You Are The One – Chapter 2

Hearing the announcement a huge smile comes upon Anika’s Face
. Anika : A girl with huge respect for everyone ,a dog lover and a person who spreads peace, also belongs to a well reputed family?
Anika takes her handbag and while going out thanks the airhostess.She reaches the Mumbai airport and looks at it with twinkling eyes as that was the first time she saw it in real.She got her luggage and formalities done.
She went out to find a person holding her name and she found another person holding the name “Shivay”.She got shocked
A: (mind)he also here got why can’t you leave me alone.Why does he not let me live in peace.

Right now she just wanted to search her name.She quickly found it and went.She sat in the car

On the other side a young handsome charming man with spectacles all over his face.He dint look rude but u can never judge a person.Isn’t it?

Anika’s car went and So did Shivay’s Anika reached her appartment and she found she was sharing the apartment with another person. She knocked the door.
The girl slowly opened the door and introduced herself as Zoya
A: Zoya nice name ?
Z: Thank you ?Come in
A:Yeah but later I need to eat something?
Z: Yeah that’s the reason I am calling you in
A: to eat?
Z: Yeah don’t you like pizza .
A: I love pizza
Z: Then let’s pounce??

A: Let’s do it????
On the other side Shivay just sits in the car when boom.Shivay gets a mini heart attack
Rudra : Hey Bhaiya
Shivay: Execuseme
Rudra :ok fine u look so old so I thought bhaiya will suit
Shivay : Fhat The Wuck
Rudra: Wowww I missed this dialouge so much
Shivay : Whatever
Rudra : You’ve become so arrogant I am gonna tell aunty
Shivay:WTH dude ok finee what do u want
Rudra : PaPaPani Puri
Shivay : Ok but not from a hotel?
Rudra : Yayyy
Shivay and Rudra eating panic puri
Rudra : So
Shivay :So?
Rudra : So got any girlfriend
Shivay face freezes???

Interesting parts to come?
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