You Are The One (Chapter 22)

Chapter 21

Swara was inside her room, looking at the message on her phone’s screen.

“So he is out with her.”

She was outraged with the information of him being with her, though she is his friend but she hate to see the excessive concern in his eyes, for anyone else than her own. She was going on with her thoughts when a clear knock pulled her back to senses n then, Mala, her maid, came into vision.

“Madam, Mr. Maheswari is here for a meet with u.”

After informing her, the maid left n a victorious smile played on her lips. Plenty of memories of the most humiliating past displayed on the back of her head.

‘I knew it, u’ll come running after me, after seeing that. Now, I’ll show u, who I m?’ She smirked with the thought.

He entered inside after a while. It’s the first time they r meeting like this, for a personal purpose. He was looking dull n not in his usual self she witnessed in some of their meetings in the past. There were a bandages on his hands, she observed.

‘Just wait a little more, u have to bear a lot more.’ She, thinking something.

“Hello Miss Gadodia, u must be confused by my sudden arrival, here n I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ve something important to sort out with u.” He, awkwardly.

She just gave him a blank look.

“Actually….ok, let’s come to the point straight, I don’t want this marriage to be happen. I don’t want to marry u, I can’t. I want to break this alliance, between us.” He, bluntly.

Her eyes popped out hearing his unexpected words, not because she was hurt or affected a bit by it n all but it was something beyond their speculation. On the other side he continued maniacally,

“I love someone else. I want to apologize to u, for all, I did to u till now. In fact, I’m the one dragging u in this mess but now, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life, after realizing my mistake. I’ve created a lot of mess n I’ve to correct those as well. This is my first step, to apologize to u.”

The words felt like a web of imagination. She cant believe herself. It was all beyond her imagination n expectation. He is not the one rude, arrogant, rock faced bastard with the same cold attitude she have registered in her mind as encountered in certain pretext of time.

“Y r u apologizing, now? Y did u agreed for this marriage, then?” She, calmly.

“I was an idiot having a thought that everything is a business n to be honest I agreed for this marriage only because I saw the profit in it. It was just a business deal for me. I would have done it without giving it a second thought if she hadn’t come into my life. She changed everything, I realized my mistake. I’m not at all good in conveying something like this but I’m really sorry, believe me, I really mean it.” He, agitatedly.

They were driving through the crowded road since an hour or more, listening their favorite songs. Their car reached a narrow lane, surrounding by a lot of small shops. Now it’s start raining heavily n small shop owners around there rushed to save their possession.

“Champ, I want to go out.” Ragini.

“What? R u kidding me? It’s raining heavily out there n if I’ve know u very well, u hate it.” He, baldly.

“Life means change, n for me it’s necessary.” She.

“But health comes first.” He, plainly.

“I said stop the car, please…” She, cutely stressing at the last word.

He stopped the car at a side n she stepped out of the car, instantly,. She felt uncountable water drizzle drizzling on her posture soothing her aching mind a little n giving her a way to hide her tears from the man with her, who cares for her very much. The rainy season never suits her, it always bring a lot of health issues for her. This time there is already a hurt she is keeping inside of her. It was nothing like she want a change, like this, yeah she need to move on but like what she is now, because she can’t change the things n let go of it, easily. She was fade up of her pretense n just wanted to cry her heart out, that’s y she made an excuse to escape from the probability to broke down right in front of him. The raindrops were mingled with the tear drops, she closed her eyes n let all the hurts to come out of her, for a long n when her eyes opened a sign of visible terror shadowed her face. He was just about a distance of 10 metres away from her, at a flower shop. Her posture froze for a while n when she observe a movement in his tall figure, she rushed inside the car, but not before noticing by him.

He drove off from Swara’s place, feeling little free, after apologizing to her. It’s the first time he has done something like that but the feeling after that is soothing his mind a lot. It started raining now n he reached near a flower shop. His car took a sudden halt when his gaze fixed on a bucket of roses n he stepped out of the car. He stood near the bucket lost in his thoughts, without giving a heed to the rain, drenching him, completely. N then he felt something, a strong pull, that only her presence can always create in him. His head snapped back only to see her running away from him, again. His mind numbed with that, something pricked in his chest.

“Run, how much u can but this time I’ll chase u.”

He ran to his car, stepped inside n chased the other car in a full speed. As soon as he reached near the other car, his car screeched n stopped in the middle of the lonely road. He banged his hand on the steering wheel, frustrated.

“****….” He cursed for a long.

The other car moved out of his vision n at last he took out his phone n dialed a no.

“I’m sending u a car no. get me the details of it’s owner, by tonight.”

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