You Are The One (Chapter 16)

Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

She felt him, all over her, burning with desires. His hot, hard n trembling body was all ready to explore her. N in the next moment, she felt his passionate kisses all over her bare body parts, incessantly. Her breathe hacked for a moment, when his hands made it’s way back to the black thread of her blouse n her protest came out for the last time.

“Please, stop.”

N she felt his hot lips on her, acting wildly, fiercely n passionately. He kissed her, gathering all his emotions. He wanted the moment to stop, right there, like this, for ever.

Though his actions were wild n she felt uncomfortable with that but then also, she gave herself fully to him as in that little moment she’ll going to be his in a far way. She felt satisfied with the thought n his body began to react on her creamy layer to bring out of its outer cover. She pulled a quilt over them.

The two body was lost in each other, in their world. The heat transmitted between their bodies n they cuddled, each other, passionately. Where he drowned deep inside the world of pleasure, she went through the horrible n terrible pain.

Pool of tears streamed down her eyes on the process of controlling the urge to break down n burst into a loud cry as she doesn’t want him to feel anything bad for her condition.

“What happened? Is it paining a lot?” His soothing n concerned voice hit her ears, after a while.

She nod in negative first but seeing his unconvinced gaze she respond in positive, innocently.

Something changed inside of him. His hard body soften on her n she felt his heavy body shift beside her from top of her body.

“It’s our first time, I know we both experienced it for the first time. I’m happy that I’m the one who explore u for the first time n I’ll make it’ll be me only, for every time.” He muttered in breathy whisper, satisfied.

She couldn’t hear him because of her full concentration on her pain. She felt a sudden pull n her vulnerable body collide on his front, in a next moment n a band of arms circled around her possessively.

He opened his eyes n felt little headache. His eyes trailed down on her sleeping figure. She is still lying on his chest, in a deep sleep. A smile creased on his lips n his hand trailed over her face, lovingly. He placed the traces of her hair behind her ears, which was disturbing him to see her dear face clearly, n he saw her tear stained face. N the charm around him broke off as his mind remind him about her betrayal. A stinging sensation curled inside his left part of the chest.

“LOVE……nonsense.” He let out a sarcastic smile remembering all the happenings.

He get out of the bed, without disturbing her, covering her properly n entered inside the washroom, after looking back at her sleeping figure, once.

She was still on her sleep when he came out of the washroom after taking bath. A deep, dark n heavy thought of something very unsuitable strike his mind. His legs moved with a long strides towards her n his hand checked on her forehead n neck, to confirm if she is ok or not. N a sigh of relief escaped his mouth confirming she is alright. He pulled her sleeping figure into a tight hug to control his ocean of emotions swirling inside, thinking about her not-so-good condition for a moment.

Her slumber broke with his sudden pull n a bone aching pain course through her every parts of body, a drop of tear escaped but it vanished hearing his sweet, concerned n breathy whisper on her skin,

“U took away my breathe for a moment girl. Thank god! u r alright.”

She placed her hand around him in response. His muscles reflexed in anticipation n he tightens his grip, more. They remained like that for a long.

“See, u again fooled me girl n I again behaved like a mad. Now, I got clear, I’m also the reason for my condition. I made everything so easy n simple for u, that’s y u came to this level to destroy me, in a blink, right?” He, in a sarcastic tone, broke the silence, outside the hell.

Her mind numbed by hearing his words n tone. It confused her as what he was talking about n she looked up at his face to know what is running around his mind.

“Don’t act like an innocent soul now as I’ve came to know everything about u. Who u r? What u r upto? n Y u r here for?” He, gravely, looking deep into his eyes.

She froze, eyes widen in shock n demeanor harden by hearing him n he took it as cent percent confirmation from her side too. His posture straightened up on the bed with her vulnerable figure, with a jerk.

“So, u were cheating on me all the time just for the sake of f*****g hell. I would have given u all, if u asked me for once but no u choose the very wrong way… y? Y dammit?” He shook her.

She saw her world, dreams n future crushing down right in front of her eyes. Every pieces pricked her eyes, heart n soul.

“Ur silence proved everything, clear. U r a gold digger. U cheated me with that man, Lakshmi…urf…Lucky, ur partner, correct?” He said near her ear n his hand travelled around her neck.

These words hit her head with an unexpected blow. Yeah, his conclusion was different n totally nonsense from the truth she was thinking about.

“Do u have any idea, what u r talking about?” She, composing herself.

“Yeah, because now, I’m in my full sense, for the first time. Don’t try to create anymore illusions, now it’ll not work.” He, looking deep into her eyes, with his complaining coal black eyes.

“How can u think like that about me, after all whatever happened between us? I gave u myself, whole heartedly because I love u n I’m not a gold digger. I don’t need ur anything.” Her voice cracked up n an unbearable pain spread all over her senses.

Though he want to hurt her n make her realise the pain he was suffering from but his heart began to melt down seeing her condition.

“Don’t use that word again. It doesn’t suit u. N whatever happened between us, it proved that, to how much length u can go for ur goal.” He pulling her on his chest.

A tight slap on her loyalty, love n self respect but she controlled herself not to breakdown in front of him.

“U really think like that, about me?” She asked him, in a determined tone.

“U know that, clearly.” He.

“Then y don’t u leave me?” His mind numbed with that but nothing came out of his mouth.

“Leave me, now as u got whatever u wanted from me including ur revenge.” She pushing him away from her, using all her strength n wrapped herself with the quilt.

“I won’t leave u, till my last breathe. U have to be punished for ur deeds.” He, getting up from the bed n facing the other side.

“Now, what u want from me?” She cried out in extreme pain.

“U taught me a lesson n I want u to be with me all my life for reminding me about that.” He, in an uncaring.

“Just come straight Mr. Maheswari.” She, irritated.

“Be my Mistress.” He turned around to face her.


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