You Are The One (Chapter 17)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

There occurred a dead silence. The words pierced deeply in her sense. She fell deep down to the hell. Something crashed down n something formed hard, inside of her. Her eyes were flowing down continuously, like hell but nothing came out in response. Her gaze stuck with his piercing one, if trying to differentiate between the man she fell for n the man in front of her, offering her something beyond her imagination. But there is nothing like regrets in his demeanor but a clear determination, frown, anger n destruction.

‘He ruined u, completely. He proved u today that he was behind u only for **** sake. He never loved u, not before, not now. The love was one sided, u loved him only. N now he opened ur eyes, to a harsh reality.’ Her eyes shut down, tightly, if controlling her tears.

‘Face the reality. Ur dreams were short lived. Come to the real world. U r not that weak to even not having a control over self. U can stand up n walk again, alone, without him. He is not the one for u, keep it in ur mind. He won’t deserve u, just have faith on urself. Try to focus on urself now, because whatever happened u can’t change that.’ Something strong formed inside of her.

“As u have concluded very well about myself n gave me a great offer, but for now I want to be alone for some time n one more thing I’m rejecting ur offer.” She, coldly.

His posture straightened up hearing her tone n words. She was sounding different from his expectation. It triggered on his coiling thoughts n raised his frustration. He want to hear her guilty, soft n repenting voice but it’s all different, no sign of such feelings. N addition to that she is refusing him, straight on his face.

‘Professional player, bl**dy tease.’

“I don’t need ur confirmation, n by the way it’s ur punishment for messing up with my life, so be ready to step inside the hell waiting for u desperately.” He, in a grave voice.

“I don’t care whatever u’ve think about me. It’s my life, I better know what to do with it. Stop acting like my master.” She stepped out of the bed, with a lot of difficulty, clutching the quilt on her chest n approached towards the washroom with her stumbling steps. without looking at the man, staring at her blankly.

His gaze shift to the bed after she closed the door of the washroom, there is blood stains on the bed sheet.

“Oh shit!”

His eyes shut tightly in clear frown n desperation, n hands clutched at his hairs in frustration.

‘Y m I feeling bad? She deserve this for her deeds. See the only side, that’s her deceive.’ His form hardened with the thought n he stormed out of the room.


He was looking outside the window, the darkness was looming over the dullness of faint light, within it’s shades, resembling his present, in all means, lost in own thoughts. His eyes were puffed n continuously flowing down without any obstacles.

‘I’ve committed a biggest mistake of my life that I fell for her, without knowing her properly, against my self. N, What have I became now? Just a sack of emotional blunder, an emotional fool, crying here for her betrayal. After all this also, my heart is aching like hell, seeing her n it fell weak around her. N there she is not even have a feeling of guilt or something for her deeds, pretending all innocent.’ His hands clenched in fist n wiped off the rolling tears, “Enough, now. U showed me the vulnerable side of mine Ragini, which I hated the most in my life. Now, u’ll see the real face of mine.”

“I want to leave now.” Her voice hit him from the back, grabbing all his attention, in once.

He turned around to her side, she was all ready in her blue dress, as always looking adorable, just her glow n smile r missing, there. His eyes searched for some guilt on her face but all in vain. She was there, standing like a rock.

“U can’t.” He, controlling the insecurities curling inside.

“I want to leave, Now, Mr. Maheswari.” She, nonchalantly.

“Didn’t u hear me, I said, u can’t leave from here.” He, bit irritated.

She didn’t give any heed to his command n approached towards the main door. His muscles activated suddenly n in the next moment her body was in his clutch, just at the doorstep.

“Don’t touch me, n stop behaving like my owner. U r no one to m,e just like I’m nothing to u.” She, sharply.

“Who told u, u r nothing to me, u r everything for me…” He cried out, in a pain but then composed himself, “U r my life’s biggest lesson n head turner.” Sarcastically.

“U know what, u r one of the egoistic, arrogant n self-centered being, trying to have a control over that, of which u can never took a hold. But thank u so much that u opened my eyes n realized me, my mistake.” She, in a stinging tone.

His conclusions about her trembled for a moment but then her phone buzzed up, again, arising his temper from deep inside. Before she could take a move towards there he dragged her with him, there.

His hand grabbed the phone in anger but this time the call was from an ISD no. He received the call n turned on the loudspeaker.

“Hello gorgeous, remember me?” A familiar voice asked her, excitedly, from the other end.

His posture straightened up hearing the voice n she snatched the cellphone from his clutch.

“Hey Jared, what’s up man?” She, sounding cool.

“Messed up. U know what, u stole my heart long back n now it become difficult for me to live a second without it, so I’m again visiting ur place. Be ready with my heart n please don’t break it, it’s only piece.” He, playfully.

His mind released the burning sensations all over his body hearing their conversation.

“Oh really, then come fast because being a professional player u know what, I don’t even have an idea when my mind change n I’ll play the football with ur soft heart.” She, taunting at the man next to her.

His eyes narrowed at her.

“Oh god, someone is sounding desperate for my arrival, more.” He chuckled.

Addition of more anger.

“Not bad.” She laughed a fake one, without heeding at the man boiling in anger in front of her.

All his anger crossed it’s limit n a deep frustration triggered from deep inside of him. Something happened in a blink n there are pieces of her mobile phone on the marble floor, here n there.

“So, now u r showing ur true colours openly, hmmm?” He shook her in extreme rage.

“Whatever happened between us, that doesn’t means u’ll treat me as ur own possession, all the time. Just leave me. U had posed me as a gold digger b*t*h, right, so let it be me only, don’t behave like my character.” She jerked his hands off her.

But he again took the hold of her hand.

“What u r think of urself, hmm? After all ur shameful deeds also, u don’t even have a guilt or regrets like something on ur face…” He.

“Oh, so u r waiting for me to beg for ur forgiveness, Mr. Maheswari?” She mocked at him.

His hold turned into brutal one n she winced in pain.

“Now, as u r coming straight with ur true self, then let’s not waste the time, just confront each other, tonight.” He, looking at her face sternly.

“As we have gone through many up n downs, let’s do it also, I don’t have any problem but after that u have to leave me, at my place.” She.

“So, u r dealing with me. OK, let’s do it.”


Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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