SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 5)


He was relaxing on the cozy bed, to his good fate, nothing much serious occurred. There his PA is busy on the phone. His all focus was not there but on someone’s predictions or say suggestions about his life.

“…stop predicting others future, focus on ur own. Who knows what can happen next? …u r a public figure…There can be an accident, death, kidnapping or something, that can happen with u…”

The words comes as an affective blow to his head.

‘Yeah, this accident can be plotting by someone after my life, success, wealth or personal enmity. It can be anyone, my stepfather whom I never missed to humiliate, Akhil Solanki, whose prey I snatched from him, Reyansh Gupta, who was replaced in a big budget project by me recently n many other actors like him, any girl who was heartbroken because of me, any political party who doesn’t like me helping the current party, anyone….Or…. HIM.’

His mind remind him a blurred picture of someone n stormy clouds swirled in his eyes. His hand grabbed the remote of the TV n turned it on. It was on the news channel which was showing the live coverage of the hospital he was in. Every news channel was showing only his news using their own instincts n adding extra spices. His finger pressed to the buttons to change the channel in an uncaring manner n then something grabbed his attention. He pressed on the previous button n there he saw ‘her’, his next target in the crowd of reporters n fans. His eyes swirled in mischief.

“Giri, I want the full info of that girl.” He, point towards the large screen on the wall.

Devgiri Barma, his trusted PA, in his 30s, known to his boss’s every nerve n when it comes about a girl, his boss is always in a mood. It takes him a lot of time to recognize the girl on the screen but finally he went out, giving an assuring nod to his boss.

She was cursing inside her breathe for her stupidity.

‘Y god, y should I came here? This Swara always dragged me in such nonsense n I knowing it very well also got trapped into it. N by the way, who r this peoples? Y r they treating us like we r big fat trap for them. We’re guiding inside the hospital n my mind is pulling all my attention on one thing, where there is no entries for anyone else except the visitors of the patients treating in the hospital, that also with a visiting card, all for his security service, then y we r letting inside without any pleas.’

They reached a lawn n took a seat there, while a tall figure rushed to somewhere, there two men, like bodyguards stood there with them.

“Rags I’m so excited. For the first time I’m going to meet Mr. Sanskar Maheswari, my hero. Oh god!” Swara, enthusiastically.

“Who told u, u r going to meet with him?” Ragini, sternly.

“That man who came to us n lead us here. Now, please let me live my dream fully, I want to see it turned to be true.” Swara, dreamily.

“Swara, behave urself, he is just an entertainer nothing more than that to react in this way.” Ragini, annoyed.

“Momma bear, u r a real excitement killer.” Swara gave her a pouty look.

“Miss Swara, please come with me.” The same man, Giri.

“Where?” Ragini holding jumping figure of Swara n looking towards the man.

“Actually, Sir agreed to give an interview to Miss Swara.” He, foxily.

“But y is this mercy on her?” Ragini, mockingly.


“No…no…” Swara intervened in between, “Rags what’s all this? Be cool I’ll just come n please don’t take tension. Now, wish me luck, I need it very badly.” Swara, holding her sister.

“All the best. I’m here, be quick.” Ragini, with a faint smile.

Swara left the place with that man n Ragini sat there restless.

‘What should I do now? She is acting all mad for him n he… the no. 1 lecher, disgusting fellow. N I allowed my princess to enter into devil’s reign, what to do now?’

She stood up n walked here n there, tensed.

He was waiting for someone n finally heard a clear knock on the door.

“Come in.” A mischievous smile played on his lips.

A big eyed girl entered inside after a gentle push on the door. His mind reflect a picture. A satisfied smile covered his face looking at her excited, surprise, nervous n stumbling figure.

“Please, have a seat Miss…” He pointing towards a easy chair near his bed, n looking into her eyes.

“It’s Swara Gadodia, Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.” She, composing herself.

“Nice to meet u beautiful…I mean Swara. Hope u didn’t mind my words but believe me those r genuine, u r really very beautiful.” He, playfully.

“Oh god! U r really an amazing actor but I’ll take ur words as a compliment even if it is just an acting also.” She, cheerily.

“Everyone here is an artist n if u found my compliment fake a bit, then I’d feel I’m the worst actor in my real life.” He, faking a sad smile.

“U r a superb actor in both ways n I would like to tell u, I’m the one of ur die heart fan.” She, excitedly.

“To be honest, today only, I got the real praise for my work. I’m happy, very happy.” He, with a candy smile, thinking something.

It’s almost an hour, Swara isn’t back, till now. Ragini was on the verge of lost the control over herself.

‘Where is this girl? What is she doing this long? Oh god, please be with her.’

“Mam, r u Swara Gadodia’s relative?” A ward boy stood in front of her.

“Yeah, y?” She, panicked.

“Please come with me.” He walked back to the same way he came.

“Whats the matter, please tell me.” She ran behind him but got no answer.

After a while they reach a separate ward n he stood there stilled. She looked at him, then to the door n then she barged inside the door n got her sister, lying on the bed. She ran towards her n checked her temperature n all.

“Swara, what happened? Swara..” She shook her a little.

“What to do, ur sis is a not like u, a hardcore minx but too soft, see she couldn’t take my charm for too long n fainted, in my arms.” A categorised lecherous voice hit her ears from very close.

She turned around, n it wasn’t surprising a bit for her to have him in front of her, near her, with the same fire in his eyes.

“What the hell have u done with her?” She, gravely.

“I didn’t need to do anything as she was experienced as well as excited to do everything.” He, huskily, looming down to her figure.

“Stop ur bullshit n if I got anything wrong with my sister, swear to god I’ll not spare u.” She, pointing her index finger towards him.

“I also waiting for u to finish me.” He trailing down her temple, with his index finger.

She jerked away from him.

“Look, don’t drag ur nonsense with me. I don’t want any complications in my life, just stop on ur track. Don’t play with others life.” She, seriously.

“U should have think about it, before slapping me. Now, there is only one way for u, spend ur one night, with me.” He, resting on the couch.

Her blood boiled up n posture shuddered in anger n disgust.

“Cant u think anything else than ****?” She, disgusted.

“Depends upon the ‘need’, I’ll get anything if I needed that. N u r also one of those. Be thankful, u r alright even after slapping me or else u would be pleasing me, no matter may be by force because no one dared to even shot back against my wish, till now.” He, in a piercing tone.

“U know what, go to hell.” She, coldly.

She turned her back fully towards him n his ego came to life by her attitude. His posture straightened n moved towards her with a swift move. He was about to grab her celestial body when stopped by a faint voice.


“R u alright? What happened? Don’t worry tell me?” Ragini, keenly looking at Swara.

“I’m alright Rags.” Then her eyes stuck on the man next to her sister, “Sorry sir I’m allergic to nuts but u insisted that time n I couldn’t resist u, n this all happened?” She, with a sorry face.

“It’s ok. I’m too sorry, because of me u r on this state.” He, faking to be sorry.

“Our interview also spoilt.” She, in a low voice.

“Not a big deal we can manage it some other day.” He with a candy smile.

There Ragini was fuming in anger, hearing n feeling him near her.

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Credit to: RSR

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