You Are The One (Chapter 1)


Hello friends. Its my first ff, first attempt to post something like this. All I want is just ur support guys. I’m a Tejaswi n Varun fan, so guys the story also revolves around them. I don’t want to hurt anyone that’s y I’m telling u this guys. It will be finished in some updates.

He is a great businessman. An arrogant, rude, reserve, self-centered, cutthroat businessman without any emotion. He don’t have any feelings like love, affection, care, respect especially when it will be pull out of him. He get that what he want, by hook or by crook. The great SANSKAR MAHESWARI, most eligible bachelor, the heartthrob of the country. He is the one money minded guy having the business genes all over in him. No emotion could get able to make him weak, not any woman, not any feelings, not any relationship, nothing at all. No emotion could bound him with it until she entered into his life like a passing waves. He don’t have any idea, who she is? where she belonged from? what’s her name? how does she looks? n all but one thing, that he is craving for her. He want her, need her anyhow. Her beautiful Voice, the only thing he knows about her. Yeah, he saw her at a restaurant’s bar where she sang a song beautifully n vanished in a thin air, making him restless. He was there to settled a deal with local builder, regarding some land issue n was lost in her beautiful voice. But he was unable to see her face as she was at the dark side. After that encounter, he inquiried about her, in the restaurant but nothing come out except, that was her first n last day, there. After that he couldn’t be able to saw or heard her. She made an important n a very new place in his heart n created a deep hollow in next instant, in a blink. He never possessed a manly desires for any girl but after her arrival in his life, he is craving to have her, once, for his satisfaction. All his dead slept desires came into life. He is burning in hell to know who she is. Its difficult to find out about her, he knows, but not impossible, he believed.
“Sir, miss Swara Gadodia is here.” his p.a.
“What the hell she is doing here?” he barked.
“She asks for a meet with u, Sir.” p.a. said in a lower tone.
“Tell her that I’m engage in an important meeting.” he.
PA nod. in positive n left the place.
Swara Gadodia, his officially announced fiancée. He don’t have any feelings for her. For him, this relationship is just a business. He agreed to marry her as she is his business partner, Sekhar Gadodia’s only daughter, the only heir of his sole property after him. She is a 40℅ shareholder in their partnership firm n by marrying her he can easily transfer all the shares in his name.
He is engaged to a girl without any feelings nfor whom his feelings came into existence is not aware of him, n the most amazing part is he, himself dont know anything about her.

‘Sky Is A Limit’. Yeah everything has a limit, when the limit is crossed, its the beginning of it’s breakdown. It happen in his case also. The beginning of the breakdown of his so cold, dark, harsh n emotionless reign as she enter into his life like a soothing breeze, to his mind, body n soul but creating a great tornado of desires inside him.
She is an ordinary employee but he could not able to dismissed her in one look like other girls. She is the one, can’t let go off of, that easily. Miss RAGINI RAI, his new PA. A beautiful, innocent faced, simple n less talking girl. She didn’t shows any interest in him, by this she make him more restless as her presence around him is enough to make him out of mind. As she is a less talker, her most responses are in nod n hummed. Her uncaring n reserve activity make herself as a challenge for him. Her uninterested looks work as a fuel in the fire of his co called ego. He become obsessed of her in a very little time. The voive he charmed in was also in the process of searching.
“Miss Rai, u are accompanying me for the Goa Trip. U know meeting with Foreign Delegates, right. So be ready, we will be leaving by early morning at 6.” he said while looking at her in a lazy drawl.
She stood there on the floor, without any response. She was shocked n tensed, he observed by looking at her face.
“Do u have anything to say?” he with a piercing gaze, still on her.
She nod in negative n left his cabin.

sorry for the spelling mistakes n grammatical errors. hope u like it guys, finger crossed.

Credit to: RSR

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  17. Thanks for the comments guys. will post the next update by tonight. till then, tata n keep smiling.

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