You Are The One (Chapter 13)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

She was lying on her bed, blushing all the while, reminiscing their 1st kiss. She got her heaven without any wish. Her mind is silent now, only heart was there with her. After Lucky, he is the one, whom she can called as her own.

‘How my life took a turn? Till yesterday I was a blank person, there were only vacuum in my heart, n now, he occupied my heart, with full right. Oh my god! the rude, arrogant, stone hearted, business minded my so called boss is my lover now, how tacky?’ She chuckled, ‘But as I know, life is a Pandora’s box, really, can’t say what will come out next. N Destiny, I never believed in, but it played a really surprising game with me. Oh god! please, let it be like this, always. Don’t make me alone again. I don’t want to be alone anymore, my eyes began to dream of a different n beautiful world, a small house, with him n our small family. Please, don’t break it. Let me be happy in my world god, please.’ She closed her eyes.

‘Lucky! oh gosh! I need to tell him everything, after all, he is my best buddy.’ She smiled n picked her phone from the bed.

‘Meet me at CCD, tomorrow sharp at 9 a.m. need to talk, something very important.’ She typed n messaged him.

‘Now, he can’t be able to sleep.’ She smirked.

After some time, her phone buzzed up with a message tone n she smiled.

‘This Lucky will never change, how curious he become by a message, cha.. ch.., my Snoopy, softcore, teddy friend, I’ll not tell u now, though I’m also going through the same urge but I’ll make u wait. Let’s have a fun.’

She checked the message, 2 messages from Lucky, screen flashed, ‘Come on, tell me I can’t wait, for too long.’
‘I’ll definitely come to ur room now, if I won’t get it, totally.’

‘Ha..ha.. take this as today’s torture.’ She laughed.

“Ting…tong..” Call bell ringed.

“Oh god! this curious head of man will never give me a break to have my sweet time, in the midnights also.” She frowned n looked at the wall clock, it’s 11:15.

She reached at the main door n opened the door irritated, without looking at the man in front of her n her eyes widen when she felt a band of arm circling her waist, tightly n inhaling the fragrance of her hair n she escaped his hold with a jerk.

“What is this Luck….” She stopped seeing him, instead of Lucky n her eyes popped out.

‘What is he doing here?’

“What did u say Luck….?” He narrowed his gaze on her.

“ I thought u as my friend Lakshmi, she used to disturbed me in mid hours.” She tried to set everything right but her own physical system put her to a complicated situation as small drops of sweats formed on her forehead profusely, while saying this n his sharp stare noticed it.

“Oh sweet, don’t u think ur delicate n beautiful figure is reacting too much against the environment.” He entered inside n closed the door, took hold of her waist while wiping off the sweat by other hand.

“How did u came here?” She, still in a shock.

“Smarty…hmmm. That’s not a big deal for me, I can abduct u as well..” He, in a serious tone n her heart skipped the beats, “But now, u r mine, n there is no need to do something like that..” She scared with the seriousness in his voice, “…for now. I don’t know whether in future, I should have to do something like that.”

He trailed her temple, cheek n down further with the tip of his fingers, a feathery touch, disturbing her feminine desires, n stopped right under her collarbone n up to her sensitive part. Her body tickled with unwanted sensations n occupied fully with goosebumps. He smirked, seeing the affect of his touch, on her.

“What r u doing, here?” She asked with lot of difficulty.

“U r asking me or pointing onto something u expect me to do, hmmm?” He smiled playfully n her head spined round seeing his actions.

“Look, this is not my sole private property, ok, n I’m not alone here. I’ve to follow some rules n regulations, n all respects me for that. So please don’t do something like this, again.” She.

“If I do something like this again, then what will happen?” He.

“Obviously, I’ll come to the road with my luggage.” She irritated.

“Then I’ll definitely do it again n don’t worry u r always welcome, just keep ur bags n come to me.” He smiled n she frowned more.

“Is it a joke? If yes then it’s a very bad joke, ok. How can u say like that? U hurted my dignity ok, n I’ll not tolerate it.” She tried to escape his hold but he tightened it more n her eyes scanned something strange into his eyes.

“Do u love me?” He gravely whispered on her lips n the blood froze inside her nerves.

‘Oh god! y is he asking me this when we have already shared a heavenly feeling with full right? What is the need to bring out such topic now ?’

“I’m asking u something, do u love me?” He tightened his hold, more n there is a clear frown, anger n desperation mixing in his tone.

She trembled, for a second, in his ruthless hold around her waist as well as continuous pressure n hold on her mental stability.

“I….I….” She fumbled.

‘Oh god! it’s too complicated. How to tell him, how much I love him? Just 3 words, but how difficult it becomes when someone truly, deeply n solely fell for special one. But y is he asking, don’t he believed in me? Or, did he want a proof to know my genuine feelings for him?’

Suddenly his grip loosened on her waist n he looked bit disappointed n pained. She felt the pain shifted to her heart looking at his face.

‘Whatever will be my thoughts, I love him, very much, n if he want to know how much, then ok, I’ll show him, how much I love him.’

He turned around to go back but she pulled him back to his position n cupped his face. He stared her, blankly.

“Do u have to say some…..” N his question remained incomplete, when her rosy, soft lips, placed on his, all of a sudden.

She kissed him, gathering all her emotions, she has developed, only for him, a mind numbing n heart jumping kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist n pulled her more closer, to feel her in every possible way. It was just a beginning n when he start to respond the kiss, it becomes wild n fierce. Her back hit the door n front plastered to his extra strong thudding front, impossibly close. Their soul began to demand for more than that, but her conscience hit her at the verge of crossing the limits, all of a sudden.

‘What r u doing? Stop right there, or else there will be only regrets n broken soul, left in ur hands.’

A hot blood pumped across her mind. Her hand reached up to the door bolt while he was busy exploring the desirable beautiful moment, n a swift turn from her side, she opened the door in next second n he was outside the door in another moment.

“Smart move, Smarty.” He gave her an appreciative look.

“Ok, Mr. Sanskar Maheswari, goodnight.”She was about to closed the door when he stopped her.

“I’m not having enough of my wild strawberry .” He, playfully looking at her lips.

“Such a shameless talk….Goodnight.” She closed the door n both smiled, a hearty one.


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Savitri, Ragsan, Venni n all my friends I feel really bad that I couldn’t fulfill ur request. So, I’m asking for ur forgiveness guys, I’m really sorry, I’m holding my ears, really guys n it’s paining a lot…


Credit to: RSR

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