You Are The One (Chapter 19)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

Her eyes got open, in the middle of the night. She felt warm, strong n protective shield plastering on her front n a muscular band of hands around her, comforting her, in every possible way. Her head was resting on the hard flesh wall. She lift up her aching head a little, only to see his dear face, drowned deep into a peaceful sleep. Her heart ached, remembering about the recent happenings. Her dream world shattered, completely, just in a blink n now the broken pieces were giving her very fresh n raw wounds, with every passing moment.

‘Y couldn’t u trust me? Y don’t u? I loved u, truly, now also I can’t deny the fact that I can’t hate u but just a complain, how can u thought something like that about me? I gave u myself, completely, but what u returned me as reward? U posed me as a gold digger sl*t, who can go to any length for….money, how could u? Might I ever gave u any hint of invitation for the ****? How could u concluded something like that about me? Ur suspicion ruled over our love, how?’ Her breathe stuck on her throat n the pool of tears trailed down her eyes n then something hit her.

‘I can’t hate u, however how much I would try to, but one thing I won’t love u too, after whatever happened between us. It’s my biggest mistake to crossed the path, out of my way but now, I’ll be right back on my track. U taught me an important lesson for my very life Sanskar Maheswari, I’ll never forget it.’

Her posture straightened a little n his grip tightened on her, in his sleep also. She stopped on her track, feeling his muscular band on her getting cozy, his masculine perfume pulled her intensely close to lost in him, for the very life. She rest her head near, on his heart, listening to her favorite n soothing rhythm. It gave her a feeling of peace, liveliness n a boost from all the recent happenings. A beautiful memory from their past pulled her back, a drop of tear trailed down her eyes n dropped right down on his heart n it accompanied by several drops, drenching his t-shirt’s particular side. His posture erected a little n she composed herself.

Everything get back to the normal again, n she get into her approach to free herself from his hold. After a lot of difficulty n smooth trials, she freed herself n stepped out of the bed, carefully. She looked back at his sleeping posture, once, before stepping outside the room n her eyes caught his mobile phone on the top of the cabinet right beside his side of bed, in the dull blue light. Her eyes gleamed up n steps moved towards it, slowly. She took the phone, stopping her breathe, closing her eyes tightly n ran out of the room, quickly.

She escaped out of his reign, all broken, emotionally, physically n mentally. He really punished her a real hard, for the fault she never committed n now there is nothing left in her to get a hold on herself but just a phrase for the upcoming life,
‘Go With The Flow’.

She walked, gathering all her strength for a long, then after covering a long gap of way, she made a call, without looking back at the hell.

“I need ur help, trace this no. n come fast, I’m on the way.” She.

He felt chilly stinging breeze on his chest n his eyes jerked open. He clutched at his t-shirt, the side was fully drenched n his eyes shift to her side. She was not there, his mind numbed looking at the empty side of bed. His body began to shake in anger, frown, desperation, frustration n all n it took a swift move to get out of the bed. He checked inside the washroom, then hall, kitchen, terrace n all, but she is no where to be found. A hurt curled up inside his left part of the chest n his hand clutched at there in utter rage.

“U again fooled me, y? U left me, u ran away from me, y don’t u understand I need u? I can’t live without u. I was thinking of giving us a chance n u took this step, just to realize me my stupidity, again. I was feeling myself guilty for ur condition but no, I was right, u deserve that n lot more. This time I’ll make sure to close all ur ways that lead u away from me n all the ways u choose would be end up to me, just wait. U took a lot of advantage of my love, now be ready for my wrath Ms Ragini Rai.” He cried out, loud, in a complaining tone n end up in a determined, destructive voice.

His demeanor hardened n he stormed out of the house taking his car keys.

“Ran how much u can, u can never escape me. I’ll find u, anyhow, over the crowd of the many. U r making me mad, right, now be ready to bear my madness. U’ll also feel the same pain I’m going through, for sure. U turned my life into a game n me as ur play toy, right, now it’s my turn to return u all, with interest.” He clutched at the steering wheel, tightly, n his car rushed away, in search of her.

Thank u so much for reading.

Guys, bear this misunderstanding for some more, because it’s the flavour of the story. I’ll make it all, at the appropriate place, soon.


Credit to: RSR

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