You Are The One (Chapter 21)


Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Days passed like hell. It’s been a week, he couldn’t get a glimpse of her. He is not in his proper self since she left him. He searched for her using his all sources but all in vain. She was far away from his reign n the feeling was perfectly making him mad. Addition to it she was free from his formal clutch also because she was just contracted for 4 months in the company, by Sekhar Gadodia. There was no trace of her in her apartment also. She was just disappeared from his reign.

‘Where r u Ragini? Y r u punishing me like this? Don’t u have any regrets for ur deeds? I don’t need anything now, just come back to me, n I’ll never leave u, for ever. I’m ready to forget all the things, just come back. It’s getting hard for me to even breathe, without u. What have u done to me? I can’t even think anything else other than u. I crossed all the limits of stupidity just because of u. The man, now, is not the great Sanskar Maheswari, the hardcore businessman, but a vulnerable, heartbroken, love sick puppy. I feel pity on myself, how in the hell, I can possess such qualities within me, how? But I have to do something to get a hold on myself, n I can be me, only when u’ll be by my side. Now, what should I do to get u back in my life?’

His mind recalled all the beautiful moments with her n a small smile creased on his lips but it couldn’t reach his sleepless, desperate, red eyes. Her everything, her innocent, beautiful face, twinkling eyes, inviting lips, attitude, talks, actions n all just a perfect ‘pull’ for him to act as an insane n lost in her, for the very life. Her first day at the office, first glance, first talks, first touch, first kiss, n the reciprocation, her giving herself, completely to him n his taking her everything, without realizing her pain, her innocent face lying to show him that she wasn’t hurt n everything displayed in his mind, like a movie.

‘Where is the place for her betrayal in all this? Have I concluded wrong about her? That innocence can never come out of pretence. Had I done wrong to her? A hunter can never kept herself as a bait.’

Many questions built up n answered as well n his head ached like hell, making him restless, frustrated n confused. He was stuck in the web of confusion, the situation was slowly making him mad n just within a moment, his cabin turned into a mess. There were traces of blood as well.

“U have to come to me Ragini, anyhow. I know u must be with that scoundrel n the day I’ll get a hold on u, I’ll kill that bastard first, for sure. Its all because of him, that, today my life messed up like this n u r not with me.” He cried out in a annoyed.

His body then, suddenly felt a heaviness, mind got dizzy due to the physical n mental stress n blood loss, n then his body fell down on the hard surface, like a lock.

“What about u, u r also betraying ur fiancee?” The words struck around his senses, his mind identified her taunts n his eyelids turned up slowly n scanned around, his deluxe rest room. There his PA was also standing near him.

“Sir, how r u feeling now?” PA.

He just gave him an assuring look.

“Swara..” He whispered thinking something.

“Yes Sir.” PA.

“Arrange a meeting with Miss Swara Gadodia.” He, plainly.

His PA gave him a weird look n then left the place, nodding at him, positively.

She slipped into the phase of depression for a week. Not a single moment passed without remembering the hurt n drowned deep inside the world of hurt n complains. She was known to the fact that, she was giving her friend a lot of pain n difficulty with her behavior but in this case she couldn’t help herself as well.

At last her conscience pulled her out of her isolated, dark world. Her dear friend’s umpteenth trials to get her back into herself, at last gave the boost to feel herself alive n live her life with a new start, leaving all the bitterness behind. Its not easy for her but she was ready to give it a chance.

“Champ I want to go out for a long drive, what’s say? She, lively.

Lucky looked back at her amused, after all after a week she was asking for something like this, as in a pretense also but she is trying to get out of her cold phase, he was happy for her move.

“Yeah, wait a minute, I’ll be back in a while.” He ran inside his room.

A big mansion, lavishness demonstrating in it’s every nook n corner. A lot of workers running here n there within their sphere of work, hurriedly.

Sanskar stepped inside, he was here because swara bluntly refuse to come to meet him. Everyone was solely engaged in their work, his eyes inspect around n then stuck on a lady in a blue saree. He moved to her side.

“Hello Mrs. Gadodia.” He, formally.

“Oh god! what a pleasant surprise dear but what have u done to urself? U r looking sick, r u alright?” She, observing him keenly.

“Yeah, I’m alright it’s just I’m engage in some important matters but seems like today is something special, here?” He, looking around.

“Don’t tell me u forgot the evening party?” She, widening her eyes.

“What? Party? I mean something special?” He, instantly.

“Don’t u know, oh god, u r so dumb. U n Swara r host for tonight’s party, n by the way the special news is we’re officially announcing ur marriage date which is after this week.” She, excitedly.

His posture stilled hearing her n mind buzzed up with a lot of thoughts.

“Where is Swara?” He, without wasting a second more.

“Seems like my would be son in law is desperate to meet his girl but it’s ok, after all she is my daughter. Go, she is inside her room.” She, in a teasing tone.

He stood there like a statue n then she bit her tongue, “Oops, sorry…. sorry.” She then looking towards a maid, “Mala, show him the way to Shona’s room.”

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