You Are The One – Chapter 1

Thank you for such a amazing response.Only small parts till Tuesday as I am having my exams 🙁 Please forgive me

A Girl is seen with headphones in her ears and mobile in her hand.The Song Aaas Pass Khuda plays .She cries thinking about her Past .How she managed to hide it from everyone even from her parents and how she moved forward from it made her proud of herself.

She wipes her tears and smiles at herself.She looks out of the window in the sky.She smiles looking at it.Sky had always been her companion when she cried all alone.She had got a deep and very close emotional attachment with the sky ??It was amazing it was different it was love

Thank you for joining with us.We have finally reached Shivaji International Airport.Thank you for your co operation and do come with us again ??

Comments Please 🙂 Once again sorry for small parts but please bear with me untill TUESDAY 🙂 Love you all

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  1. Seems interestin.. Bt too short n update soon n a bit lengthy…

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Yeah i will.I mentioned i have exams so once they are done surely i will post <3 🙂

  2. Interesting one dear plz post next part ASAP.

  3. Shrutika

    Seems nice.

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      This is just the beginning 😉 Wait for few more episodes U will have dhamaal 🙂

  4. Interesting…waiting for next

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      Thank you 🙂 <3

  5. Nice one…but post soon

    1. Angel_Swalakian

      second part is posted and thank you 🙂

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