You Are The One (Chapter 11)


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She stepped out of the floor, didn’t wait for the lift n walked down the stairs, in tears.

‘Y r u crying, stupid? I have warned u before not to attached urself with him too much but u didn’t listen to me. Now, just stop behaving like a lovesick puppy, he is no one to u, just only ur task is related to him. Focus on that.’ Mind.

She wiped off her tears, this time she didn’t gave a chance to her heart to intervened. She stepped out of the sky alluring office building of his. She was on her track when a hand grabbed her arms n thrust her inside a blue Bugatti. She was startled with the sudden action n when he occupied the driving seat beside her, her eyes flared in fear, furry n frown. She tried to get out of there but his muscles took an action instantly n her right hand caught into the tight grip of his left hand. He start the car n her mind direct her towards all the negative projections. A chilly shiver ran all over her physique n tiny droplets formed on her forehead.

“Sir, where r u taking me? Please, leave me Sir.” She tried to sound stern but situation made her voice cracked into a vulnerable whisper.

She tried a lot to escape his hold n shoot a lot of questions but he act like a dumb n a deaf beast. Her not-so-good condition dropped to it’s ground level when the car took a turn to a secluded route. Her sense partially blocked n only one thought occupied her nerve___’U R OVER.’

It’s a way in the middle of a jungle, looming by the thick n tall trees n shrubs. The car made its way to a marble floored path after half an hour, beautiful flowers n plants on the both sides of it n a beautiful white house came into the view. But her mind was not at all in the situation to enjoy the sight. The car took a halt in front of the house.

He entered inside the house, dragging her reluctant figure with him, almost forcefully n closed the door. Her mind started spin round n round, n he again dragged her inside a room.

‘Look, he is prepared for the ****, stupid woman, n u were thinking all bullshit regarding him.’ Mind.

She felt a hot sensation on her hand because now, it was free from his ruthless hold. A red mark was imprinted around there. He bolted up the door, approached towards the hourglass on the showcase n turned it down, small sands start to rush down.

Don’t use ur brain now. U r trapped in the beast’s clutch n there is no escape left for u. It’s his reign, in which u r going to be served as his….’ She closed her eyes unable to think further as a sharp tinge of pain raised inside her chest n she felt difficult to breathe.

“So, let’s start the important matter, we need to sort out, if u don’t have any problem in this environment?” He, moved near her.

“So, u want me to be ready for ‘this’?” She asked sarcastically, gathering all her might.

“What do u mean by ‘this’?” He, confused.

“Don’t act too much Mr. Sanskar Maheswari as I have already got ur all intentions. U r prepared for ‘this’ right, then let’s give it a lifelong end, let’s closed this chapter for ever, let’s do it, today, here itself, right now.” She closed her eyes, a hot tear rolled down her cheeks n her fingers start to unbuttoned her shirt, she has on.

He become alert, ‘what is happening here?’, he saw her unbuttoning her shirt n his body began to acting restless n desires demand him to lost in her, to do that what she was offering him, dishearted.

‘DESIRES’___ always played with his mind, body n soul, whenever her appearance was around him, n here it’s going behind the limit, if she continued in her process, then it’ll be difficult for him to maintain a control over himself n will surely end up doing something which left only regrets.

But as desires took control over him, his steps began to decrease the distance between their body, spellbound n her feet took the back steps in reaction. It was really a stupid move, after whatever she did just a little before, but after all she is a girl n whatever she have done n said, that was because of the situation. She used a reverse psychology but it backfired on her own n her leg hit with something making her fell down straight on her back.

‘Wow! what a move, u have took. Stupid, now he will take it as an open invitation from ur side. Do something.’ Her might cried out.

But before she could take any step to defend herself, she felt his hard, vibrant, heated body all over her front, in every possible way. Her breath hacked up n all her might left her alone, beneath him. She felt suffocating under his unwanted intense proximity n his hand began to travel to her shirt color, to clear the obstacle between his lips n her inviting creamy shoulder. His lips dipped down there n her vision blurred with tears. His body activated instantly n it urge to explore her, to have a control in it’s boiling n burning desires n his lips trailed up to taste her rosy lips but then he realised from what she is going through, all the while.

‘****, I again forced her.’ He shut his eyes in clear disappointment.

Her tightly shut eyes, pained, disgusted, teary face restrained him to go further, where desires screamed for the liberty from the burning hell. But at last, he moved off over her, she felt sudden liberation from the burden on her n saw him standing, facing his back towards her.

‘He left me, really, but y?’ Heart.

‘Ur good luck, don’t think too much now, in this matter.’ Mind.

She jerked up on her place composed herself. He turned to her side n his eyes caught the sight of her wildly heaving chest through the unbuttoned shirt n his muscles reflexed in an affect. He closed his eyes to control the urge to explore her celestial body n not to scare her more. She noticed his gaze n clutched the sides of her shirt by both hands, up to her chest. He moved a little away towards the showcase n turned the hourglass.

“Look, because of u, we have losted hours, without our knowledge.” He said, like nothing happened there, between them.

She shield herself by folding her legs in front of her n he saw her like that, something pricked his inside spreading only pain n a bitter taste over all in him.

‘U again scared her, stupid.’ His mind.

He moved near her n wrapped his arms around her protectively, like a cocoon, she shivered for a moment n he cursed himself for being a reason of her this state.

“I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done.” He said in a sorry voice.

She, feeling a warm embrace n his soothing tone, dipped her head on his chest n burst into tears.


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