You Are The One (Chapter 15)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much.

He moved towards the wooden cabinets attached there on the corner wall n opened it. She saw no. of variety bottles inside there. He took out a bottle of rum.

“R u kidding me, Sir? I can’t shift here. I’m alright, I don’t need this all.” Ragini, tensed.

He open the bottle, poured the content into a glass n gulped it down, neat. Herb eyes widen in shock.

“I’m not asking u. U r shifting here from now, that’s it.” He dangerously flung the words.

“But..” She.

“Shh..hh don’t talk in this matter, anymore now.” He, in a cut tone.

She observed something strange in his behaviour n turned around to go somewhere but before her legs could take a move his hand captivated her by shoulder, tightly n she winced in pain.

“Where r u going?” He.

“What happened to u? I want to freshen up, where is washroom?” She, confused.


He showed her the way n get back to his job. He gulped down 3 neat pegs, in no time. His eyes turned into a blood shot watery ball, outraged with something n it flashed on his mind.

He was so happy that, today is their 1st official date n he is determined to invite her into his life, with full right, today. Yeah, he’ll going to propose her. He researched in every possible way to arrange for a romantic date. His car took a halt near a flower shop n a smile creased on his lips seeing a bucket of red rose there. He stepped out of the car n bought it.

He saw her when he was about to get into the car, on the opposite side, inside CCD, with another man, hugging n smiling. His eyes couldn’t believe the sight n his moves unknowingly made it’s made it’s way near the sight. N his anger stepped to another level when the face of the man revealed, he is the same one whom he saw last time, at her apartment building. His demeanor hardened n filled with anger, frustration n the feeling of betrayal.

‘Is she playing with me? Who the hell is that bastard? What is the relation between them? N most important, y is she here, when we already have a plan to go out? What is she behind…?’

She stepped out of the cafe, all glowing as he said something near her ear before leaving the place n his hand curled into a fist, very tightly.

He saw that man(Lucky), went towards the counter. He stepped inside n moved towards his unknown enemy but before reaching near him, his eyes caught her mobile phone which she left, there on the table. He lift the phone n keep it inside his pocket. He turned to leave but collide with someone, none other than his newly discovered enemy. He observed a shocked n tensed lines on his forehead. His demeanor harden n a feeling of rip off the bastard into pieces, for daring to touched his girl, ent

They stared each other for a long, none try to express any sign of apology to other but looked like born enemies confronting each others.

“Man, keep ur eyes on ur way. Don’t try to cross other’s path, who knows, what kind of hurdles u can get there, u can’t even think.” Sanskar, sarcastically.

“Yeah, I agree n by the way, I don’t have to worry about it as I’m on my way, so there is problems for other who r trying to cross my way.” Laksh, in an equally harsh tone.

Both parted their way, infuriated. He was driving when her phone ringed. He took out her phone n saw the name flashing on the screen…Lucky.

“Lakshmi.” A word escaped his mouth as his mind remind him about the last night.

His hand banged on the steering in utter frustration, leg pressed on the brake n car took a halt in the middle of the road.

‘So, Miss Ragini Rai, u r playing ur double game with me, right. Play, how much u can, but now I’m no more any pawn in ur game because from now I’m on this game, playing along, with u, against u. U messed with a wrong person n it’s ur life’s biggest mistake to play with my feelings. Now, u’ll pay for this, a big price, for sure, just wait n watch, what I’ll do with u..’

His brain stung with all the thoughts of her betrayals. He gulped down the hard drink, one after another in his anger. At last, she came back n his eyes trailed down her teasing profile in a lazy drawl..

“Bl**dy tease.” He muttered inside n approached towards her with his stumbling steps.

His hand grabbed her n pulled her into a bone crushing hug n she winced.

“I have something for u. Go inside that room, there is something for u. I want u to wear that n come.” He point towards a room without breaking the hug.

She smiled for the first time, in their meet, heartily.

“Strawberry…” He said in a husky tone n her mind remind her, what will come next, now.

She hugged him tight n burried her face on his chest, all blushed.

“Leave me now.” She softly murmured on his chest but the hold tightened around her, more.

She lift up her head to meet with his gaze n then saw his red bloodshot eyes n murderous shade on his face.

‘Now, what have I done?’ Her heart flinched in fear.

“Don’t u ever dare to use that word. I’ll not let u to leave me. U r mine, only MINE.” He, gravely.

She felt delighted at the same time tensed as well. Looking at his madness, her sensations pulled her mind to all the directions in a little time.

“Actually, I was talking about going to have ur surprise for me.” She, in a low voice.

“Oh yeah, go.” He.

“Then leav..” His recent act flashed in her eyes n she stopped on her track for a while, “I mean to say, take ur hands off me n let me have my surprise, please.” She, looking at his hands, circling around her waist, tightly.

His grip loosened a little but not completely n her eyes looked at him, confused.

“Do u want me to help u?” He, with a mischievous smile.

“Let me see first, what’s the surprise n then I’ll decide whether I need ur help or not.” She pushed him, softly on his chest n ran inside the room.

There is a red coloured simple, elegant saree on the bed. A blush covered her skin remembering his words n her hand covered her mouth in excitement looking at the beautiful saree.

Her phone ranged again n he saw that name, again…Lucky…n it stopped after some time. He swiped the screen, her pouty face flashed on the screen n his fingers played on the screen in a lazy swipe.

“Y? Y r u cheating on me? Y?…” He murmured, alone, like a mad n a message tone buzzed up. Screen showed the name..Lucky..n his anger reached to it’s peak.

‘Babe, sorry to disturb u in ur date but I think he got a doubt on us because he came there at the cafe after ur leave, so be careful n take care…’

His hand caught the bottle n broke it down on the floor in utter rage n the glass pieces dispersed all over.

“So u r a gold digger, teaming up with that bastard to trap me, right. U choose the wrong way to achieve ur goal, now it’ll cost u more, in return.” A hot n stinging drop of tear full of vengeance rolled down his cheeks n hes fingers wiped it off, in an uncaring manner.

‘U did very wrong girl. U filled me with the emotions n u broke it along, now be ready to get back all, in installment, all ur life.’

“What happened? R u all right?” She, looking down to the floor.

He turned around n a sadistic smile creased on his lips.

‘How much I love this girl, now also but what she did to me? She used my love, my emotions n pretended like loving me, more than her life. b*t*h, acting like an innocent soul just to make me fool. But this time, a hunter will be turned into a hunt. Just wait a little more, I’ll defeat u in ur own game.’

“It’s nothing, just the bottle slipped off my hand.” He, scanning her attractive curvy figure, moved towards her n took the hold on her waist, “Well, u r looking sinfully beautiful, gorgeous…hot…n s*xy.” He, huskily, trailing her blushing face with his lips.

“Please, stop.” She, in a breathy whisper.

“I can’t control myself. I want u to make mine, forever.” He lift her up, in his arms n stepped inside the room.

“This is not right.” She, in an affected tone.

“This is not wrong.” He.

He placed her on the bed n covered her soft, creamy n delicate body with his hard n broad one.

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Credit to: RSR

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