You Are The One (Chapter 20)


She was walking on the road, accompanied by a dark night n howling of owls n some weird noises from behind the bushes n inside the deep forest. Her steps led her forward without stopping for a while. The chilly and dark night couldn’t able to have an affect on her, as her sense was already occupied with loneliness n the hurt. A light flashed on her eyes n she got a vision of familiar black car. The car took a halt, in front of her n her bestie, Lucky, stepped out. The dam broke off, on her eyes n tears rolled down her eyes. She felt weak, all of a sudden n then she felt unsuitable environment stinging her lean n pale figure. He ran to her n hold her tightly when saw her stumbling posture about to fell down on the hard surface. He just took her in his arms n placed her inside the car.

She was inside the car, crying vigorously remembering the hurt which her dear one gave her, without thinking for once. Her first love story ended in a blink, giving her a worst experience.

“What happened Rags? Y r u crying? Please tell me. N how in the hell, u r here? It’s someone’s private possession, n by the way u had some plan with him, right? Then, where is he? Y r u alone?” Lucky, in a concerned voice, then his eyes narrowed a little, “Had he done anything wrong? Come on, speak up, now?”

“Don’t ask any question, for now. Just call Swara we need to discuss something very important, now.” She, gauntly.

“U r damn scaring me now Rags, please tell me, what happened? What r u doing at this jungle, at the middle of the night, that too, alone? Just tell me everything or else I’ll go back, to there, from where u r escaping. I’m now cent percent sure that, it must be that jerk, the reason of ur condition…” He, frustrated.

“Please, don’t say like that n just focus on driving, I want to be out of here, as soon as possible n I promise I’ll tell u everything.” She, composing herself.

“Then tell me.” He, desperately.

She shut her eyes just to recall his dear face, n a hurtful memory covered her mind. She let out a deep haggard sigh, n told him everything, bursting into tears. As soon as she finished her story, Lucky stopped the car, n looking at him she understood, he is damn angry.

“U don’t need to do anything now, u have gone through so much already. Now I’ll do everything.” He cupping her face in his hands, “Dammit, it’s just all because of me, that u r here today, like this but swear to god I’ll not leave that bastard.” he banged his hands on steering wheel.

“Let’s leave these all, Lucky. I don’t want his shadow also, in my life. I want to go away, far away from here. Please focus on ur future, don’t drag this matter to another extend.” She, in a cracked voice.

“I’m not that selfish u r thinking about me.” He, plainly but she felt the hurt in his voice, somewhere, “N not a coward to back off from responsibilities. U r not just only my friend, we r family first. After papa left me, u r the one who always stand by my side. I don’t need anyone or anything if it’ll cost ur tears.” He, in a murderous tone.

N her heart skipped a beat when the car took a turn to opposite direction n a terrified shade covered her face, fully.

“Lucky, please don’t do this, please.” She, tensed.

But he was no where to be listening anything as with every passing moment his muscles stretched in extreme rage, frustration n heat. Her pleas didn’t reach his ears as in the spell of his uncontrollable desperation, n it broke when he felt her posture stopped reacting, all of a sudden. His eyes snapped back at her, only to found her fainted, he stopped the car n his hand get into check her, instantly.

“****. How can I forgot that she was going through a lot, she need medical treatment more than anything, for now. Oh god! please help her to bear all this.” He, scold himself n then took a turn, again to opposite direction, “I’ll not leave u bl**dy crap.”

He is on his way in search of her but she was no where to be found. The environment displayed at the moment drew his mind the to have horrible thoughts. His frustration stepped up with every single second as his burning eyes want to have her chilled n calm picture, n his restless body just want to hold her celestial body tightly to his, so close, to his heart n locked her with himself so that she can never escape him. His uncontrollable speed of car covered a long distance but his eyes couldn’t find her. A deep stinging sensation pierced his mind, body n soul n tears trailed down his cheeks, unknowingly.

“Emotional Fool, I’m, crying here for u. I agree I’m too weak to let go off of u because I can’t n don’t want to. I want u by my side, at any cost. Where r u? Y don’t u ask for a chance to this relationship instead of running away from me? M I that bad to express my feelings for u, or u r a heartless minx, came here just to trap me?”

His mind again stuck in the black hole of hurt, her betrayal, trap n fake love, n his body trembled in fear of loosing her.

“The Great Sanskar Maheswari, ****, a big, big, biggest looser.” He, let out a sarcastic remark for himself.

She gained her conscious, opened her heavy eyelids just to get a sight of her bestie n his girlfriend, there. He jerked up in his place n come next to her, hastily. She smiled a faint one seeing his restlessness, only then she felt something in her nasal pore, it’s oxygen pipe n a glucose water was also connected to her hand. She rolled her eyes around to scan everything, it’s their cottage. A soft smile played on her lips.

“Stop smiling u idiot, u gave me a heart attack, I just hate u.” He, childishly.

“Sorry.” She whispered, weakly.

His eyes welled up looking at her.

“Please don’t do like this ever, I can’t live without u. Dare scaring me again like this. Promise me u’ll never do something like this again.” he resting his head on her.

She felt ocean of emotions swirling inside of her. His tear dropped right down on her cheek n she closed her eyes while nodding positively to him. N there someone was fuming in anger, jealousy n all, seeing their closeness.

“Y u called me here?” Swara, irritated.

“Not now Swara.” Lucky, curtly.

Swara’s eyes widened in shock as he never called her by her name, till now. She felt really bad by his tone n attitude towards her n the too much of concern for his so-called friend.

“Then y did u call me here, Mr Lakshya Sharma?” She, sharply.

His head snapped back at her, hearing her. There were invitation of something very bad swirling in their eyes, may be a verbal war n more, Ragini scanned the situation.

“Guys, listen to me, first, I want to tell u something very important for u.” Ragini, using her all efforts to stop the storm at the doorstep.

Both head turned to her side.

“Don’t u dare to speak anything, u need complete bed rest for now.” Lucky, in a cut tone.

“Stop acting like a gabbar or else I’ll burst into deathly laughter.” Ragini, mocking at him.

“Cut the crap n tell us what u want to say.” Swara, irritated hearing them.

Lucky’s fiery glare snapped back to her but before he could speak anything Ragini cut him off,

“Swara, u have to protest for this marriage stuffs because Sanskar is not good for u.” Ragini.

“Any proofs?” Swara, nonchalantly.

“Only words. But please take it seriously.” Ragini.

“Then y is he marrying me?” Swara, coldly.

“Because he is a money minded emotionless businessman n u r the only daughter to a well established business icon, perfect source of resources for him.” Ragini, calmly.

Something triggered inside of Swara, her ego.

“So, he is behind me just because of my wealth right?” She, in a stinging tone, “Now I’ll show him what I’m ?”

“Please don’t do something wrong, u two just focus on ur future.” Ragini, tensed.

“NO. She is right, I’m with her. He have to pay for his deeds.” Lucky, in a grave tone.

“Guys, please stop this stupidity.” Ragini, haggardly.

“OK, now u take rest.” Lucky covered her with her quilt properly, “Let’s go outside.” He drag Swara with him.

Ragini felt something fishy in their act n then prayed for everything to be well.

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Credit to: RSR

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