You Are The One (Chapter 2)


Hello friends, thanks for the lovely comments. Let me clear u one thing, this story is about Sanskar n Ragini. Hope u guys now clear about the pair.

They reached the Resort by evening, all tired. They travelled all the way to Goa, in his car. Their journey turned as a sour memory on the back of her mind.
She felt sleepy throughout the whole journey but somehow manage to control herself. The journey made her little scared, awkward n uncomfortable as his deep, piercing n intense stare at her wasn’t go unnoticed by her. She tried to distract herself from his weird acts n turned her face fully towards the window, tried to explore the view outside.

“Are u planning to jump out of the car through the window?” after sometime, he, for the first time in the journey asked her, not really, mocked at her.

“Uhh…mm..” she stammered n compose herself n averted her gaze to some other stuffs, leaving him to do whatever he was doing. Rest of the journey passed like that.

They’re inside a suite. There is some mechanical problems occurred in her room’s servicing. So she is in his room, temporarily as no other vacant room is available. It’s the very big mistake from the resort’s management n he could take a serious action for the discomfort, But here, in this case, he was happy as she is with him, inside his room. His all desires slowly activated by her sweet, unique n extra addicted body fragrance, lavender. He was in his grey T-shirt n black track pant, after freshening up, looking outside the glass wall, to the beautiful view of beach side. The sight in front of him really amazed him, for the first time he was charmed by the nature’s beauty. This heavenly feeling, he never experienced in his life, before. He felt a warm presence there, suddenly, so turned to have a glimpse of the source, n glued on there, amused. She was standing there like a fresh rose in her white free trouser n pink loose top. She was looking really very beautiful, innocent n fresh, after bath her natural beauty come out in a pure form making her more beautiful like an innocent angel. Her wet hair from which small drops of pearls continuously making it’s way down to her body, making him insane. His heated, hard body longed to hold her soft n delicate body in his tight embrace, to feel her in every possible way, to make her his right here, right now. His mind become numb n body started to react slowly. She was already scared by his weird activities in their recent journey, n here, now again he is back in his weird state. She felt a dangerous intense heat in his gaze, unable to bear it she stepped out of the room in a blink, with a thudding heart.
‘Someday this man, for sure, will give me a heart attack. What’s his problem, god’ she thought.

To her dismay n his fortune, her room is not yet ready for the service, so she has to share his suite unwillingly. She without any conversation n discussion, called for the bedding, arranged her place on the floor n slept without bothering to have a look to the person inside there with her. He was shocked as what to say or what to do now. After some time, he also lie down on the edge of the king sized bed, looking at her angelic face, filling the heavenly fragrance of her in his lungs n especially, controlling his boiling desires.

They settled the deal in three days n now they are celebrating their success in the resort’s complementary party for their VIPs.
She was in a simple yet elegant light green gown, with a matching stiletto n hair in a messy bun, simple green stoned pendant n pair of matching eardrops, looking awfully stunning, beautiful n breathe taking. Everyone there praised her beauty. But she observed a pair of dark-swirling-black eyes heated up with a sudden n rapid intensity, making a severe chill passing through her spine. Anywhere she moved, that eyes stalked her, making her uncomfortable.

“Hey beautiful, may I have the honour to dance with u?” Jared Robertson, a Foreign Delegate, a young n handsome man, in his late 20s, asked her in a gentle way.

“Sorry but I don’t know how to dance?” she smiled.

“Actually, u know what, I’m a good dance teacher, according to all my girlfriends.” he too smiled with a humor.
“Oh really!” She rolled her eyes n smiled. He made a puppy face. Now she don’t have any way to escape but to go with him.

They join the dancefloor. He hold her one hand in his, placed her other hand on his shoulder n his other hand on her waist. He made her laugh continuously, with his weird incidents n experiences. But her smile fade away instantly, at the moment, her eyes clashed with a pair of bloodshot eyes. She was swaying with her partner in a romantic melody, try to be comfortable there, but the pair of black murderous eyes sucked all her confidence. He took shot from the counter n gulped it down in a one go, for 3 times. Her breathe stopped, seeing him moving from his place n approaching to them.

“Excuse me, Mr. Robertson, may I?” he smiled at him n moved his piercing gaze again at her n the hand around her waist. She shivered inside.

“Yeah, sure Mr. Maheshwari.” Jared left the place, giving her a sweet smile.

Now she was there, with him, among others. She felt suffocating, with him, there. She move a little away but collided back to a hard chest with a great force. She stumbled but he hold her like his precious possession. He turned her around to him. She try her level best to avoid his gaze. He grabbed her by waist, like a possessive lover. She tremble like a leaf under his intense actions.

“Fully enjoyed ur dance with that jerk, right?” he, in a cut n cold tone, pulling her more close to him, that there is no place left for the air to pass by, in between them.

She became shocked to hear him. She struggle a lot in his iron hold but he made it impossible, for her, to escape his hold.

“Don’t try too much dear, it will hurt u more.” he leaned to her height, she looked at him with a shocked n scared look.

“What happened now, hmm? Don’t u enjoying the dance with me? Or there is something especial in him that I lacked of, according to u? Come on, tell me miss Rai. Let me know what u want in a man. I can prove u….. I’m a capable man,….. just give me a chance.” he said huskily, while resting his chin on her shoulder n feeling her hot,flushed cheek with his face, all over.

She was unable to do anything as in his iron grip. She felt terribly humiliated by his every word, but she is not in a position to struggle in his hold, anymore. They were swaying in a background melody, like a lovey-dovey couple. She was sweating profusely with suffocation, uncomfortableness, fear, humiliation, anger n all worst feelings, under his control.

He started to loose control over himself in the milky, soft touch of her delicate body.
‘Oh, how I wanted to hold her in my embrace, from a long time.’ he thought.
Her heavenly body is attaching to his hard one. His mind stopped functioning, desires took the control. His lips itch to touch her milky skin n explore it. He slowly trailed up her swan like neck to chin, cheek n all the way over her lips, but stopped abruptly as she lost her consciousness n faint in his embrace.


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Hope u like it, n yeah, please ignore the mistakes. For any confusion, ur comments will be warmly welcomed by me. Keep smiling dea………s.

Credit to: RSR

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