You are the one who changed my life Episode 3


Hi guys I decided to write the 3rd episode today itself as I don’t wanna make ur curiosity to blast so here it goes

The episode starts twinj shaking their hand
U: so guys today there is a cocktail party today , as we won yesterday’s game
T: wow bhai , I am going now si and mahi is waiting for me
K: mahi ???
T: ya my bestie , do you know her??
K: no I just , leave it
T: bye bhai and kunj and bahi come home today !!!
U: as u say my princess

Twinkle comes back to the parking slot and sees mahi
Tee murmurs to herself twinkle you are dead today
T: mahi where is si
M: don’t try to change the topic why were u late ?
Tee tells her everything , and sees mahi giggling
T: why are you laughing ??? Huh ?? Huh ??
M: nothing u know I feel like god is planning a romantic love story
T: hahaha so funny , btw where is si
M: ha her mom called today she has dental appointment and you know si and her teeth
T: ya I remember once she got angry on the denist and tried to hurt him with the knife

They both laugh and
T: and mahi today there is a cocktail party do come !!
M: done ??

They both goes to their respective homes
Twinkle tells leela about the party and tee goes to get ready

Twinkle comes out of her bathroom in her bathrobe and opens her closet and she keeps her both hands on the waist and thinks what to wear
She selects 3 one peices
1: its a white one piece with floral designs
2: its a black and white one piece
3: its a cream and red one piece

Twinkle thinks a lot and at last choose cream and red one piece
She gets ready she looks stunning in the one piece , her wavey hair makes her look stunning

She reaches the beach ( the beach is setted with DJ and music , ya like a cocktail party , the cold wind makes the scene prefect )
She sees kunj ( he is wearing a white shirt and black jeans ) she waves kunj is completely mesmerized in her beauty she comes and snaps her fingers , he gets back to his senses ,
T: hey , let’s go in ?
K: ya sure

The get inside ( its a small hut full of DJ )

They starts to dance on balam pickari , yuhi comes there mahi ( she is wearing a blue one piece ) UV ( he is wearing a black shirt and white jeans ) they all dance and have fun
Suddenly kunj sees tee missing he comes out and sees tee walking alone on the beach shore , he goes to her

K:hey what are you doing here ?
T : actually I don’t like to be in such noisy places for long , see here its so awesome to be here
K : true

T : what are you doing here ? I think u love to have some peace toooo
K: yep

T : so let’s talk about something

K: ya sure

T:hmmmm what about your family
K: becomes silent
T: ohk I think u wouldn’t tell me
k : no nothing as in I don’t have a family and tears starts coming from his eyes
His tears gets uncontrollable and hugs kunj to console him
T: kunj please don’t cry please
T: if you don’t stop crying I will also start crying do you know how I cry
She starts to act like a child crying
Kunj sees this and starts to laugh

Precap : twinkle calls kunj at night @1am

Credit to: Naina

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  1. Lol at 1am???? Precap’s rather interesting can’t wait for next epi 🙂 ?

  2. Oh sry i didn’t say hw amazing this epi was especially beach scene 🙂 :*

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  8. Twinju(bhavika)

    aaww so sweet actually i wanted to see how twinki looks when she cries like child but not possible

    episode was fab and the precap supppaar seee bhi uppppaaaar wala tha

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  13. Nice episode….precap seems to be interesting..

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