SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 4)

Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff. Thanks for the love n support to all of u.

Episode 3

Home Sweet Home. Ragini reached her little heaven, exhausted n infuriated, n knocked at the door, gently. The door clicked open n, she saw a girl n a boy pushing each other in front of the door. She got a necessary boost to lift up her mood n a smile appeared on her lips.

“What r u doing, guys? Come on, give me a break. I’m just fade up watching ur tom n jerry show, every time.” She entered inside n fell down freely on her back, on the couch.

“Ragu Di, u know I never initiate any fights, it’s always this lady bug, who drag me in such nonsense.” Tarang, their younger brother, said in a complaining tone.

“Oh…ho…baby bear is complaining about an innocent, beautiful n gorgeous angel to his momma bear.” Swara, her younger sister, no. 1 chatter box, mocked at them.

“Oh god! where r the beautiful, innocent n gorgeous angels?” He, act like searching here n there.

“R u blind, look here, u baby bear.” Swara, irritated.

“U.. lady bug.” He too in the same tone.

“Just shut up u two. U r not small kids anymore. Swara, u r 21 n Taru, u r 19, just put some sense in ur big heads guys. Now go inside, I want a normal environment here, please keep ur world war aside for a moment.” Ragini, boggled in anger n stepped inside her room.

They kept quiet n Swara stepped inside her sister’s room, after a while. There her sister was standing in front of the window, looking outside.

“Anything, u want to share?” Swara, in a low voice.

Ragini let out a sigh n turned around.

“I’ve done my part of work, very well, now only ur part is left.” Ragini.

“Really? Oh gosh! let’s see then, what have u recorded in my sparrow?” Swara, excitedly, jumping near Ragini n looking towards the pendant around her neck.

He was driving in his car. He got the clearance regarding her, from the jerk. Now, it’ll takes no time to make her fall into his trap. His head filled with her thoughts.

The touch of her soft, delicate n heavenly body was lingering in his hard body, till now. His body thrilled in an irresistible affect. Her attitude, personality, beauty, everything, just perfectly raising the heat n intensity inside of him. It’s not that he is doing this for the first time but something is different in this case. The girl he lounging for is just making him crazy, even in his thoughts also. His one hand placed on his cheek, where she slapped him n a boyish smile played on his lips.

“Just wait for some more, girl, n u’ll be in my arms, all mine.” A deep husky murmur.

Suddenly, something flashed on his eyes, something happened, his body ruffled on the hard surface n everything darkened around his senses.

The sisters were watching something on the laptop, keenly.

“Wow, I mean, it’s fantastic Rags. U’ve recorded the face of the crowd just pretending as a saviour of the society. It’ll help us to uncover their real face in front of all.” Swara, enthusiastically.

“Focus on the trap, n leave others, for now. We need to focus on that moron Akhil Solanki, rest r out of our concern. I just hate that man. I want to see him behind the bars, anyhow.” Ragini, ferociously.

A deep,cold n stinging silence appeared in between them, for some time.

“Don’t worry, we will punish him for his deeds.” Swara, in a crack voice.

Ragini understood her sister’s situation n felt bad.

“Hey, y r u crying? Don’t cry, whatever happened, that was all because of him, u don’t need to feel sorry or guilty for that.” Ragini, in a soothing tone.

“But Rags, somewhere I always found myself responsible for ‘momma-papa’s death. It all happened because of that scoundrel’s lust, on me.” Swara, covering her face with her palms.

“Don’t u ever dare to say something like this, or I’ll beat u, understood?” Ragini, lovingly hugged Swara n she too, reciprocated.

They remained like that for some time n a beeping sound pulled them out of trance. Swara picked up her phone, it’s from one of her hot n fresh news provider man.





“OK. Where?”


“City Care Hospital.”

She cut the call n picked up all her stuffs in a hurry. Ragini was observing her all the while.

“What happened?” Ragini.

“Rags, I need to go now, there occurred an accident case, n u know who is the person…” Swara, breathlessly, widening her eyes, “Sanskar Maheswari.”

The name hit Ragini’s senses with a perfect intensity n in the next moment a satisfied smile covered her lips.

“Y r u smiling now? Here, my breathe is hacking up in the throat n u r acting all cool.” Swara, bit irritated.

“He is no one to us, to be act like someone near to us, n just stop acting like his butterfly.” Ragini, curtly.

“I wish, I can.” Swara, dreamily.

“Shut up, n do ur work. It’s too late, sleep now, no need to go anywhere.” Ragini, annoyed.

“What happened to u, suddenly? U r acting weird n by the way I have to go as u know it’s my job. In this field, time doesn’t matter but work, always n u know that very well, momma bear.” Swara, holding Ragini’s chin.

“I said, NO, u r alone.” Ragini.

“If u have that much problem then u can join with me, what’s say?” Swara, cutely.

Thank u so much for reading.

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, actually I was at my home due to election fever n it was my 1st time(vote). I could hardly got a time to update other ff, so sorry n now enjoy…


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