You Are The One (Chapter 14)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

At the cafe.

She entered inside, in a different than usual attire, navy blue knee length, cut sleeve dress, hair in a tight bun, looking extremely beautiful. Her eyes scanned around there, for once, n it fixed seeing a familiar face. A warm n sweet smile creased on her lips n she approach towards him.

“Oh girl! u gave me a heart attack, u know, when u entered inside, I was thinking of flirting with a newbie n then realized it’s u. I just can’t believe my eyes, what…. a…… change? But must say, u r looking hot, dea.” He, playfully.

“Or. Come on, say something, more, dig ur grave, with ur own, come on I don’t have much charge left in my phone.” She, nastily.

“”What do u mean, dea?” He.

“I’m thinking of sending a voice record to Shona, so speak up, at least for a minute more.” She smiled at him n he froze.

“Oh fox! y r u behind my healthy love life? Just delete that, whatever u have recorded in ur trap box, right now, ok.” He, tensed n irritated.

“Y should I? I’ll keep it, at least, she also need to know fully about her boyfriend, how he is in reality?” She chuckled n he frowned.

“Hey please delete that, I’ll die if she got to know about something like that.” He, in a serious tone.

“Oh baby, I’ll not allow u to do such stupidity, ok.” She tapping on his head.

“Bullshit, how could u think I’ll suicide, she’ll kill me, then n there, on the spot.” He annoyed n she laughed.

“She loves u a lot, I know, that’s y I jumped into the pit to solve ur problem, just only for ur love. Yeah, bit possessive she is but it’s ok, u need that, very badly.” She.

“Oh please…. stop ur boring lecture now n blurt out that important thing u want to say?” He.

“I found my future, finally.” She dreamily.

“What?” He blankly.

“I’m no more single, stupid.” She, patting on his head.

“What??” His eyes popped out, “No way. Its definitely a dream, right. U n love, it’s next to impossible. I’m dreaming.” He ranted like an insane.

“Idiot.” She slapped him hard, on his face.

“What the ****, girl?” He boggled.

“My exclusive attempt to bring u back to reality, n see it did work, in seconds.” She.

“Shut up, ok, n what did u say before that, oh my mind, that means u really got engage to that……. Sanskar Maheswari?” He, still in a shock.

She smiled n his mouth become like an ‘O’.

“U know, what is the best part, I’ve started to believe in destiny.” She smiled, full of filling.

“Ha..ha..April Fool, right? How silly girl, it’s too much ok. Do u want to fool me whole month?” He laughed like a mad.

“Will u take me seriously or not?” She gravely.

“How?” He, shocked.

“Just kkeep aside ur question bank n let me tell u something very especial..” She inhaled a deep breath, ” ..he is after me, from months back.”

“What? But u told that he is not like that, that means…. he was interested in u from starting, there, right? Such a phoney fellow.”

As soon as he finished, a shuddering slap imprinted on his face.

“Ahh…. now what..???” He, confused n irritated .

“Don’t interrupt n especially don’t use ur milligrams brain, which always come out with bullshit.” She irritated, “Whatever, now listen carefully, u know 6 months back, at TG resto-bar, we were there after him….”

“Yeah³, n u sang a classic song there n ……” He stopped seeing her sharp stare, “Sorry.” He, with a puppy face.

“Yeah, he was searching me from then, like a mad. He know only my voice not face n he fell for me without knowing I’m the one, whom he is searching from a long.” She cheerily.

“Oh my mind! superb story, which movie?” He teased her, “Sorry, how did he react?”

“Actually, he have no idea about this. I’ll not allow him to know me that easily. I want to see his eagerness little more, for me, without realising the fact.” She.

“1 minute girl, u r fusing my mind, just clear up all.” He.

She explained him everything.

“That sketch is an important piece, which reveal him about me but nothing to worry as I’ve already worked on it.” She smiled mischievously.

“What have u done, girl?” He, curiously.

“I locked that into my locker.” She.

“How much will u play girls?” He.

“Don’t try to represent all of ur kind, boy, got to go now, as I’ve already made a plan for today.” She.

“What plan?” He.

“Be ready for another shock, today is our 1st date.” She blushed.

He was drinking his coffee when spilled out, suddenly, hearing what she said.

“Cool man, ok bye, I’ve to go now.” She hugged him n he too hugged her tight.

“Feel good for u, at last, u also joined the group.” They broke their hug, “How was the kiss?” Her face dipped into the red shed seeing his stare at her marked lips.

“Oh god, don’t give me too much of shock, u too know, how to blush?” He teased her.

“Just stop it, stupid.” She stepped out of there, happily.

She reached her apartment building but before she could entered inside, his red Lamborghini arrived there n he stepped out, looking extremely hot n dashing in his three piece. He approached towards her n hugged her tight, she felt bit strange n uncomfortable as there were some peoples around, but she stood like that without any protest. After that he dragged her towards the car, looking at his cars, anyone could guess that he is mad for the cars. He drive the car with his one hand while in other, he is holding hers. Everything felt bit strange for her but she silently try to get into it.

They reached a secluded area, no crowd, no lives, nothing at all. A piercing chill ran down her spine, suddenly n in the next moment, she was blindfolded by him.

“What is this, Sir..?” She asked n a feathery kiss, she felt on her lips.

“Shhh…hhh no talks, it’s a surprise.” He, huskily.

Something ruffled inside her n her mind occupied with mixture of emotions curiosity, happiness, fear n all.

Suddenly, he lift her up n her heart jumped to her throat.

“What r u doing?” She.

“Practice… how to lift u up n then…” He kissed her gently, she blushed.

After some time, he placed her on something spongy.

‘Oh god!’

Her heart began to thumping like hell, he slowly removed the blindfold off her eyes n her eyes caught a very beautiful decoration. Its a palace like something, tall flowery patterned walls, a spacious room in which everything was arranged there, neatly.

He dragged her to him n dipped his head in the crook of her neck, her head turned up in a reflex n her eyes caught the especially designed roof of the house, its transparent n the blue sky was clearly visible.


“U like it?” He looked at her surprised face, n she nod in positive.

“It’s for u.” He.

“What?” She.

“U r shifting here, from now.” He turned to other side n she felt something weird.


Thank u so much for reading.


Credit to: RSR

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