You are the one who changed my life Episode 4


Hi guys hope all are doing well so let’s start and some have told me to have recap surely I will from today’s episode

Recap : cocktail party , kunj cries twinkle consoles him

The episode starts with twinkle making kunj laugh , tee looks lovingly at kunj
Tee was about to say something when mahi shouted
M: tee , UV is uncontrollable
T : what , kunj comes with me

They go and see uv having shots and dancing uncontrollably , twinj and mahi however bought him out

T: mahi I think I have to go , bbye kunj bbye mahi

Twiraj goes

K: so hey
M: hi , do you know whenever I come near you I feel like u are my bro
K : really
M: hah !! Can I call you bhai
K: sure I would love to have a sis like u
M : awwww tysm
K : so how are you gonna go home
M: hmmmmm I have my car , what’s the time ?
K: its 11:30
M: oh I need to go mom will kill me
K : bye
M: bye kunj I mean bhai
Kunj smiles and leaves

Tee with great difficulty brings uv home , she goes to his room and slowly keeps him on the bed and walks slowly to her room

She gets inside and gets relieved
T to herself : thank God mom didn’t see
She keeps her heels aside and goes to washroom and changes ( she is wearing blue night dress )

Twinkle lays in the bed and thinks how she consoled kunj and feels bad
T to herself : tee becoz of you , kunj cried , he dosent have a family
She also had tears in her eyes ….

She decides to call him , but she doesn’t have his number
She got an idea and goes to uv’s room and checks for his room she sees the phone on his room and takes and goes , suddenly the phone beeps and uv moves tee gets scared and stands still , then she understands that he is still asleep ( funny tune plays )

She gets inside her room and closes the door and checks her phone
T to herself : the time is 1am what will he think of me ???? But becoz of this I wouldnt able to sleep properly

At last she gains some courage and calls him
The phone is ringing
Tee’s heart beats increases
T :ohk now
Kunj takes the phone
K ( sleepy voice ) : hello who is this ?
T : mein t…twinkle
K : ohk hi twinkle , but why did you call at this time? Any problem ??
T : no all is well I mean I felt bad when you cried becoz of me !! So …..

( he smiles at her childishness and innocence)
K : thats ok , leave it
T:are u sure that u don’t feel bad
K : hah!!!!! Baba I mean it let me sleep bye
T : ohk bye

T to herself : Wow twinkle now u can sleep properly !!! Yayayyayay!!!!

Precap : twinkle tries to find out about kunj’s family

Hope all liked today’s episode , please throw your valuable comments below 🙂

Credit to: Naina

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