. Actually, his father was one of the known diamond merchant of his period n he owned a lot of properties in his life for his kids. So, Mr. Sharma has a lot of properties that his father left behind for him n her. There r huge sum of bank balance n some ancestral properties n lands in Assam, Mumbai n Delhi, in his name.” PA.

“So, my instinct about her trapping me for money was baseless. Now, what?” He, frustrated.

His mind jumped for some new points n got a new angle.

“So, was she here for spying on me?”

‘If going through the points we got, He was engaged with miss Gadodia, who was engaged to me. Ragini was supposed to get engaged with him but it didn’t happen because….. might be he was in love with Miss Gadodia. Ragini is related to him n she contracted in the office for 4 months, by Mr Gadodia….may be Miss Gadodia, all of a sudden when I was also searching for a temporary PA. Might be she was here for spying on me for them, because I wasn’t in their hold. Yeah, how many times Miss Gadodia came here just for a meet with me, may be she wanted to clear this all n I always refused to her making all excuses.’ His face drowned into the guilt.

‘Then, she must be plotted for spying on me to get rid of this marriage stuff. If this possibilities makes any sense then, it can be possible that she is innocent because there is nothing for her to mess her life in it. Yeah, she always behaved within her self, she never tried to woo me, she never initiated any nonsense with me, she never tried to come near me, it was always me, who was behind her, like a shadow.’ The thought gave him more bitterness.

‘So, she loves me, yeah, she kissed me that night, she too reciprocated all the feelings n gave herself, completely, to me, it all can’t happened, without love?” His mind numbed with that n eyelids dropped down in the heaviness of guilt, frown n grudge on his own self.

“I want his current address.” He, after a while.

“No use, Sir. He is not there. Actually, there r many properties in his name without anyone’s knowledge.” PA in a low tone.

“**** off.” He shout out in an utter frustration n sat down on his chair, holding his head on his hands.

Suddenly, his eyes opened up with a gleam.

“Roy, do one thing, I want a news to be the talk of the town, in a day, tomorrow. Be quick.”

He left the place with a hope in his heart.

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