You Are The One (Chapter 12)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

He stepped inside the room, with 2 mugs of coffee in his hand. She was resting on the recliner, all lost within herself. He forwarded a mug to her, n she took it without heeding to the tall figure, looming her. He knelt down in front of her, she composed herself on her position.

“We need to talk, shall we?” He took a hold of her hand, gently n she nod in positive, after a while.

He pulled her up, tenderly n moved out of there n she trailed his footsteps from behind. He took her through a spacious passage which ends at a door, back door. He opened the door, behind which a beautiful heaven is welcoming them warmly. It’s a beautiful garden. The greenery, colours, heavenly fragrances of beautiful flowers, plants n an attractive view of a dark, deep, thick forest sneaking from behind a thick n tall concrete wall. Her soul would definitely allured in the nature’s beauty if she haven’t passed through the recent happening. He stood in front her unmoving frame n gave her a warm welcoming smile inside the beautiful heaven.

They took a seat on the fresh, soft n shiny green grass. She felt little bit relief, there, on the nature’s lap, he observed.

“I’m sorry Ragini, I shouldn’t have reacted like that with u but I was disturbed, by that time.” He squeezed back of her hand a little.

She felt strange hearing her 1st name, from him, for the 1st time but her condition wasn’t that good to have a thought over the matter, at the time n she bowed her head, a little. He was waiting for her to say something but seeing her activities, he conclude that she was again in her former form, n he wasn’t ready to let her be like that again.

“Please, say something Ragini. I’m dying to hear u. Punish me, hit me, do whatever u wish to do but please don’t give me this silent torture, please.” He said in a haggard tone.

The wall of defense against his strong impact on her, that her mind has created around her heart began to break down hearing his pained voice.

“Sir, I have told u before that not to drag me in ur concern too much as I’m just an employee n nothing more than that, but u countered with ur words web n today u solely proved me right.” She in a cracked tone.

“No Ragini, it’s not like that. I didn’t want to do that all but it happened all of a sudden.” He, desperately.

“Now, I can’t think anything about u Sir. I saw u as an uncertain person who doesn’t have a mere control over self. I don’t want to go through the same situations, in future.” She, lowering her head down n wiping her tears.

Something triggered inside of him, it’s a desperation n disappointment.

“Don’t say like that, please. I’ll definitely change if u’ll be there with me.” He, panicked.

She pushed all her emotions, swirling inside n looked at the panicked, haggard n dear face of his, beside her, a different man. Her heart clenched seeing him like that, whatever he is, she would like him to see as an angry young man than like a defeated man. Her heart melt down, all she could able to see was his pain, desperation n repentance.

“Y did u react like that?” She act like a demanding n complaining lover n the liveliness sneak inside his body.
He felt relief at the same time tense.

‘Now, what to tell her? If I tell her the real reason then she will take me wrong as an over possessive one sided lover. Then, what should I do?’ N then his mind found an escape, ‘It’ll be a good one for now.’

“U r taking too much time, now I’ll not be able to trust on ur words.” She in a serious tone.

“No..nothing like that, actually I was thinking about how to tell u.” He, boggled.

“Y, is it about any girl?” She narrowed her eyes, little bit tensed.

“In fact, yes..” He said n she froze, “I was wandering for a girl from past 6 months n finally I got an important clue about her, which can give my curiosity to a perfect end.”

Something, she lost.

‘Told u, not to involve emotionally.’ Mind.

‘Once, try to clear it at least.’ Heart.

“Do u love her?” She in a low voice, without looking at him.

“LOVE? Nonsense……” He said n she paled, “if u have asked me this before, u’ll surely got this answer, but now, I have started believing in this, just because of an angel who entered into my life, messed up my life n made me realise, what is emotion.” He, keenly looking at her fading face, second by second.

‘Now, ur illusion cleared?’ Mind.

“So, what have u thought about her?” She, controlling her emotions.

“About whom? My angel or my aloof girl?” He, smiled coyly.

‘What’s the difference, both r the same.’ Mind.

She loked at him blankly.

“Actually, angel entered that time only when I was about to put other chapter to an end.” He widely smiled at her confused demeanor.

“What?” She.

N then he explained her everything, from it’s very beginning. Her face sparked up with the unbound joy, happiness n satisfaction that she gave him a tight hug. He wasn’t aware of her sudden action, end up falling down on the ground on his back with her on the top of him. She was completely in her world, gave him a peck on his cheek, unknowingly, in her excitement. He was top of the world, his dream world, overjoyed with her childish n loving gestures. N then she realized, whatever she has done, a while ago n blushed profusely, avoiding the intense gaze on her, hiding her face in his heart. He took a swift turn n positioned over her. Her eyes widen with his action. He smirked seeing her like that n his gaze stuck on her rosy lips.

“Strawberry.” He pressed her lips softly by his thumb n she closed her eyes, in reaction.

He got her, n leaned to her without wasting any more time, to have a heavenly feeling, with her permission, for the 1st time, without any disturbance, N, they relished their first pure KISS.

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