You Are The One (Chapter 10)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskarff, so if u have a problem with the pair then u can stop reading it. Thank u so much for the love n support guys.

He is on his way to her apartment because she took a leave for today.

‘Be ready for a surprise darling, ur hero is on the way.’ he muttered inside n a sweet smile creased on his lips, ‘How cheesy…. man! what r u doing with ur self?’ His smile widen more.

“It’s really crazy.” He spoke loud.

‘Oh god! y I’m feeling restless? I wish I can see him! but bad luck, I have to wait for tomorrow. WAIT, really, he gave me time to think about us. What to say him? Should I answer him in positive?’ Heart.

‘What rubbish u r thinking, stupid? He only asked u about ur feelings for him not confessed his love, so be in ur limits, don’t try to create some unusual illusions in this matter. He is not the one to be trapped this easily. Think, he must need something from u..” Mind.

“So, what’s my philosopher friend is doing here?” Lucky shout out loud near her ear.

“U idiot, u almost gave me a heart attack. Stupid.” She said in a affected tone, placing her hand on heart side.

“Cool girl, I know I’m too hot to u to have a control over ur heart, but sorry dear, I’m engaged. Ur bad luck.” He made a sorry face.

“ n U? Hot Lucky or, hatt Lucky?” She imitate comically n pushed him aside.

“Ha..ha.. very funny.” He, annoyed, “So how is ur working life going on?”

N her mind pulled her to another world.

“Where r u girl?” He waved his hand.

“Uh…nothing, n please don’t ask me like if this job thing is my life’s biggest dream.” She.

“OK² so u r on leave today…. don’t u think u r bunking ur planning sessions nowadays?” He in a investigative tone.

“I don’t think so, n please stop acting like an investigator. I know my job very well n today I’m on leave because…..I’m not feeling well.” She blurt out all, without looking at him n his mind caught the error.

‘Stupid, I’m not well, really? How perfect-silly reason u gave him to be trap by him, now, be ready to spill out the beans, definitely he has caught ur lie. Fool.’ She, inside.

“I know what u r thinking, now speak up u poor Concealer or else I know how to make u speak up.” He narrowed his gaze with a mischievous smile.

“Stop, right there on ur track, don’t try to tickle me.” She moved backward.

“Then tell me.” He.

“OK.” She inhaled a deep breathe n released it, “Actually, he asked me whether I love him or not.” She bit her lower lip in tension, looking at him.

“What? He proposed u? Really? Oh my mind!” He, shocked.

“Not really, he only asked me about my feelings?” She.

“U Dumbo, he want to know ur feeling because it matters him, because he feels the same way. N by the way, do u want him to say it in written form, foolish girl.” He in an impossible tone, “Well, what do u think about him?”

She nod in negative.

“But ur eyes r talking something else.” He.

“I don’t know Champ, what I want but one thing that it’s all a game n I’m playing it to save my dear one’s happiness, not to spoil anyone’s life.” She.

“Was there any philosophical centre in Goa, u have attended?” He.

“What?” She.

“Don’t u think, ur talks r too much philosophical nowadays?” He chuckled n she frowned, “So u r confused, right?”

“I don’t know.” She.

“These 3 words proved that u r really very confused.” He.

“Y r u dragging this too much, Lucky? U don’t like him right, then y?” She, annoyed.

“Because, someone said me that not to bring the friendship in between love life, remember?” He smiled.

She again lost in her thoughts n his phone buzzed up.

“Hey, it’s Shona, need to go now, bye n do what u feel good, m I clear?” He.

She nod in positive n smiled.

She went to her balcony n looked down, his black Porsche came into view. He waved her through the window n gave her a flying kiss which she act like catching n returned. A red rose crushed in someone’s ruthless hold, seeing this.

He is in his cabin, all disturbed. His mind continually remind him the sight his eyes witnessed just an hour ago.

‘Who was that bastard? Y was he there? N she, what about her? She was smiling, giving kisses if he is her…’

“Stop it.” He moved his hand in air n a vase came under his wrath, broke into pieces.

He took his phone out n dial her no. n her voice answered from the other side.

“Come to office, right now.” He, sternly.

“But Sir…….” He cut the call as don’t want to hear any excuses. Anyhow, he need her here, in front of him, with him.

Again, after some time, his phone start beeping on n the screen flashed a known no. His anger raise to it’s next level.

“What the hell r u doing? It’s been more than a week, where r u? n what about that matter?” He.

“Sorry Sir, actually the man wasn’t here, he was at his village. He just came here, yesterday. I have already sent the the sketch in ur office, it will be in ur hand by today.” The man, “By the way Sir….”

A clear knock, he heard.

“Keep the call.” He put down his phone on the table.

“Come in.” He.

A girl, receptionist, entered inside n handover him a vessel like something enveloped in a brown paper.

“Sir, someone has left this for u.” she then left the room.

His heart began to pump a heavy lush of blood, all over his body parts. He tear the envelope, it’s a pipe like wooden box. He clicked it open, his excitement knew no bound, he hastily picked up the white rolled paper in his hand, he is going to discover the face behind a beautiful voice, he charmed in, from a long, finally, full stop to his one craziness.

“knock..knock.” He frowned by the unwanted disturbance at the thrilling moment.

She entered inside, his mind rewind the recent incident he witnessed outside her apartment, boiling his blood n blocking his sense.

“What the hell r u doing here?” He in a harsh n piercing tone as his mind skipped the part of calling her here.

“Sir, u only called me here.” She, in a low n confused tone.

“So what? Did u forget the rule of asking my permission before entering into my cabin? Don’t try to take advantage of my soft side, got it?” He, furiously.

“Sorry, Sir.” She left the cabin, in tears.

“****” He cursed himself for behaving rude, with her. All his excitement vanished, just in a moment. She went without looking back, for once. His eyes shut down in a disappointment, with his own self.

‘What have u done? At least, u could control urself for a moment. ****, now she will again start to avoid u, u fool, n then what will u do?’ A clear frustration spread over his senses n he stepped out of his cabin, leaving his ‘long wait’ over there.

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Credit to: RSR

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